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Best Vape Pens For 2018

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How to Find The Perfect Vape Pen

If you are looking for a vape pen, odds are you are moving up from a basic e-cig in search of a device with more power and overall quality. Or you are simply wanting the ability to customize your vaping experience with access to multiple e-juice flavors, along with the addition of having a longer lasting battery. Regardless of your reasons, reading reviews and viewing all the best options out there is vital to finding that perfect vaping device.

What to Expect

Vape pens are the gradual step up from a disposable e-cig and with that comes a few more things to expect. One is that you will now be able to fill a tank with a e-juice of your choosing, along with the need to be charging your device on a regular basis. These types of vaping devices will require you to have a bottle of juice handy and - just like your phone - a power option for charging purposes. Ppens are going to be slightly bigger than a basic ecig but still be stealthy enough to easily travel with.

Battery Life - Charging

When moving to a pen from a basic e-cig, the element of charging your device now comes into play. The best starter kits out there come with one long-lasting battery and at least one usb charger. Heavy smokers may consider purchasing a second battery and/or additional chargers.  Make sure to look for "pass-through" ability so you can continue vaping while it's charging - like in your car or from your laptop. Expect to charge your device pen daily.

Ease of Use

The perfect pen will have a few key aspects. One of those is ease-of-use, many pens come with a top-filling tank allowing for easy refilling by simply unscrewing the top. Another is charging, all vape pens will be charged via usb, and allow you to charge it from the car to your laptop.  Size is another ease-of-use element to look for - if it's easy to travel with, you're more likely to take it with you. In general, vape pens are one of the easiest vaping devices to use and own.


Price is usually a factor for most when purchasing anything - this holds true when shopping for a pen. If you are concerned that this style of vaping device might not be what you are looking for, you may find yourself hesitant to spend a lot on that first kit. Realistically, expect to spend around $50 as the typical price range of a good starter kit will run between $40-$80 dollars while the higher ends kits will be over $100.  Most kits under $20 come up short in longevity.

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Best Vape Pens For E-Juice

Triton 2

$45.00 Two Devices
Halo Triton 2 vape pen in red

Vapor Production 100%
Build Quality 90%
Functionality 90%
Value 100%

Vapor Zeus

vapor zeus vape pen

Vapor Production 100%
Build Quality 95%
Functionality 90%
Value 90%

Rocket 3

Vaporfi Rocket 3 Vape pens in colors

Vapor Production 95%
Build Quality 80%
Functionality 90%
Value 85%

Vape Pen Reviews

The Triton 2 Starter Kit Review


The Triton 2 is one of the best vape pen starter kits for 2018, mostly because its one of the easiest vapes to use and delivers an awesome throat hit every time. This kit gives you TWO DEVICES with TWO TANKS, three coils and a free bottle of juice!

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The Vapor Zeus Vape Review


The Zeus is one of best vape pens when it comes to replicating that tobacco/menthol - lung filling satisfaction that you are used to...without the tar! If you are trying to replace your cigarettes - your search stops here!

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Pro 3 Starter Kit Review


The Pro 3 makes our top 5 list due to its massive power in an extremely small device. The mouth-to-lung technology helps mimic smoking more than any other vape out there and the top-fill tank makes refilling a breeze. Smokers check this out!

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VIP Ultra Kit Review


Don't wanna mess with filling tanks? Simply want to vape a great tasting tobacco (or menthol) flavor and keep the process EASY as possible? The Ultra series by Cigavette is your answer. Pre-filled cartridges - simply screw it on the battery and go. It doesn't get any easier than the Ultra.

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SouthBeach Thunder


The Thunder is a classic when it comes to awesome vape pens. The Thunder tank offers airflow control to make finding that perfect throat it even easier. Solid design and compact size are just a few attributes to describe this top-notch vape!

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Phantom X UFO Vape Pen Kit


The Phantom X UFO v2 E-Cig Kit by Mig Cig is a complete package, providing you with everything you need, even the e-juice, to get you vaping. Mig Cig has partnered with Kanger to bring you this truly awesome kit. The eGo style Phantom X battery is a variable wattage model that is accompanied in this kit by the UFO v2 Tank. Ego Style (vape pen)...

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Pro Series 3


The Pro 3 Series is one of the few vape pens that deliver an awesome vape while also allowing you to use different tanks to vape herbs, oil, and waxes. Extremely versatile, this vape pen is your ultimate solution for handling all your vaping needs!

