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Tube Vape Buying Guide For 2018

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Tube Mods - not be confused with mech mods - are one of the most basic, simplest styles of vapes on the market. There are a few major differences from other vape mods (box mods/mini mods) that help differentiate these vapes from others - the biggest one - you guessed it: its a tube-like - cylinder design.

tube vape mods

However, the tube mod has a few more features (or lack thereof ) that help it stand out. Besides its actual look, the majority of tube modes are the easiest vapes to use. Unlike box mods, these vapes typically are a simple two-piece design and its uses a one-button functionality.  Simply charge the battery, fill the tank, screw it on and start vaping. Along the lines of easiness, tube mods won't have any additional buttons for adjusting wattage or voltage and therefore a digital screen is unnecessary and rare to find on a tube mod.

Tube Mod Tanks

The most important piece of any tube mod is the tank. The battery itself is important, but its job is simple, the tank, however, is what gives you a great vaping experience and, hopefully, keeps it clean and easy. By "clean and easy" we are referring to how the tank is actually filled ( preferably top-filled opposed to having to remove the bottom each time) and keeping it clean by lack of leakage, overflowing, and easy replacement of the coils.

The majority of tube mod tanks will require the coil, or atomizer to be replaced every so often depending on your usage. These coils will range anywhere from 1.5ohm for MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping, down to a 0.1ohm for "sub-ohm"  vaping purposes.  MTL coils are built more for those looking for a cigarette type throat hit and the lower ohm coils will give you the ability to vape large clouds and get much flavor out of whatever juice you are using.

popular tube vape mods

Regardless of coil size you choose, most vendors will give you one or two coils with your purchase and recommend a 3 or 5 pack addition when checking out - this is an important decision - cause when your coil starts to degrade and you don't have a new one to put in your tank you may find yourself waiting a few days for new ones from having to order them. When coils reach their end you will know easily thanks to the overall taste will diminish drastically and this is when leakage from the airflow holes can occur.

Tube mods can still be considered "mech mods"- the difference is that most mech mods lack safety features ( overcharging/power control circuitry etc.) as the battery directly connects to the tank and there are little safety features to monitor the amount of power coming from the battery. We here at IEC have chosen to remove mech mods from our site as most cases of vapes exploding are caused by these types of devices.


Pricing with tube mods is another huge reason we love these devices. Rarely will you see - even the highest ranked tube mods -  cost near a $100.  Price is not a big factor when choosing a tube mod as these devices have become cheaper to make over the years and the tank on the tube mod - or tube mod kit - is the primary factor to setting its price tag. As long as the mod comes with a quality tank - the battery, or mod, really only makes a difference in the size of the device itself and the battery's amperage.

The majority of tube mod kits will run you between $30 and $80. If a tube mod kit would run outside this range its probably due to a handful of extras that come with the kit, such as a bottle of vape juice, an extra battery, or extra chargers.

With the ease-of-use, these vaporizers are highly recommended for those just getting into vaping for the first time or those who use disposables and want more flavor options and simply a more satisfying vaping experience. Even the most hardcore vaper has a few easy to use tube vapes for those certain situations where a bigger mod is too cumbersome.