What Are The Advantages Of Vaping

As a smoker, you may look at a vape pen or an e-cigarette with equal amounts of curiosity and disdain. While you certainly have the right to smoke if you so choose, the evidence against the wisdom of continuing such a habit is slowly starting to stack up against you. Plus, public opinion seems to be slowly turning against the smoking crowd. You may examine the aforementioned vaping alternatives and wonder if they really can deliver the same nicotine fix while offering other advantages. Those who have been converted to vaping will almost certainly respond to that question with an overwhelming “YES!”

What Users Are Saying

Ask those who have recently switched over to vaping, and the answers as to why they did are likely to come at you fast and furious. Yet if you listen carefully, you’re likely to pick out a few common reasons from amongst the crowd. These include:

  • Fewer health risks: The vaping movement has grown so fast that clinical research into this practice is still struggling to catch up. Ask any doctor or healthcare professional, and you likely won’t get any sort of affirmative answer as to the benefits of vaping vs. smoking. That may not be due to any sort of concrete physical evidence, however. The fact is that the few studies that have taken a close look at e-cigarettes have indeed shown them to be a healthier alternative to traditional smokes. In fact, a recent study undertaken in the United Kingdom suggests that vaping can be up to 95 percent healthier than smoking.
  • The improved social experience: You’ve no doubt experienced the alienation and even outright disgust that your smoking in a public place may cause. There’s a reason behind why so many commercial entities have begun to ban smoking on their grounds. The smell generated by cigarettes can be overpowering. Plus, the dangers of secondhand smoke are well documented. E-cigs produce only water vapor, which carries with it little to no odor. This allows you to use a vape pen in public without infringing on the comfort of others or leaving you smelling as though you’ve just chain-smoked your way through a pack.
  • More money saved: Consider that you spend anywhere between $7-$12 on a pack of cigarettes. That means that a pack-a-day habit could end up costing you as much as $210-$360 a month. Now, you may point to the fact that a good vape pen or pack of e-cigs can cost up to $100. Remember, though, that these are reusable; you simply refill them with new liquids. At $20-$40 per month on refills, it’s easy to see those savings add up over time. Plus, e-cigs are not taxed under the same methods as traditional cigarettes and can be easily purchased online.

You certainly can choose to continue smoking, yet know that the numbers of those engaging in the habit with you are dwindling. How can you blame them when vaping seems to offer so many more advantages? Given all of the hype around this new trend, you have to think that there’s some substance to it. Perhaps it’s time you see for yourself what all of the fuss is about.

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