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Box Mod Buying Guide For 2018

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Box mods are the most popular vape type for 2018. These rectangular vapes are pocket friendly, full of power, and come in all sorts of colors and styles. Not only does their small size attract vapers, but the box shape itself has added value. A box mod fits better your the hand and stands upright on a flat surface. The same can't be said for vape pens or vape mods. Let's explain what a box mod is, and why so many vapers are using them

The term box mods references the main body of the vape, not the tank. Box mods are similar to other vapes in functionality and concept except for their shape. All vapes have the same components: body, battery, and a tank of some sort. Box mods are configured differently than a vape mod or vape pen. The wider shape allows for a large LCD screen and user interface as well as some other cool features we'll get to.

Benefits of Box Mods

Box mods come in both basic versions or advanced versions. You don't have to have to be a vape-head to use one.

There are some basic box mods that only have one button and with no LCD screen. These devices offer the power and vapor production that the advanced models offer, but without all the adjustments and buttons. These are made for the average vaper that favors simplicity over control.

Advanced users, however, can find the latest technology, features, and user interfaces with the more advanced models. Many of these devices have a detailed user interface that you can use to change power setting and other features. You will see vape hobbyists using these types of box mods. Some have larger LCD touchscreens, diagnostic abilities, upgradeable firmware, and some even use less common batteries.

No matter if you want a basic or advanced device, there is a box mod that will fit your needs.


several 18650 batteries - photo credit vaping411.com

Basic models can come with or without removable batteries. If you don't like taking out your batteries to charge, this is something to consider. Internal batteries are more convenient, but they cannot be replaced. Throwing out your device if your batteries go south is the only option with internal batteries.

Removable batteries can be replaced for a fraction of the cost of a new vape. Luckley, most of the box mods with internal batteries are cheaper than their counterpart so that's something to think about when buying one.

For the box mods that use removable batteries, they are likely to be 18650 batteries. These batteries are the most common power supply for any vape. There are other batteries that may be used, but because the vape industry primarily uses this size, I won't go into details about the other sizes.

Most box mods use two 18650 batteries, stacked side-by-side in the body of the device. These batteries are accessed by releasing a compartment door, making it easy to exchange for a fresh pair. Newer box mods use a built in micro USB charging port that allows you to charge your batteries without removing them. Vapers who charge using this port do so by plugging them in, just like charging a cell phone. Some users also keep aa extra pair of batteries charged in case their batteries die before they can plug in their device.

Best Box Mods

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The Best Selling And Performing Box Mods

Box Mod Reviews

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The Top Performing Box Mods, Reviewed


Modern vapers demand not only performance, but convenience. Many vape styles, such as vape mods and vape pens, are great devices that will satisfy and do the job. But their size and shape are awkward to say the least. Mods and pens don't travel well. Putting one of these in a tight pocket and bending over can break the tank off from the main body. Snapping off your tank can not only break you tank, but also damage the threads on your vape, damaging both beyond repair.

Box mods on the other hand, are shorter and wider. Having a stockier body means that the chance of breaking something while it is in you pocket or purse is less likely. Not only that, but if your tank does break, the threading of the box mod usually is undamaged. The body of the box tends to protect the threading so the damage is likely to be higher up on the tank, rather than lower where the threads are.


Speeder 200w box mods

There is something to be said about a good solid feel to a vape. A box mod's shape gives vapers a more secure grip that reduces the chances of dropping it. Wrapping your whole hand around a vape to hold it is much better that holding it with just your fingertips, as in the case with vape pens or some vape mods. Another added plus is that a box mod is less likely to fall between the couch cushions or your car seats.

Box mods can be carried in a pocket easier and with more comfort than some of the other style vapes. In the pocket or purse, box mods (depending on the size) don't feel as awkward as a taller device. The compact form helps keep it contained and in place while in transport.

A well balanced feel is also another characstic of box mods. Because they are short and stocky, they are better balanced in the hand and are less prone to droppage. They are a bit on the heavier side, but with two oversized batteries and a glass tank full of e-juice, they are going to weigh a few ounces.


Have you ever put your vape down on a table and watched it helplessly roll off the edge and fall? Try that with a box mod! It won't happen, ever. Just like you won't ever see a car with square tires, the shape of a box mod keeps it from rolling. If you don't think that is a big deal, you have probably never owned a tube vape or vape pen.

