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Best Mini Vapes For 2018

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How to Find The Perfect Mini Vape

For those wanting more power out of their vape device without giving into a bigger device, the mini vape mod is your best bet. This category of vapes developed from the progression in the vaping industry of creating a way to get more power into a more travel-friendly design. The mini mod is the best of both vaping worlds - plenty of power in a small package.

The Wide Range of Mini Mods

These smaller box mod style vapes come with many different designs and wattage capabilities. Some of the smaller designs are the size of a lighter and have tanks built into them internally, others are simply box modes - shrunken down - and can be hidden entirely in your hand. With wattage ranges from 15w to 100w there is something for just about anyone. Along with these wattage ranges comes simple one-button mods to the more detailed advanced vape models.

Pros and Cons

Mini mods have plenty of pros about them but like any device, it's going to have a few drawbacks - here are few major points to keep in mind when purchasing your first mini mod:

Pros:  Size - Pocket-Friendly - Quick Recharge - Cost

Cons:  Small Tank - Short Battery Life

Best of Both Worlds

Not quite as easy to use as a vape mod but not as techy as a box mod - the best mini-mods will give you a little of both. With the smaller designs, most will have a screen but it is going to be smaller - along with buttons being closer together. The flip side of this is you're still getting plenty of power and the ability to use multiple style vape tanks. Mini mods can either be charged via usb or they may have a battery that needs to be charged separately (rare). The tanks that come with certain mini-mods (in a kit) tend to stick with the small-stature design and hold 2-3ml of juice.


It's rare to find a mini-mod - even a complete kit - outside the one-hundred dollar range. This is also the one category of vaping devices that can fall under $30 and still be of a high quality. Reading reviews is the most important aspect when looking for a great mini-mod, as their prices are usually competitive. The possible added cost to consider - buying an extra tank.

Best Mini Mods

Reactor Mini

$60.00 Kit W/ 30ml Juice
Reactor Mini Vape Mod

Vapor Production 90%
Build Quality 90%
Functionality 95%
Value 95%

Vogue Mini

$64.99 Kit W/ 30ml Juice
Vogue Mini Mod

Vapor Production 90%
Build Quality 85%
Functionality 70%
Value 90%

Cuboid Lite

$89.99 Kit
Cuboid Lite mini vape mod

Vapor Production 90%
Build Quality 70%
Functionality 80%
Value 70%

Mini Vape Reviews

Reactor Mini Mod Kit


Power and looks all in a tiny package. The Reactor Mini with the Reactor tank is a perfect combo of everything you want in a great mini mod kit. Toss in a free bottle of juice and you are set! Easy top pick here and our highest recommended mini.

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Vogue Box Mod


The Vogue is the best "in-hand" device we've ever reviewed. The design of this vape mod is extremely unique and for its size, the vapor output is just awesome. A great sub-ohm mini vape thanks to its one-button function. Best for beginners.

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Cuboid Lite Kit Review


The Cuboid Lite w/ Exceed tank comes complete with everything needed to get started. With a massive easy-to-read display, pocket-friendly design, and 80watts of power, this box mod is awesome!

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Mini Volt 40W Mod by Council of Vapor


The Mini Volt 40W mod from Council of Vapor is a powerful mini vape mod, packed in an unassuming, and surprisingly small little package. The Mini Volt, paired with the Mini Vengeance Tank Atomizer, is a great set up for anyone looking for a little mod that can give you more power per square inch than most other devices on the market. The Mini Volt...

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iCare Mini Starter Kit


This newer version of the popular eLeaf iCare is a bit smaller and gives us multiple charging options compared to the older model. Anyone who has been vaping for more than a few years will recall those old cig a likes that were activated without a button for firing up the battery. In place, these devices had a switch automatically activated by...

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Atopack Dolphin Review


For absolute beginners to the world of vaping, it can be a daunting task getting your first mod. Do you get an entry-level starter kit or go the full nine 9 yards and spring for a more advanced device? A starter kit might be easier to use but you might soon find yourself wanting more performance out of the kit while a fully fledged variable...

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Innokin Smartbox


Extremely small in size, shockingly large vapor production, and an awesome price tag for a complete kit - the Smartbox is a great starter box mod.

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Vaporesso Target Mini 40w Box Mod Kit


Vaporesso has recently released one of the most unique box mods to date. The Target Mini 40w is truly a must-see thanks to this box being jam-packed full of innovative features that will help keep this one apart from the rest for awhile to come. If you are looking for a mod that can do it all but is SMALL - this is it!

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