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Cuboid Lite Kit Review

Cuboid Lite mini vapes on wet stone
  • Vapor Production
  • Build Quality
  • Looks and Feel
  • Ease Of Use
  • Battery Life


Joyetech continues to push the vaping envelope and their latest mod - The Cuboid Lite - does not disappoint! This kit comes with one of the best vape tanks - the Exceed - helping this vape kit to make our favorites list.

$57.99+ Complete Kit



  • Best for light to medium vapers
  • Packed with features 
  • High quality tank


  • Slippery body
  • Gets warm vaping over 70w

Best For

  • Intermediate vapers
  • Vapor enthusiasts

Best Price $57.99 from MyFreedomSmokes

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$89.99 from  Joyetech (vendor direct)

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Mini vape Cuboid Lite

Joyetech has been pushing the envelope recently evident from the release of their Cuboid Pro featuring the ProCore Aries tank which sported a high-resolution color screen amidst a plethora of unique features not seen in other devices.

Now it seems they’ve done it again with their latest mini mod, the Cuboid Lite which uses the same great display, in an even more compact form factor. The Cuboid Lite kit comes bundled with the brand spanking new EXCEED D22 sub-ohm tank which has a one of a kind feature that lets you vape in either MTL (mouth to lung) or DL (direct lung) mode.

Factoring in the more than adequate 3000mAh internal LiPo battery, the Cuboid Lite looks to be a promising choice for both beginners and intermediate users.

Easily one of the smaller designs to come from Joyetech, but unlike other tiny vapes, this mod gives the user a wide variety of options. For those looking for a small vape but still allowing you to adjust each setting to your liking, the Cubiod Lite is a must see.


Checking Out The Kit

Joyetech Cuboid Lite Kit Review

This kit comes with:

  • Cuboid Lite
  • EXCEED D22 atomizer
  • 1 EX 0.5ohm Direct Lung coil head
  • 1 EX 1.2ohm MTL coil head
  • one spare glass tank which holds 3.5ml of eliquid
  • a micro USB cable used for charging the device and upgrading the firmware
  • the standard issue user manual and a warranty card

Also, the EXCEED tank comes pre-installed with a 2ml glass tank making it TPD compliant as well.

Build Quality & Overall Feel

Taking the Cuboid Lite out of the box, the first thing I noticed was how tiny the mod was. Measuring out to a very portable 26mm*41mm*114mm including the tank, it’s definitely a very pocketable device. The mod weighs out to 186 grams which helps give it a nice solid feel in the hand but without making the device too heavy or cumbersome to hold and carry even on extended vaping sessions.

The front and back portions of the Cuboid Lite are constructed mainly out of plastic while the sides use zinc alloy. I don’t have any qualms regarding Joyetech’s decision to use plastic on this device since using glass might make the mod less resistant to drops. The front of the Cuboid Lite is where you’ll find the crisp 1.45 inch TFT color display which shows you everything there is to know about the status of the device such as current wattage or temperature, remaining battery life, resistance meter, voltage, and how many amps are being used when firing the mod. Off to the side is the micro USB port used for charging or upgrading the firmware of the device.

The top of the device features a high-quality stainless steel 510 connection which works perfectly with the EXCEED tank, sitting flush and making a flawless connection with the atomizer. A firing bar is used to activate the mod, which is located off to the side making the actual firing of the device intuitive and comfortable with its excellent tactile response.

As for the aesthetics, the Cuboid Lite looks just like a tiny brother of its predecessor, the Cuboid Pro which is a good thing. The Cuboid Lite features an ergonomic and streamlined design bereft of any sharp or boxy edges, giving the device a very smooth feel making it comfortable to hold and use.

Vaping Performance

Even with the vast number of vape tanks in the market, the EXCEED manages to stand out thanks to its unique ability to vape in both MTL or DL mode which it accomplishes through its fully adjustable single airflow design located at the base of the tank. Both the MTL and DL coils work great, offering full flavor and satisfying vapor production.

The driptip used by the EXCEED is a standard 510 making it easy for you to swap it out with any 510 drip tip that you prefer. Depending on the glass tank you use, the atomizer holds up to 2ml or 3.5ml of liquid and refilling the tank is a breeze thanks to the top fill ports accessed by simply twisting the top cap of the EXCEED off.

The Cuboid Lite fires up to a maximum of 80 watts and features all the advanced vaping mods such as temperature control, preheat, and TCR mode, making it a great option even if you aren’t a beginner.

Another feature which I love about this device is its unique Power Limit mode which I haven’t seen on other devices yet. What it does is let you set the upper and lower wattage limits for a certain resistance which means that you’ll never accidentally fire the device at a wattage that is too high (effectively burning out the coil) which is extremely helpful for those who tend to forget to lock or power their devices off when storing.

The 3000mAh internal battery works great and is fully capable of powering the device for a entire day’s worth of vaping and charging it back up is done in a jiffy thanks to its 2 amp charging rate, meaning you’ll be spending less time waiting for your device to charge and more time vaping.


Overall the Cuboid Lite kit is a very compelling option for a mini vape mod. It looks great, fits virtually anywhere, and supports both MTL and DL coils which are great regardless of what type of vaper you are. It’s ample sized battery and quick charging mean you’ll experience very limited downtime with this mod. And while it’s predecessor, the Cuboid Pro came with a pedometer function, its great to see Joyetech implementing new features into their devices which are actually useful for the average vaper. This can be seen in the Cuboid Lite’s ingenious Power Limit mode which in my opinion should be a feature in all regulated devices.

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