What Are The Aspects Need to Know Before Buying Low End E-Cigs

E-cigs range wildly in prices from $5 to some well over $1,000. So why in the world is there such a wide range in prices if the concept is all the same? A lot of people feel they shouldn’t be paying top dollar for e-cigs and consider anything more than a few dollars to be extremely excessive. Some people even know that their e-cig is inferior in quality and doesn’t care and claim since they are smoking, what they’re doing is better. As much as I want to agree with this concept, I hate hearing it.

Recently scientists at the University of California Riverside tested a “low end” and “mid-range” electronic cigarette at a local convenience store. The “low end” device was a Cig-a-Like whereas the “mid-range” device was similar to the high-end devices, or at least the scientists claimed. The “mid-range” device was most likely an vape pen style e-cig

The University had special equipment including centrifuges, a smoking machine, and electronic scanning microscope which was used to test the store bought electronic cigarettes. After some testing, the scientists showed the lower end e-cigs to contain heavy metals such as tin, nickel, and copper; whereas the “mid-range” only had trace amounts of heavy metals. When the e-cig heats up, some of the metal may get dislodged and into the wicking material. This was the scientist’s hypothesis in the high levels of tin found in the “low-end” e-cig.

Please keep in mind because these devices are designed for inhalation, and the toxic metals found can impact deep within the respiratory system. This, of course, is very concerning considering many new vapers start off with a cheap low-end e-cigs as they do not want to make a huge investment in something new. Some may even continue to use it for months if not years until they have a proper upgrade.

Since these “low end” e-cigs are generally targeted at convenience stores and generally poorer regions, the likely hood of new vapers with lower income sticking with an e-cig would be much lower than someone who has the money to purchase online or from a Vape Shop and dropping over $100 for an initial investment.

Although convenience store e-cigs will be inherently less expensive, remember there is a reason why some e-cigs are much more expensive. I agree there is a markup in price (like all retail products) however you are paying for quality and reassurance your e-cig is safe and not detrimental to your health.

Also let’s not forget there have been instances of e-cigs exploding due to improper charging or the lack of overcharging protection. Many people are used to electronic devices with safeties and protection build in, with this in mind folks just charge their e-cigs unattended or overnight. Buying a cheaper device can increase the chance that the e-cig may explode and catch fire. Again something that is totally avoidable with a higher quality e-cig. So next time you go shopping for e-cigs don’t cheap out, read reviews, and don’t let the price tag get in the way of a quality e-cig, and make sure to research your e-juice too!

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