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The Rocket 3 Review


VaporFi recently released another e-cig in the vape pen category, but this one comes with a variable voltage battery that allows you to crank up the power. So we should be able to toss this device in the basic personal vaporizer group as well. With the higher levels of power and technology, this e-cig should be a great step up from a disposable...

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Endeavor Vaporizer


The Endeavor offers up not one but TWO vape pens in its starter kit! This is great if you have another person wanting to join you in vaping or if you need a second device for the office or car. Lightweight and smooth delivery, the Endeavor is a great device for light-to-medium smokers.

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Pro Series 7


The Pro Series 7 is the most versatile vape pen to date. This 3-in-1 vape can vape juice - oil - and wax at the highest level. Magnetic tank attachment and charging plug make this beast one of our favorites! This one does it all and then some!

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XEO Void Vaporizer


The XEO is the latest of cutting-edge, vaping technology. With the atomizer built into the tip, this tank is as close as "leak-proof" gets! Sleek design and a satisfying throat hit, the XEO is a solid vape pen for beginners.

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The INFERNO Vape Pen


Having been on the e-cig market since 2010, the Inferno vape pen is one of the oldest products but STILL crushes it! The pen has been recently updated with even MORE power and simply looks awesome. 7 airflow ports in the tank = Awesome Vaping.

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Buying A Starter Kit

Starter kits makes things easier when you are needing a complete set-up. It takes the hassle of piecing together different parts and components. Most of the popular vendors sell these kits for almost every style of vape out there. So if you want a simple choice, find a good starter kit so you can start vaping as soon as you get it.

A good starter kit will supply you with everything you need to get started (in some cases they offer a free bottle of juice in the kit).

  • At least one battery, sometimes two (get two batteries if you are a heavy user)
  • A vape juice tank - with several atomizers
  • Two charging options - one for home (AC) and one for the computer (USB)

Set Up and Using Your Pen

man filling vape pen with e-juice

Charge using the included charger, unscrew the tank, fill the tank with your favorite juice, twist it back together and screw it back onto the battery.

That's it! Super simple and easy to use. There are no parts to configure or adjust. The only adjustments you may need are on the battery itself, and they control the power up or down.

Every week or so, you will need to unscrew the tank and replace the heating element (atomizer) and replace it. These replacement atomizers are fairly cheap and are sold by the vendor you purchased your vape pen from.

It is important to understand that the atomizer has a direct effect on the taste and flavor you experience. An expired atomizer will make whatever flavor e-juice you are using taste burnt and nasty, so replace them as needed. We recommend buying plenty of them before you run out.

E-Juice In Vape Pens

Deciding on a e-juice is probably the hardest part of vaping. Like buying a hammer at Home Depot, you don't realize how many choice there are till you go to look for one. Luckily, we have a few pages that will help you find the perfect flavor and nicotine strength. You can use any e-juice in vape pens, so don't worry about buying a specific kind just for your device.

Our E-Juice Reviews Page will show you all the trusted juice vendors we recommend. There you will also be able to read what makes each vendor worthy of our praise. Once you select a vendor, you should be able to find a flavor that sound good to try. Many of these vendors have sample packs of e-juice that you can buy without spending too much.

Our Best E-Juice page has specific flavors we love that are grouped into popular categories. Looking for a real tobacco flavor, or a fruity flavor? This is where you can narrow-down your selection to just a few of the best flavors we have tried.

Vape Pens (sometimes called E-gos) are preferred by many vapers who want satisfying vapor without carrying around a bulky device. This style of vaping device is perfectly sized for a pocket or purse, extremely cost effective, and powerful enough for most users. They are very easy to use, easy to refill, and simple to charge, making them the best device for many vapers who want more than a basic starter kit, but without investing in a bigger Vape Mod. A pen may be the perfect e-cigarette style for medium to heavy smokers, but that doesn't make choosing one easy.

1-130530113921527There are dozens of choices in colors, sizes, and features when it comes to customizing these devices. These little electronic cigarettes make up a huge footprint in the vaping industry and many electronic cigarettes users find that the pen is the best choice on the market. To use a vape pen, fill the tank with some quality e-liquid, screw the tank onto the battery and press the button on the battery to use.

Many e-cig vendors sell complete starter kits and you will only need to fill the included tank and replace the atomizer inside the tank on occasion.

