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VIP Ultra Kit Review

Cigavette Ultra Vape Pen
Cigavette is a great way to get into vaping thanks to its no-mess cartridge setup. Great flavor and smooth taste along with its easy setup and go make this kit one of our favorites.
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  • Value
  • Ease Of Use
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This cartridge style of ecig is for those who don't want to mess with refilling tanks but still get the ability to vape awesome flavors and have a device that rivals that of a traditional cigarette when it deals with taste and throat hit. The price is extremely high for this type of device, but it is one of a kind. I suggest trying a vape pen and refilling it yourself if you want to save a ton of money.

When first coming off of cigarettes this kit was my "go to" and made the transition easy from smoking to vaping. This kit is for those who favor tobacco and/or menthol flavors.


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Cigavette Ultra vape kitMimic the smoking experience – that’s was the ultimate goal. The single most important thing when trying to kick cigarettes is the taste and throat hit. With their easy “No-Fill” cartridges, this kit offers up vape pen vaping without the mess of filling a tank.

Cigavette was created by a smoker for smokers, and keeping the whole vaping process simple was a main focal point in the design. Along with making sure the taste and pull came as close as possible to that of the real thing. With the majority of kits and devices today being built around a tank and constantly refilling it with ejuice, for some this doesn’t sound like something they want to get involved with or they have tried it and it wasn’t worth the hassle, and ultimately gave up on vaping.  This is one of the big reasons we have kept this kit on our favorites list (and the fact some of us started vaping thanks to this kit), its overall simplicity.

Vaping with cartridges is very basic. First, you charge your battery(s), then screw on the cartomizer and go – that’s it! When you start to notice the flavor dissipating, unscrew the cartridge, toss it, and screw on a new one. When the button on the battery starts flashing its time to re-charge it. This kit comes with two batteries so its easy to make sure you always have one ready. The 650mAh battery will last you all day with a full charge and as long as you are around a usb port (car – laptop – etc.) you can charge it virtually anywhere. 


In The Box


  • 2 ‘ULTRA’ premium 650mAh batteriesecigs for beginners
  • Black satin or polished stainless steel
  • 10 (ten) ‘ULTRA’ premium cartridges (prefilled and heat sealed)
  • Signature premium blend tobacco and menthol flavors
  • 1 ‘ULTRA’ USB & wall “INTELLA” charger set


Final Word

cigavette ecigs logoAs mentioned I and a few coworkers have been vaping for years and this is one of the first vape kits to get us to where we are today. For some, this kit will totally suffice as the be-all-end-all for their vaping needs, but for most this will be a great jumping off point to a future without those stupid cigarettes.  As you become more comfortable with vaping you might want to explore more into devices that offer more bells and whistles – but you can have the piece of mind that Cigavette isn’t going anywhere and your replacement cartridges will always be a few clicks away if this the only kit you ever buy.

This kit is built for those coming from smoking tobacco and menthol flavors.  No fruity candy desserts here. If I had to say anything negative, this is the only thing I can knock them for as it would be nice to have those options available.  When are choosing what cartridge to go with – regardless of tobacco or menthol flavor – choosing the right nicotine strength is vital. I always recommend going a notch higher on the nicotine chart from what you are currently smoking.  If you are a light smoker, start with the “Light 12mg” instead of “Ultra Light 6 mg”, same goes for those who smoke full-flavored – go with the “Super 24mg” instead of the “Full 18m” .  The larger the nicotine strength the better the throat hit – and that’s what will help you to keep going forward and leave smoking behind you.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee – Lifetime Warranty –  Free Shipping for orders over $50 (enter code: FREESHIP at checkout) two more big reasons to give Cigavette a shot!

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