The Vaper Mate E-Cig Selection Tool

Save time and money by eliminating devices that don’t fit your needs. Each question filters the devices down until you arrive at just a few to look at.
Tired of looking for that perfect e-cig or vape? We know just  how confusing and frustrating the world of electronic cigarettes can be and wanted to put together a cool little tool to help you find the right device for your needs. 

We call it the Vaper Mate because it matches your personal preferences and requirements with the best vapes for you. Simply answer a few easy questions and we will narrow your choices down to 1-3 devices that fit with your profile. Kinda like a dating site without the membership or drama.

Smokers who start off with the wrong device often give up, and some never return. We know what an impact e-cigs can have on tobacco harm reduction and with this tool, we hope to help as many smokers and vapers as we can, so please share and spread the word for us.


Smoker or Vaper: