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The iPV 4S 120W TC MOD

The iPV 4S Box mods in silver and black
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Pioneer4You is very well known for being one of the more innovative box mod producers, thanks to a solid reputation. The iPV 4S is arguably the best mod they have ever made. Coming with plenty of power for the most hardcore vapers (120 watts), the iPV4S has the ability to fire atomizers to .10ohms, and has enough room for 2 18650 batteries.

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IPV 4S 120w TC Box Mod

The latest from Pioneer4you is the iPV4S 120w temperature control box mod. (For anyone who owns the IPV 4 – you can skip this review as the two devices are practically the same.) The prior model (4) is very popular with the vaping community, so it made sense that Pioneer4you took advantage of this, beefed up a new model and released it to the masses.

Extremely similar in design, the biggest difference is the newer 4s goes to 120w and can use a titanium coil. Thankfully iPV four users can now update their older four models software and get the same new features of the 4s. Is this a shady move by Pioneer4you? Maybe but this little company called Apple does the same thing ever six to ten months and for obvious reasons, but at least you don’t have to stand in line for these devices.

The new 4s goes up to 100 joules now, but this is not a huge deal because most can vape at 50 joules with about the same results. Maybe down the road as atomizers become more advanced, this little feature might be a massive game changer but for now it is not.

Well, this didn’t start off as a glowing review of this vape, but there is a reason it’s on our short list. As with most devices in this day and age, newer is usually better, faster and stronger. And this 4s box mod easily fits in with these attributes and is one of the best mods we have used this year. The 4 was a very solid device, but the small tweaks made to the updated model has helped in putting this leaps and bounds above other devices in its class.  The vapor output and massive battery, along with a sturdy design make this one tough to beat for the box mod category of devices under $100.


In The Box

  • 1 x iPV 4S 120W Box MOD
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x USB Cable for Software Updates OnlyiPV 4S Temp Control Mod reviewed

Specs & Features:

  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Body
  • YiHi SX330-V4SL Chipset
  • 10 – 120W Output Wattage
  • 5 – 50J (Ni200 Nickel)
  • 5 – 100J (Ti Titanium)
  • 100 – 300°C
  • 212 – 572°F
  • Output Voltage: 1.0 – 7.0V
  • 0.1 – 3.0ohm Minimum Kanthal Built Atomizer Resistance
  • 0.12 – 1.0ohm Minimum Ni200 Nickel and Ti Titanium Built Atomizer Resistance
  • Full magnetic door
  • Utilizes 2 x 18650 batteries (Sold Separately)
  • Reverse Polarity/ Battery Low Voltage/ Low Resistance/ Temperature Overheat/ Short-Circuit Protection

The rubbery/plastic cover that slips off the battery casing is one of the one best features with this mod as it allows you to get to your batteries quickly without unscrewing anything and simplifying the battery swap process. This is very snug once its put back on and nothing rattles.  Keep in mind the USB cord it comes with is only for updating any software, not for charging.

Final Word

IPV 4S box mod As mentioned earlier, this was a pretty basic redesign on the previous model but the small additions were enough to justify a new release in my opinion. This newer model did remove a small charging port in the back of the device that wasn’t ever used and was a slight hazard if you were using a dripper atomizer as you could get juice in it if you weren’t careful.

With the new temp control, there is no mistaking the warmer vapes, more flavor out of any e-juice you’re using and the amount of control the device gives you overall. One drawback, however, is when setting the joules to a specific temp, the device tends to override your setting and moves to next lower set amount after your first hit. This should be an easy software fix, and I would be surprised if we don’t see it soon (and not another a newer model!). Besides that minor issue, the amount of power you can get from this device and still squeeze out long battery durations between charges makes the iPV 4S one you have to check out.

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