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Heatvape Invader 50w Mini Box Mod

Invader Box Mod vaporizer
Heatvape delivers up a rare feature found in vape mods: durabilty. This temperture control mod comes with everything you need for a great vape on not only the inside, but the outside as well. This extremely sturdy design comes with a IPX4 waterproof level, shock resistance, and crush-proof specs.
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If a box mod could have the nickname "ol blood and guts" this could be it. Toughness is one of the main features with the Invader Mini by Heatvape, thankfully it can pack a punch on the vapor output side of things too!


User Rating 3.4 (2 votes)

This Box Mod Has Been Discontinued By The Manufacture 

invader mini box reviewIf you are like me, and you are just naturally tough of your electronics (phone-tablet-laptop), or if you work outside, or maybe you simply want a device that is built to take a beating, and you won’t have to panic if you do drop it? The Invader Mini by Heatvape might be what you’re looking for. No more worrying about scratches or getting rained on, this mod was built to take on some of the toughest elements you can throw at it.

Heatvape is a newer brand on the vaping market and has kept their lineup on the smaller side. Instead of blasting out ten models in a few months, they have dialed in on a few select designs and took a little more time on each – with the help of reaching out to some popular vape reviewers and getting great feedback that they actually used when it comes to what features to add or remove. This style of crafting each vape mod should only help them to continue to grow.

heatvape invader mod reviewThe Invader Mini is a 50-watt mod was a must-try device simply cause I personally haven’t seen a ruggedized style mod before. Definitely skeptic, but knowing that if it pans out it could be another great device in my arsenal.

The outdoor elements, in most cases just aren’t good for most mods. Whether it’s the weather, sand, dirt, dust, beer, it seems that our devices are always having to steer clear of danger. Besides coming from a respectable 50watts and temperature control, this bold vape mods claim to fame is its toughness. One might think that a device that’s shock proof, water/crush resistant, would be a much bigger and easily carry a hefty price tag. This mod knocks down both those walls with its rubberized body, the grip of this mod is second to none, and a wallet-friendly $39.  The overall size of the device is pretty much the size of the battery – minus the tank you’re using.

Temperature control, 50-watts, and power regulated are a few features that will help keep this mod current even as newer devices come out, but the durability is what will keep it a favorite of vapers, especially ones who are rough on their equipment.  Due to the water resistance, there is no USB port, the big downside to this is the lack of firmware upgradeability that some high-end box mods offer up. As long as the temperature control is consistent without being buggy, this feature might not be as important as more expensive devices demand. The temperature control worked flawlessly for the two weeks I ran with this.


In The Box

  • 1 x Invader Mini MOD
  • 1 x User Manual
  • (18650 battery sold separately)best box mods - Heatvape

1. Water Resistance
2. Temperature Control
3. Variable Wattage
4. Right Mode and Left Mode
5. Ohm Too High/Low warning
6. Temperature Protection
7. Atomizer Open
8. Weak Battery
9. Too Hot protection


Waterproof Level: IPX4
Accurate temperature control from 200F to 600F
Innovative 510 thread with adjustable connector cap to fit any 510 atomizers without gap
Dimension: 31.5*39.5*102mm
Materials (eco-friendly): Zinc Alloy + Silicon + Brass
Output Power: 1W-50W
Output Voltage: 1V-9.9V
Ohm Limit: 0.1-1.0 Ohm in TC Mode, 0.16-2.0 Ohm in normal Mode
7 colors available: Black, Gray, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow & Black and Blue Camo


Final Word


Heatvape Invader Mini box modOverall, this little device is a beast and everything it brings to the table makes this an easy choice to make our top box mods list.

There isn’t much that I can complain about. If I have to get into detailed pickiness, the fire time was maybe a half a second slower when using a nickel coil but barely noticeable. Personal preference, I would like the ability to swap covers/colors.

One thing to keep in mind is this mod is water resistance, NOT waterproof! Big difference. It can be submerged for a short amount of time but if its at the bottom of lake for a weekend you might be out of luck.

There is a neat feature with the cap and applying to your tank but I figured this video would be a better avenue to deliver this info.

Check out this video for more detailed information:


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