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Best Vape Tanks For 2018

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Finding the Best Vape Tank

Vape tanks are the most vital part of any vape pen, mod, or box. Vape tanks come in all shapes and sizes but they all consist of three majors things: Tank size - the size determines how much vape juice the tank can hold - the atomizer (coil) of which they can use - and the thread it uses to be attached to the mod/battery itself (thankfully 99% of all vape devices that need a tank usa universal 510 threading).,

Atomizers and Their Importance

Atomizers or "coils" are the piece that screws into the tank, has some type of cotton to soak up the juice, and gets heated by the device. These coils range from 1.2ohms for smaller wattage devices and go as low as 0.1ohms for more powerful devices. The lower the resistance the more power it can handle. This is extremely vital as if you have the wrong coil in your tank you will run the risk of burning the coil (and your throat) due to it not being able to handle the wattage output of your vape. Most tanks will come with at least one atomizer that's supposed to be used with the tank, then you have to make sure your device will be compatible.

Coil Ohms and Wattage

A good rule of thumb for what coil to use with the device you have goes as follows: If your device is 20watts or lower, a 1.2ohm atomizer is ideal. 20-50watts should use at least a 0.5ohm atomizer or lower, and an atomizer of 0.2 or lower can handle upwards to 100+ watts. "Sub-ohm" vaping is using an atomizer that fires lower than 1.0ohms and this typically starts with devices of 40watts and higher.


Vape tanks - even the best vape tanks - will run no more than $50. Typically most vape tanks will run between $20-$40 dollars and come with multiple coils to encompass many devices.

Best Vape Tanks

Aspire Triton 2

Aspire Triton 2 vape tank

Vapor Production 100%
Build Quality 90%
Value 90%

Smok TF4V

tfv4 vape tank

Vapor Production 100%
Build Quality 95%
Value 90%

Jag 6

jag6 vape tank

Vapor Production 95%
Build Quality 80%
Value 85%

Vape Tank Reviews

Aspire Triton 2 Vape Tank


The release of Aspire Triton 2 was seen as a follow-up of the highly successful Aspire Triton tank. Despite its popularity, the inaugural Aspire Triton Tank attracted a fair share of criticism and negative reviews. This was due to its unappealing design, and a refilling system that was prone to leakages. In addition this, it was relatively more...

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  Smok TFV-4 is emerging as one of the most popular vape tanks in the market. This revolutionary designed tank is the brainchild of one of the leaders in vaping manufacturing, SMOK. To say that the company’s Taste Furious (TF) ohm tanks are impressive is an understatement. Smok TFV-4 is the latest product in the company’s unmatchable...

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JAG6 Vape Tank


American e-cig manufacturer, Halo Cigs is one of the most recognizable names in the vaping market. Its latest product, JAG6 sub ohm vape tank is a high performing and inexpensive tank that is emerging as a favorite among adherent vapers. When searching for that first (or next ) tank, the JAG6 fits the bill by not only delivering a satisfying vape...

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Herakles Plus Vape Tank


The popularity of Herakles vape tanks has been burgeoning in the recent past. The original Herakles was ranked among the best vape tank in many reviews on the internet and in my own personal experience, I had very little qualms about it. And like most devices in the vape industry, when a new device is popular, vendors come out with a newer updated...

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Nano Top-Fill Tank


  NANO Top filling Tank by Apollo Review If you’re in the market for a small tank and you typically vape under 50 watts – the Nano comes in highly recommended vape tank. This vape tank by Apollo is another lesser-known sub ohm tank from them but it easier makes our favorites list thanks to its consistency.  Regardless of what...

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The Phazer Sub-Ohm Tank


Apollo Phazer is one of the most sought-after vape tanks. Despite its late entry into the market, its popularity is growing at an impressive rate. This is because it allows vapers to have an exceptional vaping experience. This sub-ohm tank similarly produces more delicious flavor and bigger clouds than other tanks in this category. It is emerging...

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Smok TFV4 Mini Tank Review

This Vape Tank Has Been Discontinued  Overview SMOK already offers a great vape tank in the TFV4, however, they have created another great offering with the smaller version, the TFV4 Mini. Standard connections and sizes means this tank, even if it’s smaller, will fit nicely along with any of the sub-ohm capable batteries in your arsenal. In fact...

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Pro 3 Tank


VaporFi is among the most popular with vape pen type devices and the Pro 3 is arguably their best vape tank. This mouth-to-lung tank’s popularity is attributed to the fact that it majorly relies on a pioneering atomizer design, which guarantees top-notch performance and unparalleled consistency. Built with a smaller 2.5ml reservoir so it can...

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