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Most Rated E-Liquids for Starters

What is an e-cigarette without proper e-liquids? Just bare, flavorless, boring things finding their way into your system. Without the right juice that will suit your taste, your effort to quit smoking or to attain your goal in vaping might go shorthanded before you even realize it. This is why it is essential to know which e-juice will serve as your go-to flavor when you vape.

Then comes the important question: What are good flavors? Besides the obvious of tobacco and menthol, what are a few exotic blends that are more interesting? What are the e-liquid flavors that every vaper must try at least once in his life?

This is the perfect guide for those new to the diverse world of vaping and for veteran users who have trustee go-to juices. The enormous amount of options can be overwhelming, so we got it covered for you. This list consists of eight enticing choices every vape user must try:  from the defaults – tobacco and menthol flavors – to the most intricate fruit and dessert variants and blends.

You can find many of these premium e-liquid flavors in trusted retailers who carry many different variations, like E-Puffer.

#8 Havana Cigar Tobacco

Havana Cigars are known for their exquisite nature and exotic appeal. However, authentic ones come with a hefty price tag while the counterfeits will give you a headache. Each box can cost you around $100 up to $200 depending on the brand. Now, imagine having all that goodness inside a bottle at a fraction of its price?

Moreover, the tobacco flavor in Havana Cigar juices can help the beginners who want to quit smoking cigarettes. This gives them the similar flavor of tobacco minus its harmful effects. Add the premium taste of Cuban cigars to that and you have a winner.

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#7 Menthol Tobacco

There is a reason why menthol and tobacco flavors are one of the first e-liquids presented when e-cigs were invented. Their combination is the next best thing to the undefeated combo champion: mashed potatoes and gravy.

For those who are accustomed to smoking menthol cigarettes, this flavor is your staple choice. It gives you the same experience in tobacco flavored juices, only with an added soothing and cooling sensation with every puff. It also soothes your throat, without having to worry about harmful residues that can be left behind.

#6 Watermelon + Raspberry

This flavor is an example of perfect contrast. Watermelon’s light sweet treat plus raspberry’s bold sour taste is a roller-coaster ride for your palate but in a good way. Some brands sell this blend but both are prominent e-liquid flavors on their own so finding each and mixing them is a good idea as well.

Although this does not contain tobacco or menthol, this is a hit for those who want alternative e-liquid flavors with a spike of fruity blends.

In addition, its vapor generally has a pleasing scent which is beneficial to you and the people who are always with you.

#5 Vanilla Ice Cream and Hazelnut

Here’s another non-tobacco e-liquid variant. Vanilla ice cream and Hazelnut by themselves are already such nice treats. Combining them will not only double the flavor but it will definitely bring you to sweetness nirvana. Trust us, these flavors complement each other.

Although there are brands that have ready-made blends of these two but if you can’t find one, don’t hesitate to mix them yourself. You might not need to buy dessert after a meal ever again.

#4 3P’s (Pomegranate + Peach + Pear)

Imagine the taste of each fruit combined in an e-liquid bottle. This intense and perfect balance of sweetness, sourness, and other bold flavors will confuse your taste buds in a way you couldn’t resist. If fruit flavors are your thing, then you should definitely give this a try.

There are brands that blend these three, but you also have the option of mixing three individual flavors to your liking. Try a different ratio for each fruit until you find the perfect harmony between each flavor. Talk about customization heaven!

#3 Choco Peppermint

They say that this combination can only be appreciated by a few, but its popularity among vapers says otherwise. As one of the most famous flavors for the Christmas and winter seasons, this blend of e-liquid does not only give you a whole new flavor in vaping, but it also gives you a taste of the season.

Chocolate is one of the basic variants of vape juices. Mixing chocolate e-juices with mint or menthol e-juices is one of your options to attain the perfect choco peppermint flavor for you. Just make sure to start with the ratio 2:1 – 2 for chocolate and 1 for menthol/peppermint – then adjust it to your liking.

#2 Toffee Latte

Desserts, as food, are often called guilty pleasures and we all know why. Their flavors have an appeal because they are truly pleasing to taste; a perfect meal-ender. This is the reason dessert flavors are such a big hit to the vapers. Of all the variants, Toffee Latte is the frontrunner. The taste of espresso coffee and milk plus the sinful taste of toffee nut will give you the satisfaction that you’re looking for.

To add character to the flavor, you can mix a bit of tobacco with it. You can take our word – you will never regret it and it will become one of your favorites.

#1 Cherry Tobacco

The simplicity of the tobacco flavor and its close resemblance to cigarettes (which you’re trying to avoid) makes it a top go-to flavor for vapers and smokers who want to quit. But what happens when you add cherry to it?

You guessed it right – pure magic. It’s like the solution to a dreaded math problem, or the answer to an unsolved riddle.

Blending the earthy, robust taste of tobacco and sweet tang of ripe cherries is the best idea produced by e-liquid manufacturers. We urge you to try one soon. Just like the other blends on this list, you can mix it yourself. The ratio is 2:1 – 2 for tobacco and 1 for cherry.

There are many options in the market. The best part about e-cigs and its available juices is the option of being creative and customizing flavors according to the needs of your taste buds. Be bold and try new flavors whenever you can so that you can create your own unique e-juice.


  1. For new vaping converts light tobacco liquids are often a good place to start. When you’re trying to quit traditional cigs many people want something that closely replicates the taste and feeling that smoking gave them. Using a liquid based on the Corojo or Brightleaf tobacco varieties can provide that familiar taste that can help people trying to break free from smoking.

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