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Vaping and Teeth: Is There Danger for Your Oral Health?

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With millions of former smokers now enjoying the vaping experience, there’s been plenty of discussion about the health consequences associated with this relatively new nicotine-delivery. Critics and supporters alike have gone back and forth in debates about what the science actually says about the impact of vaping on respiratory health, circulation, and other bodily systems.

As a general rule, however, there has been far less attention paid to another serious area of human health – namely, dental health. When it comes to vaping and teeth, what’s the real story?


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  • Thanks for linking this article. Oral health in the context of e-cigarettes is a neglected issue. Sure, I knew that vaping has an impact on my teeth and gums, but I didn’t know how much and in which way. Thanks for bringing up this topic and giving hints in the end.

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