Ecigs for beginners

The Beginner’s Guide To E-Cigarettes

choosing vaping over smokingWelcome to the world of vaping. We have all smelt the delicious wafts of sweet vape puffs passing us, much more appealing than the smell of tobacco smoke we’ve been used to for so many years. Vaping is more than just a trendy new word, it’s a revolutionary new positive habit that’s set to completely replace smoking. The popular electronic cigarettes were invented in China in 2004. Even though they are used by many to quit smoking, they’re not FDA approved. However, many believe that vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco.

How does it work? All e-cigarettes come in three main parts; the battery, the cartridge and the liquid (vape juice). The battery is the rechargeable part of the device and there are two types: an automatic and a manual, the choice would depend on your usage. The battery is charged through a USB port, making it very easy to charge ‘on the go’. Once the battery is connected to the device then a button pressed on the e-cigarette initiates the charge, which in turn heats the atomizer and turns the liquid into vapor once used.

The cartridge holds the atomizer which burns the liquid to create the vape ‘cloud’ we see. Some cig-a-likes will have pre-filled cartridges (for when the liquid runs out) but others will allow you fill them yourself and gives you a chance to try other liquids out there.

The liquids (vape juice, e-juice, e-liquid) come in hundreds of choices, every flavor imaginable is out there from menthol, candy floss to coffee. There is a traditional tobacco flavor to wean smokers from harmful cigarettes to an electronic one, many smokers who begin with the tobacco flavor end up not depending on that option as often and move on to the sweeter flavors. The liquid in an e cigarette is made up of distilled water, nicotine and flavoring; minus the harmful substances you find in a traditional cigarette. It’s without toxins or carbon monoxide and the vape juice contains different levels of nicotine to suit everyone’s needs.Vapor is also inhaled similarly to that of a cigarette. However, if you still enjoy smoking then you can also continue to vape.

The look and feel of an e cig can be similar (some almost the same) to a traditional cigarette these are ‘mini-e-cigs’ and many smokers begin with this option before moving on to the other devices. There are the slightly larger ‘vape pens’ (the most popular) they are long tubes and a little thicker than a cigarette. The ‘box mod’ is for the serious vaping individual, who wants a longer battery lifetypes of vaporizers and more vaping options. There are so many variations of e-cigs and even disposable ones, but if you want value for money then a refillable one may be the way to go.

The appeal to vaping is that it’s smoke-free and without the need to use a lighter or an ashtray. Although many places have banned vaping indoors there are many vaping cafes popping up, they offer indoor vaping spaces and sell a selection of vape juices.

E-cigarettes and the refills are less expensive than tobacco cigarettes as they don’t have (as stated before) the toxins like tar or carbon monoxide. Despite peoples’ reservations about ecigs, the facts are that tobacco cigarettes emit over 4,000 chemicals, and 43 are known to be cancer-causing. One billion people smoke in the world, that’s an enormous amount of inhaled toxic chemicals.
This alternative may save many lives, instead of smoking tell people you are now vaping!

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  1. Nice article especially for those who want to start with e cigarettes. The picture with First, Second and Third generation e cigarette should provide a visual sense of the e cigarette being discussed enabling them to make up their mind regarding which one they would like to have.

    In Australia, we are still relatively new to vaping as the law here still bans nicotine which is quite surprising given that e cigarette is now billions of dollars industry and more and more people are switching.

    Overall, the info will help those who are new to vaping. Will point to this article when people ask me which e cigarette is good for them.

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