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Nano Top-Fill Tank

Vape Tank Reviews for 2017
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The Nano by Apollo was built for stealth vapers who don't need to cloud chase. Solidly built, the Nano is one of the best vape tanks for 2017 we have had the pleasure of reviewing. This sub-ohm tank is primed for vaping under 50watts and comes in black or stainless steel. Smooth and sleek best describes this tank!



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NANO Top filling Tank by Apollo Review

If you’re in the market for a small tank and you typically vape under 50 watts – the Nano comes in highly recommended vape tank. This vape tank by Apollo is another lesser-known sub ohm tank from them but it easier makes our favorites list thanks to its consistency.  Regardless of what juice we put in this tank – it simply delivered on every pull.  This tank comes with a 0.6ohm atomizer which is perfect for vaping around 40 watts ( or lower ) and coming in under 20mm in size, it travels extremely well.  The cone-shaped tip it comes with help on eliminating it getting hot with heavy use, but the 510 threads allow for different drip tips if you choose.

What’s in the box?

vape tank ranking # 7

The NANO Top filling Tank by Apollo includes:


• 2 x 0.6-ohm kanthal and organic cotton coil heads (rated for 15W – 40W)
• 1 x Replacement glass tank section
• 1 x Unique cone-shaped drip tip (plastic prevents heat transfer)

There are some replaceable items in the box, which include the Kanthal coils.


The product comes with certain kinds of specifications that are needed to be kept in mind prior to usage. They will be mentioned below as follows.

The NANO Top filling Tank has a capacity of 1.8 ml. It is on the smaller end of the size of tanks and is suitable for use for travel or anytime on the go, where the smaller sizes are a better fit for the situation.

The NANO Top filling Tank is a sub-ohm tank. This means that the tank will deliver richer flavors and make the situation more enjoyable. However, there is one thing to note regarding this matter. Since the NANO Top Filling Tank is a sub-ohm tank, the nicotine strength of the liquids put in it needs to be lower. If it is not, the nicotine strength will seem even stronger than it does from a regular tank.

The coil in the NANO Top Filling Tank is a kanthal coil. This needs to be noted, as not all vaporizers are compatible with a kanthal coil. However, it is a pretty common type of coil, so it is not a rather large issue regarding this.

Drip-tip is made of plastic so the user is safe from burns when the vape and tank are hot. When the vaporizer is under heavy use, the temperature can increase to dangerous temp. While the device itself is created to be insulated from the user, sometimes the tanks can become quite hot. The plastic drip tip allows extra protection to the user from the heat.

How much will it cost you?

Since the NANO Top filling Tank is simply a tank and not an entire device, the price itself is not very high, high, of course. However, it is a sub-ohm filling tank and not a regular filling tank, the price of $19.95 is quite reasonable. A 5 pack of coils is $17.95 and should last a month or more of heavy usage.

The Vape Quality:

The NANO Top filling tank will guarantee an amazing vaping experience. Since it is a sub-ohm tank, it will automatically increase the flavor of any e-liquid poured in it. This means that the entire vaping experience is richer in taste and is sure to make any vaper feel that it is worth every penny they’ve invested.

Of course, the vaporizer itself does play a role in how the entire experience goes. I primary used my Smok 220 for over a week with this tank and it was awesome. As long as this tank is paired with a reasonably good vape, the result will be satisfying.

The best part for this tank is that it is compatible with a range of vape devices. This means that you can pair it up with your regular device, or a really high-end device, and still be guaranteed a great product service.

How easy is it to clean?

The NANO Top filling Tank is styled after a regular and common filling tank. This also means that it is quite easy to clean. The sub-ohm tank itself can be cleaned like any regular filing tank once the kanthal coil is removed. After this, the tank may be washed with gentle cleansers. The instruction manual that comes with the product will let you know of any chemical to avoid while cleaning your tank.

The Pros and the Cons

There are many pros of the tank itself. The first pro point is that it is a sub-ohm tank. Since it is a sub-ohm tank, it increases the flavor of the e-liquid. This means that any regular e-liquid can readily give a better experience by the simple use of the tank rather than invest in higher end e-liquids or more expensive vapes.

The sub-ohm tank has many pros, and another one is that the filling tank allows users to use a lower nicotine level of the e-liquid while having the same strength of the flavor. Lower nicotine levels are good for the health, as it allows nicotine to enter the body and fewer side effects of nicotine can be experienced.

Since this is only a filling tank, you need to have a vape body beforehand, which will already have another filling tank. The extra filling tank means you can enjoy different flavors without having to wait to finish one flavor in your tank.

The cons for this filling tank are not that many compared to the cons. Since it is a filling tank, it has a replaceable kanthal coil that is required to be filled every now and then.

Final thoughts:

The NANO Top filling Tank many only be a simple filling tank for a vaporizer, but considering the fact that it is a sub-ohm tank, it can definitely improve your vaping experience. It is not a very expensive product and is compatible with most vaping devices. It is also a great way to lower the nicotine level of vaping, hence making it a good way to stay healthier with your vaping habits. All in all, it is one product that all who vape somewhat regularly can consider buying to add to their vaping products.

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