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Wismec 228W Predator Vape Mod

Wismec 228W Predator TC Box Mods
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The Predator by Wismec is very powerful box mod that offers up not just a ton of power with its 228 watts but an easy-to-find side firing button makes vaping effortless. Upgradeable firmware makes this box mod a device that can last for years.



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Wismec Predator 228w by Sinuous Design

Wismec  Predator 228w Box Mod Review

This is a high wattage mod which has been designed for Sinuous designs. The clean design is really attractive to a lot of people. The Wismec Predator 228 W vape mod is normally powered by two batteries which are 18650. There is also another side button which is hidden. This side button is the press fire activation. This can hit as much as 228 watts. Predator Box mode also contains a chipset which is the really high end and be Wismec also.

The charging cable gives it the capability to get upgraded just via the firmware. The mod is available in two colors that are black and white. So if you are a guy liking the basic colors along with the stylish design, this is one mod you can really consider buying.

To get the really long lasting and user-friendly sub ohm experience, the Wismec 228W Predator vape mod makes sure to deliver the exact results. This vape mod not only looks sleep but also comes with an inch of 0, 96 completely OLED screens. This screen displays all the necessary modes and the setting, so it is really easy for the use4rs to select manually. The chipset is really advanced compared to the other vape mods in the market.

If you have been vaping for a long time and so if you are an advanced vaper, this is a product just for you as this can do all. You think it; you get it. OLED screen inch of 0.96 has been designed to display the temperature which can be adjusted, the output voltage and wattage, the mode in which the vape is being operated, the material, etc. the atomizer resistance, battery life of indicator and output current are also shown. So expect all the information regarding the mod to be present on that OLED screen. To prevent its users from reading the screen upside down, the screen rotates. This is a complete innovation for the modern mods, and this product is a value for money.


It has a 510 threading, the wattage is of 1W to 228 watts, and the firmware is upgradable. Colors available are silver and black. Judging by the style of the product, silver and black are really good options for users who want their mods to look smart. The dimensions are 3.37 inches by 1.75 inches.

The mod comes along with micro USB charger cable so that the device can be charged fast once it gets drained. 18650 battery chargers should be used to charge the two batteries that are needed to get this mod going.

The LED Display
The LED display is placed in the center and designed so that all users find it really comfortable to read things like the battery meter and mode. There are also various push control buttons for wismec predator box mod reviewadjusting wattage and the temperature, and this is found right on the underside of the LED screen. The Predator 228 has been designed just for you if you want to have a vape which is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

The Replaceable Batteries
The batteries are, as already stated two 18650 ones which can be replaced easily. The output is of 228watts which is good enough for a person who has been smoking for a long time. This product is definitely a value for money as it comes with a tank and everything else for just 70 dollars. None of the other products in the market can provide with this many features at this price.

This premium mod comes along with a mini USB port so that the device can be charged really fast. For the full battery charge to be effective, you can simply remove the two batteries from the device and charge them up externally. With the RC adaptor, you can use the predator 228 to give power to other devices. The best part of this device is that you can adjust all the settings including wattage and temperature according to your day to day needs.

The temperature can be set to any range measuring from 200 Fahrenheit to 600 Fahrenheit depending on the kind of liquid that you plan to use for your tank.

Precautions While Using The Product

Make sure to read the entire instruction manual before you start using the mod. Rechargeable batteries might burst so use them with caution. Lithium-ion batteries are really sensitive to the charging, and the circumstances so proper care should be taken while handling it. The user should have the minimum knowledge of the batteries while using the mod to prevent any accident.
Thus this is a really nice product which you can definitely consider buying if you are looking for something small, stylish, which fits the budget and also gives professional level vaping experience. Safe to use around the child with the child lock system and along with the numerous mode settings this one is sure to blow your mind. So start creating massive smoke rings with this amazing predator 228 mod.

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