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Vape Pen Buying Guide For 2018

When e-cigs first hit the market, there were few options and flavors were limited. What we commonly called e-cigs or "cig-a-likes", were pretty much the only choices. This was great for some, but most felt they needed more power/vapor. A simply better overall experience to keep them from going back traditional cigarettes. Thankfully, vape pens (sometime called an "e-go") was born a few years later and changed the world of vaping forever.

Thanks to the addition of a refillable tank (vs a prefilled cartridge like e-cigs use) to hold the vape juice, and a much bigger battery, vapers now had a device that they could use all day. They are just a bit bigger than a regular analog cigarette, but not as big or heavy as some other styles of vapes, like box mods.

The bigger battery not only makes it possible to go longer before charging, it also provides more power. This makes vape pens very popular for people who want a smaller vape but still want a good throat-hit.

Why Choose a Vape Pen?

Vape pens devices are pretty straight-forward when it comes to use and care. In fact, they are recommended for anyone looking for a simple device with no fancy bells and whistles. They are one of the most basic sub-category of vape devices.

Many vapers prefer the pen styles over the bigger vape mod styles thanks to their simplicity, ease of use, and overall size. Vape pens are rather thin and are easy to conceal, and easy to use due to the lack of buttons and power setups. Due to the larger size over e-cigs, they have the ability to provide more vapor production. More vapor means more satisfaction and a closer feeling to smoking a tobacco cigarette.

One factor you may consider is that a vape pen is taller than most other device. This can be an issue if you plan on putting it in a pocket. A vape pen in the pocket can be damaged if you bend over. If that is an issue for you, consider a mini vape, or a box mod. They are shorter and usually do not pose a problem in the pocket. These models can come in basic versions or advanced versions. So if you want a basic device, you have other options in those two category as well.

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Buying A Starter Kit

Starter kits makes things easier when you are needing a complete set-up. It takes the hassle of piecing together different parts and components. Most of the popular vendors sell these kits for almost every style of vape out there. So if you want a simple choice, find a good starter kit so you can start vaping as soon as you get it.

A good starter kit will supply you with everything you need to get started (in some cases they offer a free bottle of juice in the kit).

  • At least one battery, sometimes two (get two batteries if you are a heavy user)
  • A vape juice tank - with several atomizers
  • Two charging options - one for home (AC) and one for the computer (USB)

Set Up and Using Your Pen

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Charge using the included charger, unscrew the tank, fill the tank with your favorite juice, twist it back together and screw it back onto the battery.

That's it! Super simple and easy to use. There are no parts to configure or adjust. The only adjustments you may need are on the battery itself, and they control the power up or down.

Every week or so, you will need to unscrew the tank and replace the heating element (atomizer) and replace it. These replacement atomizers are fairly cheap and are sold by the vendor you purchased your vape pen from.

It is important to understand that the atomizer has a direct effect on the taste and flavor you experience. An expired atomizer will make whatever flavor e-juice you are using taste burnt and nasty, so replace them as needed. We recommend buying plenty of them before you run out.

E-Juice In Vape Pens

Deciding on a e-juice is probably the hardest part of vaping. Like buying a hammer at Home Depot, you don't realize how many choice there are till you go to look for one. Luckily, we have a few pages that will help you find the perfect flavor and nicotine strength. You can use any e-juice in vape pens, so don't worry about buying a specific kind just for your device.

Our E-Juice Reviews Page will show you all the trusted juice vendors we recommend. There you will also be able to read what makes each vendor worthy of our praise. Once you select a vendor, you should be able to find a flavor that sound good to try. Many of these vendors have sample packs of e-juice that you can buy without spending too much.

Our Best E-Juice page has specific flavors we love that are grouped into popular categories. Looking for a real tobacco flavor, or a fruity flavor? This is where you can narrow-down your selection to just a few of the best flavors we have tried.

Tips and Tricks

  • Don't spend too much on a vape pen. Most of the best devices out there are under $60 for a complete kit. Some kits will be higher priced, but only consider these if they offer something different form the rest of them. For example, V2 sells a vape pen called the Pro Series 3x for $99, but it has the added feature of vaporizing not only e-liquid, but loose leaf herb and THC wax.
  • The bigger pen you get, the longer the battery will last. Keep this in mind as you don't want to find yourself with a dead battery mid-afternoon. You can charge it every night if you can make it through the day. For most vapers, buying two batteries is the best way to avoid a dead battery. Charge one while using the other.
  • If you are a heavy user, make sure you take notice of the pen's tank capacity. Filling it is easy, but frustrating if you have to do it every hour.
  • Look for USB charging abilities with your new pen. Many of the newer models have a micro USB port in the battery body that you plug into. Otherwise, you will have to remove the tank and screw the battery into a specific charger.
  • Find a color and style you like. There are so many colors and styles available that finding one that fits your personality is not hard. The more you like the looks of it, the less you will want to smoke.
  • Warranty is another thing to consider. It is true though, that most devices pens are only going to last a few month and not years. They are basically big rechargeable batteries and only have a certain number of recharges in their lifespan. A good pen should last you at least 6 months under normal use so make sure the vendor you buy from has some kind of warranty.

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