Useful E-Cig Accessories

With the development of e-cigs throughout the years, it is inevitable for the industry to produce accessories that help users customize their e-cig use to their own type of brand and identity. Though building a self-brand, personalization, and customization are important, it is vital to be practical as well. When shopping for accessories, vape users must note that it’s not just about building what makes them look best, but what works best for their needs too.

These e-cig essentials will not only help you bring life to your image and personality, but each one also has practical uses that will benefit you and your health as a user. There’s no better way to establish your identity other than with accessories that can also be useful.

Batteries with Variable Voltage

The single most essential accessory of any e-cigar (electronic cigar) is its batteries. E-cigars are the closest thing in the vape industry that resembles the traditional smoking experience. Anyone who would want to have the same experience, minus the harmful effects, must always be ready whenever he needs a puff. This is why strong and trustworthy batteries play a vital role for any type of e-cig user.

With these batteries, you can adjust the voltage of your power plant to adjust to your preference when it comes to throat hit. This can also affect the amount of vapor that your e-cig can produce.

The simplicity of this accessory can surely make you enjoy vaping even more. Just make sure to read your manual as incorrect usage might end up in wasted money.

Tank Cartomizers

Tank cartomizers come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors which will give your e-cig an instant look boost. Plus, they’re very useful.

Tank cartomizers are the biggest of any kind and can hold a lot of e-juice. The reason tank cartomizers can bring so much inside is basically because it is designed to not have too many intricacies inside. Cartomizers usually come with poly-fill and a heating system that will give any user a superb vaping experience.

This is beneficial because you can fill up the tank with an entire bottle of e-juice. This is great for traveling users, or anyone who is always out and about and would not mind using the same flavor for an extended period of time.

Tanks are also not hard to maintain. They are easy to clean and keep.
Another bonus: These tanks produce massive vapor clouds.

Cases with Quick Charging Capability

Cases are default accessories for e-cigs – every vape user must have at least one. In this case, we’re talking about cases that can actually charge your e-cig.
Much like a power bank for your mobile devices, quick charging cases for e-cigs can charge your battery without having to find a plug. This is definitely a must-have product for vape users on the go.
Of course, aside from giving you the practical use of charging your device, it also does its most basic functions: protection and style.

E-Cigs Tips

Whether you’re using the basic e-cig kit or the advanced one, tips must be part of your accessory list.
Tips are basically the areas that comes contact with user and the vape, so it would be useful to carry around disposable tips, especially if you are okay with sharing your vape. Disposable tips promote hygiene and among vape users. Sharing is common among vapers so having disposable tips is quite handy if you want your dear friend try your newly blended e-liquid.

E-liquid Containers

If you’re to an out-of-town trip, chances are you’re not sure whether you can find a vape shop there where you could buy vape juice when you need it. This is where e-liquid containers can come in handy. This not only allows you to carry more e-juice before making that trip, but it also allow you to customize your vaping experience even more as you can bring more juice of different types.

It can also come in handy when you’re trying to mix juices and make your own blend. These containers are often made sturdier than the usual vape juice dial so you don’t have to worry about it getting crushed within your luggage. Just a tip: you can also bring an extra container on your journey. You’ll never know, you might encounter a vape shop that produces a one of a kind e-juice. At least you can hoard their creation and take it back home.

Mobile Phone Vape Connector

Wait… what? Time and technology has taken the vaping world into a whole new level by integrating vape use with smartphones. Now, you can turn your smart phones into e-cigarettes!
Some companies have built a smartphone with a built-in vaporizer. It will allow you to use it like a normal mobile phone and smoke fluids as the same time.
We all know how the market can catch up with technology. Just a few weeks after the release of this smartphone, vape connectors to mobile phones took the market by storm. Now, you can access your vape with your own mobile device. The ones out in the market are usually sold as phone cases with a threaded port that will fit most tanks. It also comes with a variable voltage battery pack to help you customize the experience.

DIY Materials

The best part about the vaping world is that it allows you to customize your experience in intense levels. A lot brands sell DIY materials: E-juice flavoring, flavorless nicotine, bottles, droppers, and so much more. These materials basically allow you to create your own vaping lab.

It is amazing how fast innovation can be. With what has been going on this past year alone, the e-cigar accessory choices has bypassed what we could have imagined years before. There are still so many things that can be created in the years to come and some of them may be too complex for our present minds. We will never know what else may come, but one thing’s for sure: we’re on the look-out.

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