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Vape Mod Buying Guide For 2018

Kanger TOGO Mini Vape ModsThe term "Vape Mod" generally refers to any vaping device. But the name has become loosely used term for any electronic cigarette that does not resemble a conventional e-cigarette. When someone say the words "vape mod" or 'vape" they may be referencing any device in a large group of vapes. Typically the term vape mod refers to any vaping device within box mods, tube mods, or mini mod categories.

As the name suggests, Mods are modified electronic cigarette. They are some of the most powerful and satisfying vapes you can buy.

Back in the day, the term "mod" was used to describe any form of modification to the original e-cig by tinkerers and hackers. Flashlights and other household containers became the housing for these modified devices.  The vape industry noticed this and started producing bigger and more powerful e-cigs, commonly called "mods".

Of these modified vapes, mech mods (old-school unregulated mods) were the heavy hitters in the game. As new vapes evolved, and safety improved, mech mods were replaced with safer devices, that we use today. This due to the fact that mech mods have no power-regulating circuits and can be dangerous.

The amount of vapor that a these device types can generate will easily surpass any disposable, cig-a-like, vape pen, or a tobacco cigarette for that matter. Many heavy smokers are attracted to these popular vaporizers because they offer a battery that lasts all day and can fit a larger capacity e-juice tank than the vape pen style.

Vape Mod vs Vape Pen

The most notable feature of a vape mod is that the body is long like a vape pen, but much thicker to make room for bigger batteries. Larger batteries have two added advantages. You can not only vape longer, but with more power you are able to use more power at once to increase vapor production, maximizing the amount of flavor from your e-juice.

Another advantage vape mods have over vape pens is the thicker diameter of the mod body allows you more options of tanks. You can put a bigger tank on top that can carry more juice and last longer.

Parts of a Vape Mod

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The Battery

This is the one of the most important parts of the vape mod. The battery connects to the atomizer, heating it up. The bigger battery results in a stronger and more enjoyable vape. Unless the mod is very small, you can find a Lithium-ion 18650 rechargeable battery inside of it. These are easily available in electric stores. It is important to invest in high-quality batteries manufactured by the well-known brands as they tend to last longer and typically generate more power.

The Tank

The tank is the component of the vaporizer that serves as the storage compartment for the vape juice. No more using disposable e-juice cartridges like e-cigs do. Not only does this save money, but it also adds much more flexibility to your overall vaping experience.

It is interesting to note that the best vape tanks are often made of glass instead of plastic. The reason for this is because it allows the reservoir to store strong citrus or cinnamon based liquids that could otherwise create cracks in a plastic tank.

The Atomizer

Atomizers, also called coils, are the heating elements inside the tank. Atomizers are made of various metals that heat up using current from the battery, vaporizing the e-juice. Most tanks have prebuilt atomizers that come in different resistance levels and configurations. You choose the style of atomizer you want and screw it into the tank. Once installed, you fill the tank with your favorite e-juice and your all set to vape.

You will want to make sure the atomizer you are using is appropriate for the power setting you choose, always start out with lower watts or volts when using a new tank or changing out your atomizer. As the atomizer is primed (e-liquid saturating the coils), you can turn the power up to your desired levels. If you start too high, you can "burn" the atomizer, and the flavor will taste burnt for a long time, or you change out your atomizer.

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The Benefits of Using Vape Mods

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  • Regulated Power. Adjustable Watts and or Volts
  • Highly Customizable
  • Usually Has small LCD Screen
  • Larger, bigger battery/unit. Last Longer Between Charges
  • Perfect For Heavy Smokers
  • Removable Battery. Charge the Battery Separately
  • Most Options For The Least Amount of Effort

Personal Control

You are able to adjust the power levels of most vape mods to suit your personal tastes. This gives you complete control over how you vaporizer performs. The idea is to find your ideal intensity. Once you have done that, you can repeat the process every single time you change your e-juice flavor.

Vape mods are also smart devices in the sense that they can remember your previous settings. Therefore, you do not have to repeatedly find the right combination in order to replicate the perfect vaping experience.

The Convenient Replaceable Battery

As discussed previously, most vape mods come with replaceable batteries. The fact that it is replaceable allows you to vape along uninterrupted. Once you have run out of charge, all you have to do is replace the battery to continue vaping. This feature, however, is becoming less in demand as charging the device via USB is far more efficient and simply easier as many devices come with charging ports built in.

Bigger and Better Vapor

The purpose of all the changes that a vape mod brings to the table is the same; allow the user to have a better vaping experience. This is possible because the vape mod enables the vaporizer to extract more flavor from the vape juice. It does this job brilliantly most of the times and lets the user get the best out of their e-liquid.

What to Look for When Buying a Vape Mod?

There are certainly important factors you should look into before finalizing your selection. Reading reviews and educating yourself on the details of the different models is highly recommended. Here are some brief ideas of how you should proceed with your purchase:


It’s no surprise that the tube mod, with its simpler design and minimal use of electronics, is priced much lower than the many othe vapes out there. That being said, the price of the product heavily depends on the brand that you are buying and the materials use to build it.

If it is your first purchase, you may want to buy a mid-range product with the perfect specifications for you. Cheap products will mostly disappoint you while the high-end vape mods might be a little too much for you to handle in the early days.

Low-end mods are between $20-40, mid-range is around $40-$70, and high-end mods cost $70+. If you are getting a complete kit with batteries, tanks, and chargers, expect to pay about $20-$30 more than the prices just listed.

Usually, the more features and options you want, the higher the price goes. This is great news for anyone who just wants a basic vape mod!


The safety of the product is of extreme importance when you are evaluating any vaping device. Users should never compromise with the safety of a vape mod. They house high-capacity batteries and you should respect batteries and maintain them properly. Do not use batteries that are damaged, or if outer plastic covering the battery is torn or missing, you risk a disaster. This plastic wrapper covers the negative polarity of the battery preventing shorts and arcs.

Reputation of the Vendor

The vaporizer industry has been booming for quite some time. As a result, new manufacturers are entering the market at an unprecedented rate. With so many options available, it is important for consumers to place their trust in the right brand. Always go for vendors that have a solid reputation for selling high-quality vape mods. Most vendors have a reputation to uphold, so go for a know vendor that has a good customer support staff.

Build Quality

You need a high quality device with a solid body. Mods are heavy and when (not if) you drop them, they hit hard. Don't buy a flimsy mod! You should not overlook small features such as threading for the battery compartment or the position of the main button. A well-built mod will last much longer than three cheaply-made ones.

Online Reviews

Reading online reviews by users or experts is the key to finding the right product. These reviews provide in-depth information about these devices and how others feel about them. Learning from other people's mistakes is the best way to save your money and time. Vape reviews can sometimes tend to be too technical for average users, so if reviews overwhelm you, look for vape mod recommendations to keep it simple.


Vape mods are fat and sometimes ugly but ask anyone who uses one, and they will tell you they are worth the extra weight and effort. If the size and weight is an issue, have a look at the vape pen reviews on this page. They are smaller but still pack a punch over their disposable and cig-a-like counterparts.

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