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The Modern Vape Guide

The term "Vape" is a umbrella term for the seperate sub-styles of e-cigarette devices such as vape pens, vape modsbox mods, mini vapes, and sometimes herbal (weed) vaporizers. For ease of understanding, a vape is any electronic cigarette that doesn't look like a cig-a-like e-cig.

Vapes are geared more towards heavy smokers, intermediate vapers, and advanced vapers who want more out of their vaping experience. However, you don't have to be an advanced user or techy to use a vape! There are basic styles as well as advanced styles.

The Different Vape Styles

There are sub-categories of vapes that help differentiate all the vape devices from one another. Knowing these differences is important to understanding what device might work better for you. The categories are separated by body style and these styles are usually pretty descriptive. This makes it easy to visualize each category. Below are the main categories of the different vaping devices. Take a few minutes looking at each style and the vape devices they include.

Vape Mod Guide

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Vape Mods Include Box Mods, Tube Mods, and Mini Mods

Vape Pen Guide

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Bigger Than E-Cigs but Smaller Than Tube Mods.

Tube Mod Guide

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Tube Mods Are Powerful and Practical

Box Mod Guide

Box mod vape

Box Mods -The Most Powerful and Popular Vaping Devices

Mini Vape Mod Guide

Mini vape mod

Mini Vape Mods Are Small, Yet Still Powerful. Very Popular!

Herbal Vaporizer Guide

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For Medical and Recreational Use. Better Than Smoking!

Vape Tanks Guide

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The Best And Easiest Way To Upgrade Your Vape!

Best Vapes

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Best Mini Vapes

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Best Box Mods

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Best Vape Pens

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Best Tube Mods

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Best Herbal Vapes

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Best Vapes Tanks

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Vape Tank Reviews

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Reviews On The Most Popular Vape Tanks

Vapes Have More Power Than E-Cigs

For the most part, vapes are more powerful, have longer battery life, and are more durable than regular e-cigs. That means they are bigger and heavier as well, but there are many shapes and sizes to choose from. Many of the larger devices will use a removable and rechargeable battery, normally an IMR 18650 battery. For the most part, a single charge could last two to three days without needing another charge.

Some vapes have removable batteries. Devices with removable batteries are designed for advanced users, while the built-in battery styles are for basic users. If you buy a vape with a built-in battery, consider buying two devices so you can use one while the other is charging.

Depending on your vape, the power output from the battery to the heating element may depreciate as the battery drains. Basic vapes may reduce the vapor as your battery drains, so as you get closer to a dead battery, you might notice a drop in vapor production. More advanced vapes will give you a continuous, stable, supply of power until the battery is drained to a point that it can't provide that level of power, even if there is some power left in the battery. Either way, as a safety precaution, your device will not fire if your battery gets too low.

Basic Vapes

Some of the more basic vapes don't have LCD screens, adjustment buttons, or removable batteries. These devices work well for vapers wanting simplicity and a "one button" experience. Basic vapes are cheaper and are better suited for beginners and non-techies.  These one button devices are common in the Vape Pen category, Mini Vape category, and sometimes in the Vape Mod category. They are just a powerful as any other device, just without the features that advanced vapers like to use.

Advanced Vapes

For techies and hobbyists, advanced vapes offer full control over many of the variables involved with vaporization of e-liquids. This can be in the form of adjustments to the watts, volts, ohms that are delivered to the heating element. From there, advanced users can choose what type of metals to use in the heating element, the medium of the material that holds the e-juice, and even customize the tanks and mouth-pieces.

These users usually, but not always, are aware of the consequences of their tinkering. Advanced users who are not properly educated on the risks of hacking high-capacity batteries are the people you usually read about in the news when their vape explodes.

Like Ben Parker said just before he died: "With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility"

If you would like to become an advanced vaper, do yourself a favor and go to a vape shop and talk to the employees there about the options and risks involved. You can also find great info online about how to use and adjust advanced models.

