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XEO Void Vaporizer

V2 XEO Void Vape Pen
If you are looking to get into "sub-ohm vaping" this is a must see. The XEO by V2 makes its so easy to take your vape game to the next level!
  • Vapor Production
  • Build Quality
  • Looks and Feel
  • Value
  • Ease Of Use
  • Battery Life



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XEO Void Starter Vape KitV2 updated their vape lineup at the midnight hour in compliance with the FDA regs, and this new device is a compliment to the rest of their catalog. Veteran V2 fans will love this upgrade from the EX Series or the Pro 3 vaporizers and new V2 vaper fans will fall in love with this one quickly!  The XEO Void Starter Kit is one of the best ways to jump into sub-ohm vaping without all the bells and whistles of that of a box mod or advanced vape mod.

The XEO is a Germany designed vaporizer that comes in a simple two-piece design – but unlike other devices, in this category, the tank is built into the battery so the only piece that’s removable is the tip. The tip has the atomizer screwed into it, instead of the tank being removable and the atomizer attached to the bottom of it.  The atomizer actually makes a connection to the battery bridge in the tank with the juice – definitely a first for my eyes.

This design does eliminate leaks – that’s for sure! The only way this tank could leak is if you overfill it. A rather revolutionary design that is sure to be mimicked with future devices from other manufacturers. There is an airflow adjustment that’s easy to turn but it’s not visible so you have to adjust while you take a pull. The tank lights up when you hit the fire button (very cool), and along with the window, you can easily see how much ejuice is left in the tank.

Xeo Vape Build Review

This vape pen is extremely sleek in design and shape. The gunmetal color scheme I went with has a very professional look to it and with a triangle type body, this thing stands up easily on the table. The charging port is near the middle which always irks me but that’s the only gripe I have with the overall design.  The bore (mouthpiece) is rather small compared to the majority of tanks out today and I found myself wanting to take a bigger pull than I needed to, so it does take a little getting used to.  But the vapor output is very good and the airflow adjuster makes for a very dialed-in vape. I used the 0.6-ohm atomizer instead of the 1.0-ohm to get the maximum vapor output and I was very pleased with the end result.

The 1500 mAh battery lasted me at least two days with heavy vaping and the device barely warmed up after constant use, another small factor that I loved.



In The Boxv2 vape kits


  • 1 VOID Battery(1500mAh) with Tank 2 ml
  • 1 VOID Atomizer Head 0.6 Ohm
  • 1 VOID Atomizer Head 1.0 Ohm
  •  Micro USB Cable
  •  User Manual


  • 12cm – Diameter of 19mm.
  • 2ml tankXEO Void review
  • Sub-ohm technology
  • Constant power of 30-watts / 4.2-volts
  • Seamless airflow control
  • Innovative and protected design
  • Totally compliant to the TPD2 (Tobacco Directive, ECC)
  • 100% Leak proof
  • Child proof function
  • Highest quality raw materials
  • Product designed in Germany




Final Word

Void by XEO This vape is definitely geared toward newer vapers and that’s why it makes our list. This vape is a gradual step into sub-ohm vaping when coming from a smaller style vape. However, this is also a great device for someone who is just getting into vaping and needs that extra umph from their device – without getting into all of the technical jargon with some of the bigger mods.

This device delivers five stars on the important levels. Vapor-output, battery life, size, and looks. It’s not a “cloud-chucker” but it’s not supposed to be – which someone who wants to vape without everyone around them knowing it will come to appreciate.

Another big plus for this mod is its ability to vape VG heavy e-juice and PG heavy e-juices with equal smoothness. This is rare as most devices are better with one or the other.

Not a lot of bad things to say about this one, V2 hit this one out of the park.  I would have like to seen the usb port near the bottom instead of the middle, and not being able to see the airflow “hole” when adjusting it is kinda weird. Not enough in my book to knock this one down – still and easy 4/5 stars.

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