The battery part of the pen will last several months, depending on usage, before needing to be replaced. This is simply because all rechargeable batteries have a limit on the amount of times they can be charged before they lose their ability to hold their charge. The more you use it, the sooner you will want to replace it.

Don't worry, most vendors sell the battery by itself so you won't have to reinvest in a complete starter kit when you want to replace just the battery.

There is usually only one button on a vape pen. This button is pressed when you want to use the device, and can also use to turn the device on/off by rapidly pressing several times to toggle the power. If you carry it in your pocket, you may want to turn it off to avoid accidentally firing it while in your pocket.

Variable volt pens are the most popular. They usually have a dial at the bottom of the battery that you can turn to adjust the voltage and thus the vapor and flavor of the e-liquid you are using. There are some devices that use an LCD screen to show you the current voltage and the voltage on these pens are controlled by buttons instead of a dial. Either style is good, it is just a preference. I recommend starting at a low setting to start. If the flavor seems weak, turn the voltage up gradually until the vapor is to your taste.

Many smokers find that pens offer the best vapor, the best size, and for the best price. The overall value and flexibility makes these style of vaping devices a definite candidate to consider when shopping for a vaporizer. They are powerful and satisfying as well as easy to use.

Make sure you get some tasty e-liquid for your vape pen if you don’t already have some. Go to the page Best E-Liquid page to check out some quality e-liquids.

Vape Pens 101

Electronic cigarette harm reductionWhen e-cigs first hit the market, there were few options to choose from and flavors were limited. What we call "cig-a-likes", or disposables, were pretty much your only choices, and they were/are the most basic e-cig you can buy. This was great for some, but most felt they needed more power/vapor and simply a better overall experience to keep them from going back to their traditional smokes. Thankfully the pen ( or "e-go") was born a few years later and what it did was only change the vaping world forever.

The pen opened us up to a whole new vaping experience. Thanks to the addition of a "tank" to hold your choice of e-juice and a much bigger battery, the daily vaper now had a vaping device that they could use all day. The tank is what holds the e-juice. Most of these tanks are very easy to take apart for refilling and typically are built from plastic, resulting in more durability. These little changes would help bring vaping to a whole new level!

Many vapers prefer pens over the bigger mod style ecigs due to their simplicity, ease of use, and overall size. The majority of these devices are rather thin and are easy to conceal, and easy to use due to the lack of buttons and power setups. These devices are pretty straight-forward when getting setup. Unscrew the tank lid, fill the tank with juice, twist it back together and screw it to the battery - and that's it!

For those who want a little more control of their vaping experience, we have put a few of our favorite pens that give you the option to increase/decrease the voltage with a few simple clicks of a button, on our "best vape pen" list.

A good starter kit will supply you with everything you need to get started ( in most cases they offer at least one bottle of ejuice).

  • At least one battery, sometimes two
  • an ejuice tank
  • and typically two chargers - one for home and one for the computer USB.

After you settle on a device - and even if they give you one bottle of eliquid - we highly recommend picking up a few different flavors. Two reasons for this are 1.) It may take a few different flavors to find one you like - if you only have one flavor, and it's not what you expected or simply didn't like it you're going to be stuck with it until you buy more. And that takes us to reason number 2.) You never want to run out of ejuice! - this is the worst possible scenario when vaping, cause you know what the alternative is.... Plus you won't know exactly how long a bottle will last you in the beginning - as this varies from person to person. For me, a 15ml bottle typically lasts for a couple days.

Another feature that some of the most modern vape pens are capable of being used with is "dry herbs". These are becoming more and more popular recently due to the increase of marijuana use thanks to it becoming more and more legal throughout the US. Vaporizers that burn dry herbs only produce vapor from the actual user, as the device only produces vapor from the tip (inhale point). Since the herbs are being, well..vaporized.. this method can be much more efficient to that of a traditional smoking session and potentially make marijuana far more potent so approach with caution.

Aromatherapists have recently been encouraging patients who burn certain herbs and flowers for therapeutic reasons to look into purchasing a vape pen of some sort to simplify the process. Regardless of what you are vaping - a pen will make the whole process simpler and with less mess. Waxes and oils round out the third option that a select few vaping devices can vaporize. The same concept as with e-juice and dry herbs, these "ingredients" may require a designated tank for them so pay close attention to what comes in the kit that you're possibly looking at purchasing. V2, for example, has a kit that you can add additional tanks to at the checkout.