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Innokin Smartbox

5 Innokin Smartbox mini vapes with tanks
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The term "great for beginners" gets labeled with many devices, but there's no better adjective to describe this tiny box mod. This extremely small box mod adjusts automatically to the coil you attach and there's only one button. The only way to make this easier is if it filled itself! Coming in under $26, we have yet to find a better complete vape kit for those on a budget.



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The Innokin SmartBox is perfect for those in search of power, ease of use, and have a tiny budget!  Innokin’s stealth-vaping device, considered one of the best mini vape mods to use to date.  This vaping device is awesome for beginners, as well as experienced vapers who are trying to find another box for stealth vaping.

This Innokin SmartBox is tiny and very easy to operate. Once the preferred atomizer is screwed in ( 1.2 for mouth-to-lung or 0.5 for direct lung vaping), the box mod automatically finds the resistance and selects the most suitable wattage. Knowledgeable vapers who love to modify and upgrade their vaping experience will not be enthused by this; however, people who like simple things will consider it one of the best box mods. This is one of the simplest mods because there are few menus to follow, and it is plug-and-play. The Smartbox has no LCD screen,  so the only way to determine what your vaping at is simply by the senses of the throat, helping this kit be perfect for the “fill-it and forget it” fans.

This Innokin SmartBox device needs one high amp 18650 battery, which is sold separately to the device. The battery is easy to replace by using the battery cap cover, however, it did take me a few times to get the threads down – I definitely cussed at it the first couple times. Also sold separately is an external battery charger, which is also required as this device has no USB port for charging ( one of my few gripes). The power button LED reflects the remaining power, and the green/white LED at the base displays the current wattage mode.

This starter kit now has the iSub tank series, which is in high demand and is small enough to blend with the SmartBox. Box mod reviews show that the iSub V can hold 2ml, and the remainder of the e-Liquid is clearly seen in the combination glass and stainless steel housing. It is easy to fill the iSub V through the top. It also has an adjustable airflow valve. The starter kit contains one (1) tank band, spare O-rings and three (3) iSub Kanthal atomizer heads. The iSub V only holds 2ml but thanks to the makeup of the tank/atomizer it did not burn my juice as quickly as I thought it would.

As one of the best box mods in the “tiny” category, the Innokin SmartBox only works with Stainless Steel or Kanthal atomizer heads. The Innokin SmartBox does not work with temperature control coils such as Titanium or Nickel.

This box mod is simple and practical. After installing the 18650 battery, the device is turned on with three (3) clicks of the power button. Then add the atomizer and start vaping. This mod has a control for “automatic intelligent wattage” which controls the wattage. There is an LED indicator marked “MTL/DTL” on the bottom face of the box mod which illuminates according to the level of resistance from the atomizer, which reflects the vape style that the mod will take on. Box mod reviews reflect that while using more than one tank, the atomizer functions perfectly in detecting the resistance, and the power sent into the coils matches well with the level of resistance. I also used a Joyetech Cubis tank with a .5 atomizer and it worked very well.

This starter kit comes with a flat bore – similar to that of a black and mild cigar type design. This is an awesome addition, especially for those who still smoke as it really drives the hit deeper into the lungs – I found myself popping this off and using with other tanks.

With Innokin having a solid track record,  its safe to say the Innokin SmartBox is manufactured with long-lasting quality components and is a solidly built device. It feels awesome in the hand and thanks to its miniature size you can pocket this one easily.  The wattage mode is reflected by the green/white LED on the base, and the remaining power is indicated by the power button LED.

The iSub V tank is highly ranked among other online reviews primarily due to its system for no spill coil swap. Therefore, it is easy to change the coils without spillage. The coil just has to be slid from the base and the new one is easily inserted.

Key Features:

Coil resistance is automatically detected and optimum output for wattage
Output wattage max of 45w
Range of 0.35ohm-3.5ohm coil resistance
Output current max of 10A
4.2v maximum output voltage
One 18650 battery needed
Current wattage and power level via LED displayInnokin Smartbox in handInnokin Smartbox Kit contents
Protection from reverse polarity
Cut off of 15 seconds
Warning for low voltage
Protection from short circuit
Includes iSub V tank
Controls to adjust airflow
Capacity of 2ml
Easy coil swap system
Mouth – lung and direct – lung
Fill at the top

Kit Contents:
One (1) Innokin Smartbox
1 Innokin iSub V tank
Two (2) 0.5ohm iSub coil head
One (1) 1.2ohm iSub coil head
One (1) Spare delrin drip tip for mouth to lung vaping
One (1) Vape band
One (1) pack of spare o-rings

* Lightweight
* Easy to utilize
* Quick response from the Board
* Looks sophisticated
* New Innokin logo on device

* 45W limit

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