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Best Box Mods For 2018

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How to Find The Perfect Box Mod

Box Mods are the upper echelon of vape devices. These vaping devices were meant to give you the most control over almost every aspect possible over your device. From dialing in the perfect amount of power and temperature to maximizing the most life out of your battery, the Box Mod is the ultimate when looking for a device that gives you this control.

Things to Consider

Box Mods are the upper echelon of vape devices. These vaping devices were meant to give you the most control over almost every aspect possible over your device. From dialing in the perfect amount of power and temperature to maximizing the most life out of your battery, the Box Mod is the ultimate when looking for a device that gives you this control.

Charging & Battery Life

Most box mods do require removable batteries. Typically 18650 batteries are the size required and usually, two are needed to get started - some even three. More and more box mods are being released with the option to leave the batteries in the device and simply charge it via usb. Be sure to check the device you are considering as to how they are charged.  A major benefit to these bigger batteries is that they can last for a few days between charges, and the batteries themselves will last for months.

Ease of Use

The tech level is the highest with box mods, thanks to the added adjustments needed compared to smaller vapes.  Most box mods will have a large lcd screen with multiple buttons for increasing/decreasing wattage-voltage-temperature etc. Some box mods offer a touchscreen and Bluetooth capabilities as a way to make adjustments.  Box mods come with a 510 threading thus being able to handle a multitude of tanks and giving you access to a wide range of options.
                                                              Pros: Optimal vaping experience - Maximum flavor                       Cons: Requires more maintenance - Learning curve

The best box mods will offer plenty of safety features but are still recommended for advanced users, make sure to read your device's manual before using. 


Box mods have a wide range of price tags. If you are looking for a complete kit (tank-mod-battery) expect to be in the $100-$150 range. If you want to buy your tank separately, and just need the mod itself (device only) you will be more in the $40-$80 range. Even the most basic box mod will still run you over $30+. Batteries rarely come with a device itself so make sure to add at least two to your cart, these will run between $7-$12 each.

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Best Box Mods

Reactor Mega

$75.00 Kit
Reactor box mod in bronze

Vapor Production 90%
Build Quality 100%
Functionality 95%
Value 90%

Alien 220w

$59.99 Mod Only
SMOK Alien 220w Box Mod in Blue no tank

Vapor Production 100%
Build Quality 90%
Functionality 85%
Value 90%


$74.99 Kit
Aspire Speeder Black Box Mods with tank

Vapor Production 95%
Build Quality 80%
Functionality 90%
Value 85%

Box Mod Reviews

Reactor Mega Box Mod


The Mega Reactor is perfect for that first box mod purchase. Plenty of power, easy to use buttons, and fast charging make this a first box mod owners dream. Even veteran vapers will appreciate this mods huge 5.0ml tank and massive 5000mAh battery.

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Vex 150 TC Box Mod


The Vex covers all vaping aspects with 5 stars. A massive 150watts - extremely rugged design - the Vex can handle anything! This mod works with any tank - big or small - and its ability to maximize battery life keeps you going longer than any other mod in its class.

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SMOK Alien 220w Box Mod


The Alien by SMOK is our favorite and we're not alone. 200+ watts handles heavy vapors but this beast hits perfectly at 40 watts as well. SMOK has a handful of great devices but the Alien is their best. This box mod is the be-all-end-all for most.

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Aspire Speeder 200w Review


Thank you Aspire! This box mod is damn near flawless - packing a massive 200 watts and arguably the best tank we've ever seen - the Speeder is easily one of the best. Sleek design and the Athos tank make this combo an absolute must see.

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VOX 60W TC Starter Kit


The Vox 60w TC is an awesome blend of size, strength and extreme versatility. The highest ranked craftmanship, the Vox 60 is just awesome. Looking for that perfect "in-hand" box? This is it - great design and ease-of-use, the Vox easily makes our top 5.

