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Morpheus Vape Mod Kit

Morpheus Vape Mod
The Morpheus Vape MOD Kit is a great starter kit that comes from Mig Vapor. The 100 watt, sub-ohm device provides a lot of power in a tube style MOD that is stylish and easy to use. If you are new to sub-ohm vaping, or just looking for an easy to use MOD, this device might just fit the bill.
  • Vapor Production
  • Build Quality
  • Looks and Feel
  • Value
  • Ease Of Use
  • Battery Life


Mig Vapor is well-known in the vaping community, and it's devices like this that keep it in good standing. The Morpheus is a great all-around device that is big enough for veterans and easy for new users as well.


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Morpheus by MigVapor

The Morpheus is a great vape mod starter kit that comes from Mig Vapor. The 100 watt, sub-ohm device provides a lot of power in a tube style mod that is stylish and easy to use. If you are new to sub-ohm vaping, or just looking for an easy to use MOD, this device might just fit the bill.

The Morpheus battery is a 100-watt variable voltage model that automatically adjusts between 20 and 100 watts depending on the atomizer resistance. The Morpheus’s sub-ohm style enables larger clouds and great vapor production for someone who is looking for a more significant puff. The battery has a carbon fiber construction that comes in either a black or a silver model. The 3000 mAh capacity battery provides long-lasting battery life that will last most vapers several days on one single charge. The battery is charged via a USB port that is located on the side of the device. It also has a spring-loaded, standard 510 connection making it compatible with a variety of tanks. It has easy controls for newbies and experienced vapers alike. The one button device turns on simple, like most devices; you simply rapidly hit the fire button five times to turn the device on and five times to turn it off. The Morpheus kit also includes a set of 5 different colored rubber O-rings used to protect the battery from general wear and tear.

The Morpheus tank is an excellent companion for that awesome battery, creating an overall sleek and stylish package. The tank is constructed of stainless steel and Pyrex glass and has a 3 mL capacity. The tank is easy to fill and hold enough e-juice that it will easily last average vapers more than a full day of use. The Morpheus has two airflow control valves one on the mouthpiece and one on the base of the tank enabling even bigger clouds. The kit includes two vertical sub-ohm coils, one is 0.2 ohms and the other is 0.4 ohms. The coils are made of kanthal wire and have organic cotton wicking. The non-crusting drip tip is also an excellent feature of this complete vape mod kit.

This Morpheu kit contains the tank, battery and sub-ohm coils, as well as a micro USB cable for charging and a User’s manual that includes easy to read and well-illustrated instructions for your new Morpheus device.

In The BoxMig Vapor sub-ohm review

  • Morpheus 100W Battery
  • Morpheus Tank
  • 2 Sub Ohm Coils (0.2&0.4Ω)
  • Rubber Battery Protectors (Five Different Colors)
  • Micro-USB Charger
  • User Manual


  • 3000 mAh Battery
  • Standard 510 Connection
  • Carbon Fiber and Stainless Steel Construction
  • Available in Black or Silver
  • Mouthpiece and Tank Airflow Controls
  • 3 mL Capacity Tank
  • Non-Crusting Drip Tip

Final Word

The Morpheus from is such an awesome device, especially of you are wanting to get into sub-ohm vaping, but still unsure about all the variable options, you really won’t find a better option. The Morpheus has the variable wattage options, but since it adjusts automatically to the resistance of your coil, you won’t have to worry about knowing the perfect settings, you can just wick it, fill it and go. The one button controls are so simple, that even a full-on e-cigarette newbie would have no problem catching on immediately.

I don’t think it’s just good for beginners, I think it’s an excellent to go model as well. With that sizable 3 mL tank I never have to refill it during my day, it will last me through all my errands, through whatever I have to do in a day away from the home, and I don’t have to refill it until I get back home. That’s important for me, I don’t like carrying a lot of e-juice around so having a tank that will get me easily through the day is a big win in my book. The best part is the battery can stand up to the tank, in fact, the battery well outlasts the tank. The 3000 mAh capacity is just awesome and gets me through several days when I am using it as my primary to-go vape.

The sub-ohm coil and the airflow control really work together well to create a truly big vapor, especially for the size of the device. I like the fact that you have airflow controls on both your mouthpiece and tank, it gives you a few more options so you can get just the right vapor, or open them both all the way and get the biggest cloud you can. The vapor production is quite awesome too, you’ll definitely be impressed seeing the kind of clouds you normally see from box mods coming from this little tube style model.

I think a lot of people might look at the lack of adjustable options as a downfall, but I think that just depends on what kind of device you are looking for. For the Morpheus that is geared toward simplicity and ease of use, I think it truly delivers.

The device is also extremely well built and the style is pretty great too. The carbon fiber on the battery looks amazing whether you get silver or black. It fits so well with the Morpheus tank too; the two make a stellar looking overall device. If you’re looking for an overall excellent combination of simplicity and power, in a stylish package, the Morpheus looks like it has everything you’re looking for.

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