Vape Tanks

Besides the body where the battery and electronic are housed, the other major part of a vape is the tank. This of course holds the nicotine liquid, also called e-liquid, e-juice, or vape juice. The tank is the container that hold your e-juice, it also contains the heating element that vaporizes said juice. Depending on the tank you use, you will probably only be able to use a certain brand atomizer in it. Replace the atomizer, also called a coil, every so often when the flavor starts to change. Simply unscrew the tank from the body, unscrew the atomizer from the tank, and screw on a new atomizer.

There are many vape tanks to choose from and thankfully, the vaping industry has mostly standardized the fittings for these tanks so you are able to swap different tanks out while using the same vape device. Changing your tank is a great way to customize your experience without buying a new vape device.

510 Standardized Threads

The vaping industry adopted the use of standard threading for the e-juice tanks a few years back. This simple standard makes it possible for almost any tank to fit on almost any vaporizer. There are some manufactures out there that greedly change their threads to another size. Thankfully, most of these jerks have come and gone and are no longer selling their proprietary crap.

Universally, 510 threads are accepted as the e-cig industry standard. Big deal right? Well let me explain why it is a big deal.

The electronic cigarette industry has its roots, not in big tobacco, but in the Chinese electronic market. Yes most of the equipment you vape with is made in China, surprise!. There are big manufacturing plants over there that will make any electronic device you desire on the cheap. Small e-cig companies work together with these manufactures to design and build unique e-cigs, vapes, tanks, and their components and then sell them in all over the world. Global economics at work.

The fact that small businesses can design, develop, and distribute any part of an e-cig has caused an explosion of products that big tobacco is not facilitated to control. This explosion would not be possible if there was no standard 510 threading on your vape. So, ya! The 510 thread is a under appreciated part of vaping that I think is a pretty big deal.

What Does Standardized Threads Mean For you?

It means you have choices, many, many, choices of tanks and devices to put them on. Big tanks, little ones, tall ones, square ones, and any other description you can think of. Tanks are the easiest thing to change to adjust your experience when vaping. Some tanks bring out the flavors better than others and some will hold more e-juice, or glow in the dark. There are literally hundreds of choices of tanks to choose from. Add that to the hundreds of choices of vaping devices and you have hundreds-of-thousands of combinations. Ok, a bit overwhelming, but you get the point. 510 threads give you freedom to choose!

It also means that you are able to buy a device from one company and a tank from another and they will work together like magic. The fact that you don't have to buy a new device every time you shatter your pyrex glass tank saves money. Most tanks cost between $15-$40. Most vapes cost about $30-$70. What would you rather replace?

Temp Control Vaping

What is Temperature Control Vaping Exactly?  

In general, temperature control (TC) is a feature that allows you to set a specific value in Celsius/Fahrenheit. Once set, your coil temperature will not exceed that temp. If the temperature increases beyond this value, TC will restrict the coil’s power to keep it under temp.

What Are The Advantages of Temp Control?

The advantages of temperature control will not affect vapor production or drastically alter your throat hit. Temp control reduces the chance of burning your atomizer. Eliminating the burnt taste or a dry hit that comes from excessive heat. The coil will only get as hot as the temp you set. So when something cause the coilt to get hotter, it just doesn't. Think of it like a automatic brake that slows things down when they get to fast.

A major benefit with TC is the coils last longer as the power use is more efficient. This also helps in saving battery life to allow you to get more out of your vape. Regardless of your vaping style, the TC feature will keep the fixed rate of the coil temperature.

Quick Note About Battery Safety

There are some safety issues regarding the batteries that you will want to make sure you understand. These batteries hold a lot of power and all batteries should be respected and treated as such. You may have seen headlines every few weeks about exploding e-cigs. It is not the e-cigs that are exploding, it is the batteries inside them, and most of the accidents could have been prevented if people used common sense and respected them more. Read this in depth investigation about exploding e-cigs for more info. The chances of a vape exploding is VERY RARE and is not common. You have a much better chance of dying in a fire cause by a cigarette than being hurt by a exploding vape.

Common Features:

  • LCD/LED screen to display battery life and other information
  • Large button to use the device and small buttons for adjustments
  • Standardized threads on body used to connect different tanks
  • Rechargeable batteries, either removable or non-removable
  • Internal charging ability. Plugin a micro USB cable to device to charge

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