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Pro Series 3

V2 Pro Series 3 Vape Pen
V2 is clearly one of the industries flagship vendors, and their recent launch of the Pro Series 3 will only keep them at the forefront of vaping.
  • Vapor Production
  • Build Quality
  • Looks and Feel
  • Value
  • Ease Of Use
  • Battery Life


This 3-in-1 – extremely versatile – vape pen instills the passion that goes into each V2 product. This kit can handle ALL your vaping needs, ejuice of course but herbal and wax are easily handled with a quick tank swap. This intuitive battery automatically detects what kind of tank is on it, eliminating having to mess with the settings each time. More importantly, this thing produces a massive throat hit and is very lightweight overall. The best thing about this kit is it might be the first and last one you’ll ever need, and the reviews show that we are not the only ones who highly praise this device.


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User Rating 2.69 (13 votes)

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V2 vape pen reviewsThe V2 Pro series is a newer addition to their line of quality vapes. This line’s focus is on the luxury, high-quality vaporizer pen. And the Pro Series 3 is only the first in line to be released in this high-end vape line up. The Series 7 was released at the end of 2014 and the series 9 will complete this line in late 2015. The Series 3 and 7 are anything but ordinary, so we feel it’s pretty safe to say that the series 9 should be pretty spectacular.

V2 is clearly one of the industry leaders, and the new category they have stepped into with their Pro Series 3, a basic personal vaporizer hybrid 3-in1 device is in a class all it’s own. This model is not only a vape pen but also acts as a dry leaf herbal vaporizer, with the added flexibility of vaping your favorite essential oils as well. For this review, I am going to focus on the e-cig capability of the device.

V2 pre-launched this device almost a month ahead of schedule; this made it clear that they felt this model was going to revolutionize the industry and the way we use our vapes. I was eager to see if this device could deliver all that was promised.

With the release of the Pro Series 3 from V2, we can say with certainty – V2 e-cigs has something fantastic to offer that competes with and even trumps other luxury vape manufacturers. The best part about the pro series is that rather than simply throwing their brand name on some cheap, off the shelf e-cig, V2 has painstakingly designed and developed this vaporizer series from the ground up and it shows! This is one of the coolest and best-performing vapes in years!

In The Box

  •  1 USB chargerV2 series 3 e-go e cigarette
  •  E-liquid Cartridge
  •  Vaporizer
  •  User Manual
  •  V2 offers 12 Platinum e-liquids to try out in the V2 Pro Series 3.


  • E-Cig Type: Ego
  • Battery Type: 650 mAh
  • Tank Type: Magnetic
  • Charge Method: Magnetic USB/Wall Adapter

Out of the box you can tell right away the device is extremely well built, it just feels solid and even after a few drops it stood up very well. But the biggest thing that stands out is V2’s  new “tank” design.

Final Word

Vape pen reviews for V2 EcigsTheir new tank system is a “pop-in” design, meaning that your tank (or tanks) can be easily replaced as it connects via a magnet. Making it ridiculously easy to swap from one to the other – very cool. The tank works like a normal tank – fill it up with an e-liquid and drop it in and that’s it. The device detects what kind of tank it is automatically, so there’s no adjusting anything, however removing the threading of cartridges does limit the device to their tanks only – for now.

The battery life was above average but with the pass-through technology, when it got low I could plug it in and still use it. As far as vapor output, I was extremely impressed with its massive throat hit, and a major plus was how slow my e-juice was vaporized. The 2.0ml tank seemed to last twice as long as other devices in this category. When the tank started getting really low there is no mistaking it, the taste bottoms out which is a good thing as these tanks can be damaged if used when dry.

V2’s e-liquid has always been a favorite, and the consistency is always there. I love the fact V2 is very transparent about what and how their stuff is made, you can even view their live testing results right on their web page. Coming in child-proof bottles along with their custom curved droppers, make filling the tank almost effortless. Since I only used the e-liquid tank in this review, I started with a couple of V2’s popular flavors. The “red” has always been one of their staple tobacco flavors regardless of the tank I was using but worked just as well in this newer style. The “Congress” is damn near perfect if you enjoy a green tea type flavor – extremely smooth.

This is a massive game-changer in the vaporizer world – the simplicity of this device is in a class all its own. Time will tell if this is going to be the way of the future for devices in this category but for now it’s solid on all levels. The ProSeries 3 is a device I have given to a few family members looking to kick the habit, mostly because of the ease of filling the tank and charging options. So far no one has sent it back to me :). Great product and I hope to see V2 continue down this road with this cutting-edge technology.

V2 backs up their products to the fullest!  Their warranty is rock-solid and adds a huge amount of comfort when making that next – or first – V2 purchase! https://www.v2.com/help/warranty

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  • v2 pro

    The V2 pro out of the box was awesome……the tanks need to be washed as whatever residue left from manufacturing tastes like burnt dog turd.

    The black pen looked shabby after a week as the coating started to come off with use……the silver pen held up better….the first tanks were ok and would last about a week so at $10au a pop they can get expensive considering the replacement ones were 20- 25% defective.

    The charger for the second pen was from old stock and also defective….the siver pen will only hold a small charge and will last less than one hour. The charger cable had a small drop to the floor and split apart and had to be re soldered. The button fell out of the black pen, the magnetic ring fell out and snapped into 3 pieces and had to be glued back in…….and the black tips just keep falling off……If you get the Pro7 I suggest buying shares in a glue factory.

    All in all…..what should have been a great product is just another cheap short life gimmick that locks you into their system.

    btw….their e juice is great……their only saving grace.


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  • So far so good

    My brother and I bought this model about 4 months ago and neither one of us have had any issues. Ive had one cigarette since ive had mine so I would say its doing the trick..lol.

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  • This is good vape pen. I have got it as a present last year and to be honest i have never thought that Vapour2 is such a good brand(after reading some reviews). I have not had any issues since and it seems like it is gonna last for longer. Good size of a pen what can easily go into ur pocket, even if it is little bit longer than others i have seen. charging and battery lasting works good for me. I like those easy to change magnetic cartridges. I think the throat hit is also good plus good selection of flavours and intensity.

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