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Aspire Speeder 200w Review

Aspire Speeder Black Box Mods with tank
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The Speeder 200w by Aspire is truly for the big boys. This beast of a box mod hits like nobodys business and fits in your hand like a glove. For this complete kit coming in under $75, this is a great device for those looking to take their vape game to the highest level.
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The Aspire Speeder 200W is one of the most unassuming box mod devices to be released this year. In contrast with other box mods that sport flashy colorways, sharp edges, and eye-catching details, the simple, streamlined and ergonomic approach design of the Speeder belies its powerful performance. Capable of firing up to a maximum of 200 watts powered by 2 18650 batteries in series, it’s a device that can power up any type of build, from discreet high ohm sleeper setups to extremely low ohm cloud chuckers, it’s a device that promises to do it all.

Bundled with the Athos tank that includes the ridiculously powerful Penta-coil head, it’s looking to be the weapon of choice for any serious vaper that’s looking to get their vape with a brand new device.

Build Quality, Aesthetics, and Feels

From a simple glance, it’s easy to tell that the Aspire Speeder isn’t vying for any awards for the most futuristic looking or edgiest device of the year. But don’t let that fool you. The understated design still proves to be an eye catcher despite the lack of flashing disco lights. The exceptionally spartan form factor boasts a unique ergonomic shape which makes the Speeder a joy to hold for extended vaping sessions. Pairing that with the deliberately well- placed firing button makes the Speeder one of the most functional mods to date.

Another unique design choice that Aspire has undertaken with the Speeder is the sheer symmetry of the device. Cleverly disguising the firing bar on side of the device while constructing the opposite end with a similar aesthetic gives the Speeder a very balanced aesthetic which lends to its portability as the slim capsule-like shape makes the device surprisingly easy to pocket despite itsSpeeder 200w box mod larger size.

The exterior of the Speeder shows off a matte and soft to the touch rubber finish, making the mod comfortably grippy to hold and less prone to slipping out of even the sweatiest of palms. The well-lit LED screen makes it easy, quick, and simple for anyone who wishes to glean the current status of the mod with moments notice as all the devices details such as battery life, current wattage, and vaping mode are easily read.

The top of the device displays the spring loaded 510 connection which lets the bundled Athos tank sit perfectly flush with the mod, facilitating a perfect connection between the two. A trapdoor mechanism can be found underneath the speeder. The latch is firm and well built, giving you confidence that your batteries will sit securely. Althroughout the device is a host of battery ventilation holes which help the dual batteries keep nice and cool.

The Athos tank that comes bundled with the kit is built with a sturdy stainless steel and features a matte and sheer finish that perfectly matches the aesthetic of the Speeder. The Athos uses a wide bore drip-tip which is expected and ideal for sub-ohm vaping with lots of watts involved. While the tank isn’t entirely see-through, the windows to view the remaining e-liquid levels are plenty large.

Vaping Performance

Bundled with two coil heads straight from the kit: A 0.3-ohm triple coil head, and a 0.16-ohm Penta coil head. Based on the included coils alone, it’s clear that Aspire has designed this mod for the serious vape head as not many kits come with triple coil heads or let alone a coil head that has 5 coils inside. Thanks to the dual 18650 batteries powering up the mod to a maximum of 200 watts, the Speeder has absolutely no problems powering up the coil heads to their full abilities.

In terms of vapor and flavor production, the Speeder easily beats the performance of many high powered kits out of the box thanks to the well-designed coil heads that come bundled with it, and its safe to say that it should meet or even exceed the demands of all advanced vapers. The wide bore drip tip which is made out of Delrin keeps things cool ensuring that minimal heat is transferred from the coils onto your lips, guaranteeing a comfortable vaping experience when using the mod.top fill vape tank

The Athos tank holds up to a maximum of 4ml of e-liquid making frequent refills a thing of the past. Refilling the tank is quite simple as well. Simply thread off the Delrin top cap and drip e-liquid down into the tank. Thread the top cap back on, and you’re ready to start vaping again.

Another great feature of the Speeder is that there is virtually zero firing delay from the moment you press the firing button to the moment the coil heads start producing vapor. Misfires are nonexistent as well and you’ll never have to experience pressing down on to the firing button only.

Aside from the standard variable wattage modes, you’ll have a variety of other vaping modes to experiment with in order to find that perfect sweet spot when vaping. These modes include temperature control, pre-heat, and customizable TCR. Perfect for users who’ve got a good handle on vaping and want to fiddle with their devices to unlock its full potential.

Final Thoughts

The Aspire Speeder is the ideal device for the vaper who doesn’t want to miss out on any of the features that vaping has to offer. It has all the horsepower, vaping modes, and battery life you can shake a stick at, all packaged into a relatively compact, durable, and aesthetic little package.

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