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The Mech Mod Explained

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Take a battery, a metal tube with some holes in the bottom for venting, an atomizer connection piece, and a firing switch to complete the electrical circuit and you have yourself a Mech mod. No circuit boards – no fancy LCD screen- and no regulations help put mech mods in a category all their own. The handoff from this basic setup – massive vapor output – to put it lightly.

These mods are the simplest electrical current in any device used for vaping.  With just a battery in a tube and a firing switch, the mech mod is the Amish version of vaping due to its simplicity. With no built-in protection inside – it is highly recommended only the most experienced vapers use or work with this style of ecig. Common sense and some background/history in working with electricity are also encouraged.

One significant aspect that mech mods do bring to the table is the massive amount of personal touch and creativity that comes with the stylings and designs of the mod itself. Some of these “metal tubes” have been produced with amazing images and engravings that can get up into the $200-$300 dollar range due to the craftsmanship. When it comes to making a device truly yours – no other device allows for personal modification like the mech does.

Most e-cig enthusiasts have probably owned at least two or three of these at one point and for a very short period in ecig history, they were the cream of the crop and besides the occasional battery mishap – life was good. Then two words came into our lives, and we’ve never looked back “box mod”.  Regulated  box mods and vape mods quickly replaced the mech as the top dog and still continues to be the vessel of choice for most manufacturers. With the circuitry in box mods allowing for, in some cases 200watts of power and the atomizer to fire at 0.05 ohms, along with the security of overheating and reverse battery protection, regulated mods are a godsend to the vaping community.

Before the box mod came into the picture, the mech mod reigned supreme. With only the voltage from the battery truly dictating the power along with a sub ohm tank and some VG heavy e-juice, these monsters were responsible for the creation of “cloud chasers” that you see today. However, like most things that involve technology – progressive growth and demand have made the industry turn its focus on giving vapers the best of both worlds – power and safety. These evolutionary changes have rapidly turned the mech mod into a dinosaur.

With the rapid innovations and development of other vape styles, the mech mod category has gone from the top of the totem pole to now a piece primarily for hobbyists and collectors.

These style e-cigs are like cowboys in the wild wild west. With no regulations, the circumstances of not being thorough when working with them can be downright dangerous, and many exploding ecig stories can account for this. The cause of at least some of these shocking stories can be tied to a mech mod not being used correctly or its power output being manipulated over its limit.

One major factor to consider with the future of vaping is if some heavy-handed government regulations come down on ecigs or the FDA comes out with a negative statement about the use of electronic cigarettes, changes will be drastic. The box mods and vape pens (or anything that would require a circuit board or more complex circuitry) might be hard to get your hands on. Thus the mech mod maybe a resurrected ecig dinosaur, so to speak. Thanks to its simplicity of a metal tube a battery (and some help with a how-to video) they might just be what we all in end up using someday.

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