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TF4 vape tank review for SMOK
  • Vapor Production
  • Build Quality
  • Ease of Filling
  • Ease of atomizer replacement


The TF4 a.k.a "Cloud Beast" is one of the most flexible vape tanks on the market. Triple and Quadruple sub-ohm coil heads help put this tank in a class all its own. Among the elite - the TF4 by SMOK is one of our faves.


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Smok TFV-4 is emerging as one of the most popular vape tanks in the market. This revolutionary designed tank is the brainchild of one of the leaders in vaping manufacturing, SMOK. To say that the company’s Taste Furious (TF) ohm tanks are impressive is an understatement. Smok TFV-4 is the latest product in the company’s unmatchable production line. This vape tank is already being regarded as the most powerful to have been manufactured by SMOK.

First Glimpse at the Smok TFV4

The vape tank features a 0.2 ohm triple coil head, which has three coils that are rated at 40-130 watts. Besides this, it has a unique turbo head, which comes with double Clapton coils that have a rating of 50-140W and a resistance of 0.28Ω. Cotton is also included in the packaging whenever you purchase a new unit. A 0.2 Ω sextuple coil that is rated at 50W-240W is also included with every purchase. Besides this, a new unit comes with an extra glass tube, a user manual, and an assortment of replacement parts.

You will surely fall in love with the vape tank at first sight since it has a refined, precise, and thoughtful design. Its robust build quality makes it even more appealing. The vape tank’s incredible design is accentuated by an original rotating cap top fill, which has helped distinguish TF-series vape tanks from similar products in the market.

Manufacturer’s Specifications

Smok TFV-4 measures 24.5mm by 50mm while its glass tube’s diameter is 25.5mm. It is made of stainless steel and weighs 74g. The tank’s capacity of 5.0ml, improved airflow, and swivel top lid are just a few reasons why this tank consistently gets great reviews.  SMOK similarly incorporated a heating air tube to boost circulation and a large-caliber drip tip whose role is to enhance vapor production.  The TF4 has been dubbed “Cloud Beast” thanks to – regardless of what atomizer you use- you can guarantee you are going to produce a ton of vapor thanks to the triple and quad coils. The installation of a top refill system and overall build quality only reinforces the awesome rankings the Smok TFV-4 receives from most in the vaping community.

Smok TFV-4 was evidently built with cloud-chasers in mind. This is due to its optimal vapor production. Its versatility means that it can handle both low and high wattage without affecting performance. Here is a vape tank that isn’t shy on flavor since it produces aTF4 Tank Review dense, rich, deep, and saturated vapor that is way better than most tanks in this category. The trade-off from delivering a thick vapor is fragility of these coils – you do not want to drive this tank while it’s on or near empty as the coils is not remorseful and will burn up quickly.

As far as refilling goes, the swivel top is a huge plus and the swivel is sturdy enough to not move freely even during a jolt or shake, however, there is very little room for error with your juice bottle tip as the slot is very close to the edge of the tank. If this was a little deeper into the tank it would definitely help.

Smok TFV4 Pros and Cons


  • Has an unrivaled performance
  • wide wattage range
  • Comes with various replacement parts
  • long lasting coils
  • Remarkable vapor production


  • Airhole leakage can occur
  • Consumes e-liquid quite fast


Smok TFV-4 is clearly meant for those who have a penchant for extremes if its performance is anything to go by. The vape tank surely ranks higher than other sub-ohm tanks in its category and regardless of its minor flaws, purchasing this sub-ohm tank is a worthy investment.

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