If your box mod does fall, the chances of breaking it is pretty low, depending on the height. Most box mods bodies are made with high-strength aluminum and are designed to survive minor drops. A simple fall off a table or from a purse is most likely going to result only in minor cosmetic damage. These guys are tough and can take a few bumps.


Depending on the features, performance, and looks you want, box mods are an economical investment in the long run. Most of the devices will be in the $40-$80 range for a mid-grade mod. I recommend this price range for most people. Of course, basic models are cheaper and can be just as durable as the more expensive version .

Don't be fooled into thinking the more you pay, the more you will enjoy your vape. Many of the most satisfying devices are cheap. What you pay more for is the style, looks, and features. If you can sacrifice some of that, you can find a good kit for less than the price of a carton of smokes!


the best box mod with tankSince 510 threading is pretty much the vape industry standard, there are a tons of options to choose from regarding e-juice tanks. Box mods almost exclusivity use 510 threads. If the tank you got when you bought your box mod is not working well for you, simply buy another tank without replacing you vape.

The only exclusion to this is if your vape surrounds the tank (vs sitting on top of the body). These models can only use a tank that fits inside the vape body. These smaller box mods usually only use one 18650 battery and are so small they are most likely categorized as a mini vape.

The right tank can make all the difference for a good vaping experience, and the box gives you the freedom to use practically any tank you want. So find a good vape tank that not only performs well, but also looks good on top of your vape. Just be careful that your tank isn't so wide that the edges of it stick over the side of the body of the mod.

Vapor Production

Box mods power ratings can vary from 25 watts to 300 watts. The more power, the more vapor production you can get. Now this all depends on the type of tank you are using. So don't go buy a 200 watt device and expect your cheap tank to be able to handle all 200 watts. Most users vaping at these high wattages are building their own atomizers or buying specialized coils.

For most users, 100 watts and under will give them big, thick clouds of vapor. If you are new to vaping, and want to use a box mod with adjustable settings, try something around 75 watts. You can always reduce the wattage if needed.

Things to Consider When Buying a Box Mod:

  • Style- How you use and carry your vape determines the best size box mod for you. Casual users may enjoy a small device with a smaller battery capacity. Heavy users may want a bigger size to get them through the day without charging.
  • Style- Yes there are many styles of box mods. From brick-looking beasts, to elegant works of art. Think about how you are going to hold it and carry it. Do you want something that makes a statement? Consider the different styles before buying.
  • Color- Want a box mod in your favorite color? Sure! Find a device you can be proud of. There are so many choices out there that you should have no problem finding the right color. I like bright colors so I can find my vape when I lose it! Now, where did put my camouflage vape again?
  • Features- For most vapers, a mid-range device will work just fine. Maybe the ability to adjust the power and with temp control. For all other users, having more features is the only reason they buy new devices. Either way, make sure you consider the features you need. Start with a simple box mod and work your way up to a more sophisticated mod if you get the desire.
  • Starter Kit- Consider buying the best box mod starter kit you can afford, unless you already have a vape tank and batteries. These are all you need to get vaping and usually cost less than buying the components separately. Easier and cheaper! Nothing wrong with that.
  • Price- Box mods vary in price from $20 to over $200. New vapers should consider paying between $40-$100 for a complete box mod starter kit. Don't forget to get some yummy new e-liquid to fill your new mod with. All in all, figure around $100 +- for a box mod, batteries, tank, extra atomizers, and e-liquid. If you already have a tank and juice, the cost will be lower.
  • Reputation- If the device you are looking at is on our box mod review page, it is from a reputable manufacturer and vendor. Stay with the trusted devices and avoid any device that you think might be counterfeit. You will have no problem finding the perfect box mod within the lineups of a trusted brand name.
  • Durability- Do you drop everything? Does gravity hate you? You should know what you need. Most box mods are fairly durable, some more than other. Consider the what material the body is made of when you buy.
  • Portability- Some box mods travel better than others. If you are constantly on the move, consider how the size and shape will influence your traveling habits. Do you have a place in your car that you keep your vape? Will your new vape fit there? How about in your pocket or purse?