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Vogue Box Mod

vogue mini mod in different colors
  • Vapor Production
  • Build Quality
  • Looks and Feel
  • Value
  • Ease Of Use
  • Battery Life


Great device for beginners who want to make a big jump into vaping or for those who use smaller vape pens and want more power, without the complication of worrying about settings and adjustments.

$39.99+ Device Only

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User Rating 4.33 (3 votes)


  • Very lightweight
  • No prior vaping experience needed
  • High battery effiecency 


  • No wattage adjustment
  • Small firing button

Best For

  • Beginner vapers
  • Intermediate vapers

Best Price $54.99 from Vapor4Life

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$59.95 from Vista Vapors

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Vapor4Life Box mod review

Vapor4Life is known for their Vapor Zeus, and that’s considered one of the best in the vape pen category. They recently released one of the most perfectly designed mods we’ve had the opportunity to review.

The Vogue 50w mini vape mod is perfect for the vaper who’s wanting to move into a more powerful device but without all the buttons and settings to worry about. This is one of the best mini vape mods that we are comfortable putting in the hands of a current smoker looking to get into vaping – thanks to its simplicity. One-button functionality with this one makes it a favorite among the IEC team.

The shape is very unique – with a grooved curve wrapping around the battery makes this box not only look sleek but makes using it effortlessly. The fire button is at the top, so you never find yourself searching for it. The LCD screen is right in the middle of the device and has a vibrant blue background that makes the white font very easy to read. “Pocket/purse friendly” is a great way to describe the Vogue.

50-watts of power to handle most vapers cravings – plenty for newer users. To hit 50-watts, the battery does have to be fully charged, and the wattage will drop as the battery dies down. I noticed during my use that the screen normally displayed “30.4” for its wattage output and this was still a very thick, tasty vape. Only did I notice a drastic vapor drop was when the battery was near dead. The voltage reading is a great way to gauge the battery life left (the manual covers this also) so when you press the button and the voltage displays when it gets near 2.3 its time to look for a charger. As a heavy vaper, I didn’t have a power issue till late into the night after vaping all day.

A really nice feature with this box is that you can use just about any tank – so if you own a tank already that you enjoyed using, you can pop it on, and the device will detect it and adjust the power settings automatically. For example – if you have a vape pen or a smaller vaporizer that had a 510 threaded tank (98.9% of them do) that you favored using, you can pop that on this mod. Another reason you might prefer this is if you simply aren’t into blowing big clouds (or at least in public) that come from using a sub-ohm tank. This feature is another great aspect for those moving up to a bigger device and doesn’t want to mess with a bunch of settings just to vape.

The Riptide tank that comes with this kit goes great with this mod. It compliments the size of the mod portion to the T and is very well built. I have yet to have any leakage after a few weeks of usage, and the two-sided airflow helps bring out the flavor of the juice, equal to tanks twice its size.

In The Box50watt box mods under $100

  • 1 Vogue Box Mod
  • 1 Mini Riptide Tank
  • 1 Charging Cable
  • 1 Bottle of Ultimo Vapor e Juice (30mL)

Mini Tank:

  • Threading: 510 Coil
  • Vertical Resistance: 0.5
  • ohmCapacity:2mLHeight: 2.63
  • inWidth: 0.75 in
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Compatibility: Works with 510 threaded devices with power output between 15 – 50 Watts.


Final Word

box mods for beginnersThe Vogue box mod is easily one of our favorite mini vape mods so far. With its awesome design and ridiculous simplicity, we had a hard time finding any big knocks against this one. The all-day battery and well built Riptide tank that’s in this kit really make it one of the best starter kits to date. Limited to black and red finishes is kind of a let down as I personally prefer all chrome/stainless steel but luckily red and black are very popular colors.

The best pro is the size and the overall look of such a well-designed device. Another major plus I noticed with this device is the delivery system is nice and smooth. Most box mods, once you hit the trigger is get ready for a blast, but not with the Vogue, at least not with the Riptide tank that came in this kit. I rarely have used a different tank with this mod to keep the review in line with the whole kit since most new vapers won’t have 10-20 different tanks to swap out with.  With the Vogue, once you hit the trigger its delivers in a very controlled speed and not forced.

The price for this kit is another huge plus and definitely helped to make the top of our list. We look for and review kits that will help smokers transition into vaping easier or those moving up to bigger vaping devices. This is a great kit that new vapers should look at and veterans wanting a simpler device for traveling with or a reliable backup.

No temperature control – but this device isn’t for the hardcore vapors out there. Charge time from dead to full was about 2 hours, but the 2500mAh battery easily got me through the day – and I simply charged it before going to bed. If I forgot to charge it the passthrough ability helped as long as I was on my laptop or in the car. The charge port is in a good spot (near the bottom), but the actual plug-in goes in upside down – the opposite of most micro USB devices. Lack of color options.

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