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Phantom X UFO Vape Pen Kit

Phantom Vape Pen
The Phantom X UFO v2 E-Cig Kit by Mig Cig is a complete package, providing you with everything you need, even the e-juice, to get you vaping. Mig Cig has partnered with Kanger to bring you this truly awesome kit.
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Mig Vapor’s Phantom X UFO kit is a powerhouse that makes the move to a larger device an easy one. This simple 2-piece setup consists of a variable wattage battery that’s adjustable from 1 to 15 watts, surpassing similar models in this category.


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newest vape pens of 2016The Phantom X UFO v2 E-Cig Kit by Mig Cig is a complete package, providing you with everything you need, even the e-juice, to get you vaping. Mig Cig has partnered with Kanger to bring you this truly awesome kit. The eGo style Phantom X battery is a variable wattage model that is accompanied in this kit by the UFO v2 Tank.

Ego Style (vape pen) batteries have come a long way since they were initially introduced, and one of the best improvements to these has been the addition of wattage control. The Phantom X is a twist style battery; to change the wattage you simply twist the bottom of the battery. There is easy to ready LED screen that displays your wattage, as well as your ohms and battery life. The 1600 mAh battery contains more than enough battery to last average vapers more than one full day, if not two, depending on how much you vape. The battery has a standard 510 connection and air flow control vents to keep the unit cool while vaping.

The style is also amazing, coming in both a black and stainless steel variety. The button is flush with the battery keeping it safer from accidental misfires in your pocket or purse. When it’s ready for a charge the light will blink 15 times rapidly. To charge simply connect the Phantom via a micro USB cable provided in your kit.

The UFO tank is a great companion for the Phantom X battery. The 2.8 mL capacity tank holds a fair amount of e-juice for an averageall_products_0009_ufo_v2__2_1 day of vaping. The bottom dual coil tank comes with 5 replacements as well, so you’ll be able to keep the device going for a long time, just with the items that come in this kit. The tank is made of Pyrex glass and stainless steel and fits perfectly and looks super sleek with the Phantom battery.

This is a really complete kit, in addition to the battery and tank, you get those replacement coils, the USB charging cable, and an awesome little carrying case too. Where a lot of kits seem to think of the case as an afterthought, this case is really nice and I actually use it rather than just stuff it away somewhere. They give you options of colors too which is a nice bonus. On top of it all, you get that e-liquid I mentioned, 30 mL of the flavor of your choice– and there is over 30 flavors to choose from.



In The Box

  • “Phantom X” 1600mah E-Cig Batterybest vape pens by Mig Vapor
  • Power USB cable
  • UFO v2 Vape Tank with BDC coils
  • A pack of 5 replacement UFO BDC coils
  • 30ML bottle of e-liquid
  • Soft eCig Carry Case


  • 1600 mah
  • Tank capacity: 2.8 ML
  • LED Screen
  • BDC Clearomizer
  • 8 ohm Resistance
  • Safety ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ for the power
  • Air-flow control


Final Word

The PhantomX UFO v2 E-Cig Kit by Mig Cig is really a great little set-up. For beginners, this is a great pairing of tank and battery with everything you need to get started. The battery itself is not overly confusing with complicated things like voltage settings. It has a simple interface that allows you to change wattage which is a great starting point for those looking to get into variable options.

It’s also a great take-along device for those who want something to take on the go that is not as cumbersome or as well-loved as some of their box MODs. It is easy to use and the tank is super easy to fill. At 1600 mAh, the battery has enough power to get most people, at least me, through a day of vaping on the go, and to be honest, it about got me through a second day too, even when using it as my primary vape.

It’s also great that the Phantom has the 510 standard connection, even though I love the UFO tank, it’s nice to know that I can use any of my favorite tanks if I feel like switching it out. I doubt that I will want to do that, and with 5 replacement coils coming with the kit I can’t imagine ever needing to.

Even though it’s a great set up for experienced and beginner vapers, ultimately I think this is an excellent purchase for either type of user. The fact that it comes with e-liquid as well makes it an extremely attractive offer. And for an entry into variable wattage, you can’t get any easier and more user-friendly than this device.

The flavor that comes out of this device is great too. Even at the highest wattage setting, I feel like the vapor always tasted clean and never had that burnt kinda feel. The clouds are excellent too, even if this isn’t a sub-ohm device, though it does go down to 1 ohm. I think anyone would be pleased with this vapor, especially considering this is a pretty simple vape pen style set up. There’s really very little to say that’s negative about this device… it’s sleek and simple and most importantly satisfying. A great kit you won’t disappointed in.

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