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Atopack Dolphin Review

dolphin vape pod
Joyetech continues to dominate when producing new and easy-to-use vapes. The Dolphin is their latest in the new category of "Vape Pods".
  • Vapor Production
  • Build Quality
  • Looks and Feel
  • Value
  • Ease Of Use
  • Battery Life


For beginners who do not want to constantly refill their tank - this is a must try. Plenty of power (40watts) and a solid battery life, the Dolphin is a staple of the innovation from Joyetech!



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For absolute beginners to the world of vaping, it can be a daunting task getting your first mod. Do you get an entry-level starter kit or go the full nine 9 yards and spring for a more advanced device? A starter kit might be easier to use but you might soon find yourself wanting more performance out of the kit while a fully fledged variable wattage device might be too complicated for beginners to vaping.

Enter the Atopack Dolphin from Joyetech. An easy-to-use and powerful mini vape that serves as the perfect middle ground between starter kits and advanced box mods. Released as the successor to the successful and well-reviewed Atopack Penguin, the Dolphin promises to deliver the same satisfactory vaping performance with an improved design that makes filling up the tank a lot easier. Let’s dive down into the nitty-gritty of the device below.

Kit Contents

Unboxing the Atopack Dolphin will reveal the standard Joyetech packaging where all the contents are neatly placed. Each kit contains one:

  • Atopack Dolphin battery (this is bottom portion of the device)
  • Atopack Dolphin cartridge (this is the translucent black piece which also serves as the mouthpiece)
  • Atopack JVIC3 coil rated at 1.2ohms, one Atopack JVIC2 coil rated at 0.25 ohms
  • a USB cable used for charging the Dolphin
  • a quick start guide, a warranty card, a warning card that explains the do’s and dont’s of the device, and lastly some spare sparts which include the silicone mouthpiece and an extra silicone gasket.

Build Quality & Aesthetics

Sharing a similar teardrop form factor with its predecessor, the Atopack Penguin, the Dolphin leans towards a more streamlined look with more curves and fewer corners and sharp edges that subtly represent the abstract form of a dolphin.

The Atopack Dolphin is available in a wide variety of colors such as Full Black, White/Black, Blue/Black, Orange/Black, and Yellow/Black. The Dolphin uses a frame constructed primarily out of a high-grade glossy plastic which is great for keeping the weight down to a low 91 grams total. The streamlined shape makes it exceedingly easy to store in pockets as it doesn’t have any edges or corners that might potentially snag. The tight tolerances on the construction provide a solid hand feel that doesn’t rattle when the device is moved about resulting in a satisfactory experience when using and holding the device.Dolphin vape pod tank

The large and slightly protruding oval-shaped fire button offers a satisfying click upon very press providing a great tactile response whenever firing the mod. While the Dolphin doesn’t have a screen, it makes proper use of 5 LED indicator lights towards the bottom of the mod to effectively show when the device is firing, and how much charge the battery has left.

The Dolphin uses a non-swappable 2200mAh internal LiPo battery which can be charged via the micro USB port located on the front of the device. The Dolphin also supports 2 amp quick charging guaranteeing that even when the battery eventually runs out, topping it up is quick with very little downtime.

Vaping Performance

In terms of ease-of-use and accessibility for beginners to vaping, it’s hard to top the Dolphin. When taking the device out of the box for the first time, simply pop the transparent black top off which holds the eliquid chamber and coil head, remove the dummy coil and take note of its position so you’ll know the proper orientation when popping the actual coil head in. A porthole opens to the side letting you easily fill the pod with a whopping 6ml of e-liquid, after filling the pod wait for 5 minutes to let the eliquid saturate and then you’re done and ready to start vaping!

As for the coil heads themselves, Joyetech has gone and done all the beginners out there a massive favor by including 2 different coil heads with the kit. The first one is a 0.25 ohm direct lung coil which produces a lot more vapor with an open airflow design for an unrestricted draw when taking a puff. The second coil is rated at 1.2 ohms which delivers a mouth to lung vape, similar to smoking a conventional tobacco cigarette or disposable e-cig. The restricted airflow condenses the flavor which means you’ll be getting the same amount of flavor despite the lack of airflow, although it’s important to note at this point that you’ll need an eliquid with a higher nicotine content if you want to effectively use the 1.2 ohm MTL coil. Both coil heads are housed using a ceramic casing that helps keep the flavor crisp and fresh even after extended use.

I’ve found that included coils lasted about a week or two depending on the frequency of use before I noticed that flavor and vapor production started to drop. This is above par in terms of quality since most coil heads tend to degrade after just 5-7 days of frequent use.

Another thing I like about the Atopack Dolphin is that the pods use a silicone gasket at the bottom to form a leak-free design so you can rest easy about storing the Dolphin in your bag or purse without worrying if eliquid will spill out. A silicone mouthpiece is also included with the kit which is great for a more comfortable mouth feel when vaping. Each pod comes with a blank sticker label attached so you can easily mark and identify the eliquid contents of each pod.


The Atopack Dolphin is the perfect mini vape starter kit for beginners who are looking for a device that’s simple and easy to use, while also delivering the same performance of more advanced devices that are geared toward intermediate users. The build quality is solid all throughout, the 2200mAh battery easily lasts for an entire of regular use not to mention the 2-amp quick charging that provides a hassle-free charging experience. Combining all of that with the high-quality coil heads and the massive 6ml eliquid capacity of the Dolphin, you’ve got a solid performer that should satisfy all nicotine cravings and will hopefully serve as the final replacement for tobacco cigarettes.

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