January is the start to a new year and if you still smoke or your wanting to help someone who still does, now is the time! Check out some of the best deals for every level of vaping!


What type of person are you shopping for?  

The Beginner

Now is the perfect time to help those who still smoke cigarettes to start the new year off on the right foot!

For those who have never tried vaping - a simple and easy to use starter kit is the perfect way to get them familiar with ecigs - these kits allow you to choose from the two top flavor options for current smokers : Full-flavor Tobacco and Menthol.


Here are the Top 3 recommended Starter Kits:

The Casual Vaper

For those who already enjoy vaping - but who aren't trying to win any cloud contests - a newer ( or possibly bigger ) device, or simply having a second or third vaporizer, will always be gratefully accepted by the casual vaper!


Here are the Top 3 recommended Vape Pens:

The Enthusiast

Do you have someone on your list who LOVES to vape and considers themselves "hardcore" and is always looking for the latest and greatest?

Here are the Top 3 recommended Vape Mods:

The Vaper Who Has It All!

If you know a friend or family member who vapes and has plenty of devices- you can't go wrong with supplying them with more e-juice!

Here are the Top 3 recommended Vape Juice Vendors: