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Ocular Box Mod Review

Ocular C Vape Box Mod
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The Ocular Box Mod by Joyetech is a huge step forward in evolving your vape mod into more than just a vape. MP3 player - phone app functionality - step counter - lighting fast touchscreen - and power-hungry vapers will not be disappointed thanks to its 200w capability!


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Ocular C Vape Mod Review: Is It As Good As It Sounds?

The variety of vaping mods that are being sold in the market has increased tremendously over the last few years. Hence, it has become very important for vaper to be well informed about the product before they decide to spend their money on it.

For today’s review, we are looking at Joyetech’s Ocular C vape mod. The Ocular C is a fully functional contemporary vaping device. Its appeal lies in its variable wattage and temperature control settings. In addition to that, the Ocular C is a touch screen mod that will store photos and MP3 music files. What’s more is that it helps you track your daily activity with a pedometer and helps you keep tabs on your vaping habits.

So far, this product sounds like a must buy vaping device for those who want their vape to do more than just vape. But you cannot be sure of that unless you look into the specifics. Read on to learn more about the Ocular C from Joyetech. (Video at the bottom of review)

What Is Inside the Box?

A well packaged vaping device

• A micro USB charger (upgrade cable)

•A comprehensive instruction manual for the less experienced users

• A warranty card

• A battery safety card.

There isn’t a lot more that you could expect to find inside the box. However, it would have been nice if Joyetech had bundled in a pair of earphones with the device since the audio feature is a major selling point for this product of theirs.

Top Features

The features of the Ocular C are pretty much the same as that of any contemporary vaping device. For detailed information on the individual features, you can visit Joyetech’s official website where they have done a brilliant job of explaining the product to their visitors. Here’s a quick look at some of the mentionable features of the Ocular C

It has an output power of 1w-150w. This can be raised to 200w with an upgrade.

• A 1.68 inch TFT capacitive touch screen.

• Temperature Control options (Ni/Ti/SS/TCR)

• Powered by two 18650 batteries

• It has a resistance rating of 0.1-0.35 (VW) and 0.05-1.5 (TC)

• The device is predominantly made up of stainless steel

• The product is available in 3 colors

• The product dimensions are: 91.5 x 45 x 32 mm

Design and Build Quality

There are no complaints about the build quality of the Ocular C. It is pretty much as “premium” as it can get for a product that is priced at $67. They have used high-quality stainless steel for the exterior surface of the device which gives you a nice feel when you hold it in your hands. Vaping mods are all about enhancing the overall vaping experience. You can never enjoy a vape if you are holding something that does not feel too comfortable in your palms.

Despite the premium build of the product, it is not exactly the most well-designed product in the market. The main reason for that is because its weight is a slight issue. Most users would agree that the product is a little bit heavier than it should be. It weighs a total of 350 grams with a pair of batteries.

At the top of the Ocular C, you will find a 510 connector that has a springy positive pin. This looks quite beautiful and is very similar to the 510 on the Reuleaux RX 200. It is strong enough to hold 25mm atomizers without any overhang.

The front side of the Ocular C is where things get really interesting. You have a large black panel where the touch screen is located. This touch screen is intended to provide you with the basic information and controls that you need to operate the mod and luckily the touchscreen is extremely fast in response time.

You will find the fire button on the right side of the product. On the left, you have the micro USB charging port and the 3.5mm headphone jack.

The battery valve is located at the bottom of the Ocular C and is reinforced with a spring loaded clip. The battery valve has holes for heating and cooling which shows that the manufacturers have put a great deal of thought into designing the product.

If you are a right handed user who likes to use the thumb to fire the vape, then you are going to have a great time using this product. This is because the fire button is well within your finger’s reach and you don’t have to move your thumb much to adjust the settings on the touch screen.

That being said, things can get a little difficult if you are using the product with your left hand. You would need to use your index finger to fire up the device as your palm may come into contact with the touch screen and change the settings at random. Also, given the design of the product, finger firing it may not exactly be the most convenient way of getting your vape session started.

Overall, it would be fair to say that the design of the product is unlikely to disappoint most users and is quite impressive from an aesthetic point of view.

Touch Screen Sensitivity and Functions

The touch screen on the Ocular C is not the best by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, if you have never used a high-end box mod vape with a touch screen before, it is going to take you a while to get used to operating this device.

The good news is that the screen is brightly lit, colorful and is wide enough for you to move your thumb across it with ease. It displays the time and battery level, the mode that you are in as well as the wattage, temperature, resistance and voltage at which the device is running.

The primary concern that users have with touch screen controls on vaping devices is that it is very easy for them to accidentally change the wattage or the temperature. This can be easily prevented by the Ocular C as it automatically locks the touch screen as soon as you press the fire button. The different options that you can view through the touch screen include

Step counterOcular mod specs

• Calender

• MP3 Player

• Device settings

The TC, TCR, and Wattage can be adjusted with the help of a few simple steps.

If you want to change the TC and TCR modes, slide your finger across the screen from right to left or vice versa. The available TC modes will pop up on the screen.

• If you are looking to change the temperature, all you have to do is press the + or – symbol on the screen.

• To change the wattage in TC mode, you have to click on the W button. This is positioned at the bottom right.

• Click on the ohm symbol on the touch screen if you want to lock the resistance in TC mode.


Firmware Upgrade

If you feel that the responsiveness of the touchscreen and the usefulness of some of the basic functions are not satisfactory, then you should opt for a firmware upgrade right after purchasing the Ocular C. The upgrade is extremely helpful as it immediately improves the usability of the touchscreen. Instructions on how to upgrade are clearly mentioned in the user manual that comes with the device inside the box.

The Gimmicky Side of the Ocular C

As mentioned before, the Ocular C is equipped with an MP3 player, a pedometer, and a photo gallery. If your sole interest is to have a great vape, then these features may not necessarily add much to the value of the product. However, they can certainly make the vaping experience more enjoyable. There aren’t too many people out there who would mind listening to their favorite tracks while vaping to their heart’s consent.

That being said, the MP3 player and the pedometer inside the Ocular C are not exactly world class and are more of a gimmick than actual, functional features. You can upload only about 50 music tracks and 100 pictures at a decent resolution. You can use these pictures as screensavers, but it is better if you don’t as they tend to hide the information on the touch screen.

It is also worth mentioning that playing music on the Ocular C isn’t going to help you save the battery life of the device. The music drains the batteries out quite quickly, so you may want to avoid playing those tracks when you intend to vape for long hours.

Performance Notes

i) The device seems to be most effective when used at the 50w level. You can take it up to 200w, but it is better to remain below 150w. This is because the extremely high wattage compromises the flavor of the vape juice and gives you an inhale that’s a little too hot for comfort.

ii) In terms of performance, what really stands out about this device is the temperature control. Under normal circumstances, it passes the dry cotton burn test with flying colors.

iii) The battery life is average, to say the least for a dual 18650 device. This means that you can use it for 2 whole days before needing a fresh replacement.

Pros and Cons


Looks like a premium product

• Fits nicely into the palm for right-handed users

• Widescreen size

• Easy to follow instructions on using the touchscreen

*0.1 Ohm atomizer capability

• Can charge batteries separately or use the USB port


Too many additional or gimmicky features

• Not the best product for left-handed users

• Heavier than other mods in this category

• The 3.5mm audio jack should have been placed at the top instead of being at the bottom.
Final Verdict

The Joyetech Ocular C is a great product for $79. Users are not going to have a difficult time vaping with it and some may actually have a bit of fun with the mp3 feature. If this was any other vendor I would be very hesitant to recommend this one but Joyetech simply makes great devices. The Ocular C is another one of their solid devices that falls into this category – even if all the other “extra” features aren’t your thing, the vaping portion of this beast is easily worth a look.

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