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Neo Sub-ohm Vape MOD Kit


The Neo Sub-ohm Vape Mod Kit is a 100-watt powerhouse set-up from Mig Vapor. For vapers looking for a combination of ease of use, and power this one is tough to beat. The simplistic one button use and easy top fill tank make it a natural choice for busy vapers looking for a satisfying cloud with the utmost ease. The Neo Vape MOD is designed with...

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Reliant Box Mod


The Reliant Box Mod starter kit is arguably the most complete kit for 2017. This truly comes with everything you need to start blowing some huge clouds. A battery, a battery charger, and some free e-juice all help this already incredible mod raise the bar when it comes to a "complete package."

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Joyetech Cuboid Box Mod


Joyetech continues to pump out quality month after month. One of their newest devices is the Cuboid 150. This box mod is their latest workhorse coming in at 150-watts (upgradeable to 200) and allowing the user maximum control when using temperature control coils. With a sturdy cube-style box design, the Cuboid has an extremely sleek look and has a...

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The Vaio 80 TC Starter Kit


The Vaio 80 has conquered one drawback to vaping - the slight mess that refilling your tank can bring. The atomizer is built into the top of tank, leaving you with no obstructions when refilling making this mod truly awesome! Massive power, multiple coil compatibility, and sturdy design help this box stay on our favorites list.

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Wismec Reuleaux RX200 Box Mod Review


The RX200 is the newest model from the Reuleaux product line, designed by JayBo. Many box mod reviews online have hailed it as one of the best box mods available. It still uses reverse polarity protection and three 18650 batteries. Nonetheless, the Evolv DNA 200 board is not included. It has been substituted for a powerful, new chip with identical...

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Pioneer4You IPV400 200W TC Box Mod


The Pioneer4You IPV400 TC vape is the latest box mod from Pioneer that is aiming to put its critics to rest. The IPV400 is a substantial and well-built nod that give you great vapor production in a sleek and easy package. The earlier model IPV4 had its fair amount of criticism, which is why Pioneer4You quickly released the IPV4 s, addressing the...

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Tesla Touch Box Mod


The Tesla Touch box mod delivers massive power - great looks - and finally gives touchscreen fans something to be excited about. Built with an extremely responsive touchscreen, the Touch has easily surpassed all others in the touchscreen category by keeping up with traditional Tesla quality but adding a screen with little-to-none lag.

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Tesla 3 150w Box Mod Review


The 150 W Tesla Three Box Mod is an update to the Teslacigs’ cutting edge platforms. It has an internal 5000 mAh LiPo battery, a 150 W direct voltage output, and it can be utilized as a handy Power Bank. Intended to provide the optimum balance between battery life, size, and functionality, the Tesla Three includes a huge battery capacity of...

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Sigelei Fuchai 213w TC


200-watt box mods are becoming the latest threshold of power that other boxe mods are striving for.  By the end of this year, you might not see another box come out below this level as the cost of the microchips become less expensive. Despite their rather small lineup of devices, when Sigelei launches something it usually among the highest quality...

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Ocular Box Mod Review


The Ocular Box Mod is the latest of high-tech vape devices to hit the market. This box mod not only handles up to 200watts, but acts as an MP3 player, allows you to upload pics, and even has a step-counter! A fast-response touchscreen and a vast atomizer versatility help this make one of our faves.

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CTRL 80w Review


If you have never tried an Apollo vape mod, make this your first! Especially if you need to keep it simple, hand-friendly and versatile. The CTRL 80w is a great mid-range mod that keeps the Apollo name in high marks!

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Wismec 228W Predator Vape Mod


  Wismec  Predator 228w Box Mod Review This is a high wattage mod which has been designed for Sinuous designs. The clean design is really attractive to a lot of people. The Wismec Predator 228 W vape mod is normally powered by two batteries which are 18650. There is also another side button which is hidden. This side button is the press fire...

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The iPV 4S 120W TC MOD


The latest from Pioneer4you is the iPV4S 120w temperature control box mod. (For anyone who owns the iPV 4 – you can skip this review as the two devices are practically the same.) The prior model (4) is very popular with the vaping community, so it made sense that Pioneer4you took advantage of this, beefed up a new model and released it to the...

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