The Best Vape Mods for 2017

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Tracer Mod Kit


A great mod is only as good as the tank atop it. The Tracer is arguably the best when it comes to the total package thanks to its long lasting battery and top...

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Choosing the Best Vape Mod

Near the top of the e-cig food chain is the Vape Mod style, commonly called a Tube Mod because they are the results of items such as flashlights or metal tubes that were modified to fit an atomizer and allow the user much more control over their vaping experience. These modified devices have turned into a whole new class of vaporizers and have branched out into new sub-categories over the years.

Vape Mods are geared to the heavy smoker who needs a good throat hit and a bigger cloud than a vape pen can give. 
Vape Mods spawned from the demand of the vaping community for more power. More power resulting into not just larger vapor output, but maximizing the amount of flavor from their e-juice.  As technology in these devices continues to move forward, many features that could only be created by a professional electrician in his garage are now at our disposal.

Vaporizer mods are quickly catching up to the bigger devices in power output and overall control. Mech mods were considered the heaviest hitters in the game, but as the newer box/tube style mods have continued to evolve, this gap is rapidly diminishing. The ability to have large amounts of wattage - with regulation (unlike the mechanical mod)  - has increased the safety aspect of vaping and has quickly become the main culprit in the Mech Mod's demise.

The amount of vapor that a Vape Mod generates can easily surpass any disposable, cig-a-like,vape pen, or a tobacco cigarette for that matter. Many heavy smokers are attracted to these popular vaporizers because they offer a battery that lasts all day and can fit a larger capacity e-juice tank than the vape pen style.

vape mod3The MOD style vaporizer has more advanced options, such as the ability to use almost any e-liquid tank you want (usually a standard  510 thread) and specific power controls. Many of these regulated vaporizers are variable voltage and wattage, which means the output of the battery can be adjusted up or down to provide the best temp for any flavor.

The voltage range usually starts at 3.0 volts and can be increased by 0.1 volts all the way up to 6.0 volts, while variable watt adjustments typically range from 3w-50w+. The lower the voltage or wattage, the lower the output of power to the battery. This has a direct effect on the temperature of the heating element, but that depends on the resistance rating of the cartomizer.

You will want to make sure the tank you are using is appropriate for the power setting you choose, always start out with lower watts or volts when using a new tank or changing out your atomizer. As the atomizer is primed (e-liquid saturating the coils) you can turn the power up to your desired levels. If you start too high, you can "burn" the atomizer and the flavor will taste burnt for a long time, or you change out your atomizer.

Many of the cartomizers on the market come in different resistances that are referred to as low resistance (LR) or high resistance (HR). The lower the resistance, the higher the temp of the element will be. For example, an LR cartomizer will burn hotter at 3.0 volts than an HR cartomizer will at the same voltage. Think of resistance as you would think of a water pipe, the more resistance the pipe has, the lower the water flow. A pipe with less resistance is going to have more volume.

You may reduce the voltage of your Mod and still get a high temperature from the element if you are using a low resistance cartomizer. However, you may notice more sensitivity to burning your e-liquid and heating element if you use an LR cartomizer at a high voltage.

They are fat and sometimes ugly, but ask anyone who uses one and they will tell you they are worth the extra weight and effort. If the size and weight is an issue, have a look at the Vape Pen Styles. They are smaller but still pack a punch.

  • Regulated Power. Adjustable Watts and or Volts
  • Highly Customizable
  • Usually Has small LCD Screen
  • Larger, bigger battery/unit. Last Longer Between Charges
  • Perfect For Heavy Smokers
  • Removable Battery. Charge the Battery Separately
  • Most Options For The Least Amount of Effort

Vape Mods 101

vape mod3Alright so you’ve graduated from the smaller vape pens or other starter kits, and you’re positive that vaping is the right choice for you. What you have works well, but you’re looking for an upgrade from what you have right now, maybe something a bit more powerful and more durable than your current setup. Enter Vape MODS.

When you see pictures or videos online of people boasting about incredible taste and huge over the top clouds of thick, dense vapors, they are using vape MODs or MODs for short. Now these devices are a little older in most cases than say the newer more popular box mod styles. Vape mods, "tube mods"( and in the early days "personal vaporizers") were at one time at the top of the e-cig food chain and with the overwhelming popularity of box mods, they have taken the peripheral back seat to them as of late.

Vape MODs are more geared towards intermediate and advanced vapers who want to get more out of their vaping experience. In fact, if you were still unsure whether e-cigs could be a viable replacement for your regular cigarettes, MODs will without a doubt push you over the fence towards completely switching to ecigs entirely.

The tube mod comes in a typical cylinder shape and usually range from 6" as large as 12" depending on the size of tank you are using. It's recommended when purchasing your first vape mod that it is in a "kit" format to ensure you get everything you need to get started.

Vape MODs are more powerful, with longer battery life, and more durable than EGOs or Cig-a-Likes. MODs also have regulated power that is the power can be adjusted as well with safety measures to prevent over discharge and shorts from happening. They are often accompanied by an

  • LCD/LED screen to display battery life
  • puff count
  • atomizer resistance, voltage/wattage being outputted
  • some even have customizable wallpapers!

Most of your tube vaporizers will use an external rechargeable battery normally an IMR 18650 battery. Since the lower power MODs have a lower amp limit, searching for a battery with a high amp limit is not necessary. Instead, something with the larger battery (higher mah rating) is suggested instead. For the most part, a single charge could last two to three days without needing another charge. Your MOD will let you know when the battery needs charging; in fact, the device will not fire if your battery gets too low as a safety precaution. In addition to higher power and longer battery life, you’ll also find the MOD style to be more durable in nature.

Often MODs will have a metallic housing normally stainless steel or aluminum. The metallic casing makes the unit heavier and larger than what you are used to, but it also means it can withstand drops and wear and tear without any issues.

What makes MODs truly stand out is the built in screen. At times I’ve often forgotten to charge my vape pen battery or if I have 2 pens, and forgot which one is charged and which one isn’t. With the built-in screen, my MOD lets me know exactly how much of a charge I have left so I’ll never be with a dead e-cig in the middle of the day! The ability to set a wattage or voltage is a great feature as well. Depending on what atomizer I have, some perform better at different levels of power.

With the built-in screen, I can adjust accordingly, and depending on which atomizer I am using that day, I can quickly and accurately adjust to the power setting I enjoy with a touch of a button.

If you just can’t get used to the feel of using a box type device, well technology has finally caught up as newer devices now have the DNA chip or the SX350 chips built in the form of a tube-like device! With the capability of reaching such enormous levels of power, many users have abandoned clearomizers and have instead opted for rebuildable atomizers. As nice as clearomizers and cartomizers are, the stock coils are not capable of reaching these high powered devices fullest potential. Often when using a clearomizer with a high powered device, when the user adjusts to a higher setting, the power will burn out the internal coils of the atomizer.

MODs will completely change your outlook on e-cigs entirely. If you are used to a warmer more intense feel similar to a regular cigarette that the EGOs and Cig-a-Likes could not provide, vape MODs can not only match it, it will surpass it. If you are looking for a better vapor production, MODs will not only meet your expectations, it will exceed them. Personally, there have been times that the vapor production has been too much! Don’t worry about buyer’s remorse, I assure you MODs are a great investment and worth the upgrade.

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