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Vape Mail Monthly Subscription


  You’ve seen dollar shave club, wine of the month groups, and even certain types of gourmet meals that can be customized to your liking and be sent on a monthly or weekly basis, and for those who are extremely busy or don’t want to have to think about their favorite item(s), they are simply massive time savers. And now for us vapers, we too can now benefit from a monthly service and have...

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Apollo E-Juice Review


If it has to be of the highest quality, USP grade ingredients look no further than Apollo. Constantly striving to be on top, they test, analyze, sample, and repeat until it’s a unanimous decision that a flavor is great enough for its customers. Straight from their own facility to your doorstep, rest assured a strict protocol and procedure is done consistently with every bottle of their own...

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V2 E-Liquids Review


V2 has a handle on some of the best electronic cigarette options to choose from – so it only makes sense that they have a firm grasp on how to make a great e-liquid. If you are looking for 500 flavor options – move on – V2 focuses on the top 10 flavors that vaping fans truly look for. A solid tobacco flavor with their V2 Red and Congress and a massive mint with their V2 Menthol...

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ePuffer E-Liquid Review


ePuffer has been creating e-liquids for over 8 years now, making them the longest running e-liquid company in the UK. You don’t last that long because you make mediocre juice, in this cutthroat industry it’s quite the opposite. Most vapers, like ourselves, are picky when it comes to our liquids and that’s why ePuffer makes our list. With their own “True Nicotine...

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JacVapour E-juice Review

They can cover any flavor craving you are searching for. Whether it’s Sweet, Rich, Smooth or just simply Tasty – these guys have what you need. The catalog size is a plus too! From Real Tobacco to Bubble Gum, (add a few drops of one flavor to another and come up with your own personalized flavor) JacVapour The catalog size is a plus too! From Real Tobacco to Bubble Gum, (add a few...

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Smokers Angel Halo E-Liquids


Premium UK E-liquid says it all. This is one of the highest ranked e-juice options on the market – UK or US – and Smokers Angel clearly takes extreme pride in their product, and the final result reflects just that. The quality level stands out in every aspect The quality level stands out in every aspect whether it’s flavor, throat hit or just ease of use. They are one of the few...

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Vapour UK E-Liquid Review


Vapour.Uk makes our short list not because of what they make but what they offer as a whole. This is a great site for those looking for the best ejuice brands to date – all in one place! With the amount of new ejuice vendors popping up at a staggering rate, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices. Vapour.uk has sorted through the wannabes and have built an exclusive...

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Vapouriz E-liquid Review


With a massive catalog of flavors its hard not find something that suits your fancy. The “Cherry Bakewell”, and “Strawberry Bliss” are a couple flavors that I fell in love with. For the mint fans, their “Menthol Special Blend” hit all the marks you look for when looking for a minty menthol. The thickness in the vapor output was consistent with the multiple...

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