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There certainly is no shortage of vape reviewers in the world. It seems like anyone with a vape and a computer is posting their 2 cents about every vaping device on the planet. That’s all fine and good until you realize that you can’t trust just anyone’s opinion in this industry. Not all reviewers have the same motivates and many of them are just trying to sell something. Today we are going to be diving in, with one of the legends in the vape review world, we’re talking about Nicholas King from But before we get too deep, let’s take a look at what factors have influenced the vape culture and why you shouldn’t trust just anyone when it comes to vape reviews.

The vaping market has been one of the fastest growing industries in the world since 2008, with more converts switching from tobacco to e-juice every day. In fact, in 2011, there were an estimated 7 million vapers. Five years later, estimates skyrocketed to 35 million vapers. Few products have had the same growth and no products have had the same impact in the world as vaping has. Most of these vapers were smokers who were desperate to quit and couldn’t until electronic cigarettes came along.

Out of the ashtrays rose a new and exciting culture, the vaping culture. Built on the inspiration and new-found freedoms resulting from the release of years of depressing tobacco use, this new culture was on a mission to destroy the same industry that nearly killed them, the tobacco industry. With this new army of nicotine addicts freshly converted to vapers, tobacco companies never knew what hit them. They took to the internet and their local bars with their new technology, proud that they were smoke-free and free of the thousands of toxic chemicals that tobacco companies had been knowingly selling them to inhale.

Nicholas King Vape ReviewerOne of these soldiers was a pack and 1/2 smoker from the UK named Nicholas King. Nick was the typical smoker. Stressed out and hooked for life on a killer habit, just like almost all smokers. Where things went differently for Nicholas was in 2006 he saw a BBC article about e-cigs and soon found himself tossing out the pack of cigs for the battery operated version. Being a business analyst by trade and a family man by nature, Nicholas saw the opportunity to make the most significant career change of his life. He wrote an article about his experiences with electronic cigarettes and started his new full-time job of helping others make the same switch that he did.

Years later, and Nicholas King has become a respected vape reviewer online with his no-nonsense approach. I have found myself going to his site, to research new devices and get his input on many occasions. As stated above there are many reviewers and opinions on the different devices out there, but there is also a lot of background noise that can construe the truth. Nicholas has done things differently that makes his style of reviews unique and valuable. He has taken his profession as a business analyst and combined it with his passion for vaping, delivering a simple way to review e-cigs and vapes that is straight to the point and honest.

His approach may sound ordinary, but it is all too uncommon in this age of online marketing. First off, he spends at least a week using a device before writing his reviews. That alone is more than 95% of the vape reviewers out there do for their reviews. Most reviews online are either unboxing or fabricated from bits and pieces from other reviewers work. In short, many reviews you read or watch online, are just for a quick buck. Nicholas, on the other hand, uses each device extensively before coming to any conclusions.

Secondly, Nicholas isn’t the pushy type of reviewer that loads his site with annoying popups and sleazy ads. His website doesn’t have “BUY NOW!!!!” buttons every other paragraph nor does he buy into the fame or publicity of being one of the most respected reviewers online. His is content publishing good, honest reviews for his site’s visitors. If you have been on more than five vape sites this year, you know what a breath of fresh air it is to see a website without all the screaming ads and emotional marketing tactics.

It is not just his reviews that makes him a respected vape reviewer; his site is loaded with buying guides, news articles, research articles, and tips and tricks. The front page of Smoketastic consists mainly of information on how to choose the right style of vape for different people. Just select the type of smoker or vaper you are, and learn about what devices will most likely work the best for that type of user.  On top of all that, Smoketastic is also accessible for the visually impaired, so you can listen to his reviews if you are unable to read them.

So if you are looking for a great vape or e-cig review site, is worth checking out. It is a treasure of information that in all too uncommon in this day and age and is sure to provide you with the tools and knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else.


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Brian Twilegar is the owner and founder of, the most comprehensive vape research engine online. In 2013 Brian switched from smoking to vaping and spends much of his time helping smokers and vapers find the best vaping devices at the best price. His site searches the internet for the cheapest price on vape gear and e-juice to help his visitors save money on vape supplies.

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