rise of vaping culture

Rise in Vaping Culture

How Washington May Affect the Future of Vaping

Pressure is on the Trump administration to quash harsh new rules set to come in next year that could see some e-cigarette manufacturers go out of business. It’s because of a significant rise in the popularity of vaping culture and a number of key studies showing vaping is far better for health than smoking tobacco.

The number of Americans using e-cigarettes instead of smoking has more than doubled in recent years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, notably among young people who might otherwise be lighting up cigarettes. Meanwhile, around 10% of US adults are now vaping, the results of a survey show, much higher than government figures that say only 2.4% of American adults use e-cigarettes.

One way or another, vaping, either as a lifestyle choice or a way to kick the tobacco habit, is exploding all over the country. It’s also become something “cool” to do. Don’t take our word for it – listen to what scientists have to say. New research reveals that many people are now taking up vaping because they think it makes them look better and that this reason alone is more important for them than any health benefits over smoking tobacco.

Hard-Hitting E-cigarette RulesPolitical stance on vaping

The vaping industry is alarmed by new regulations that will come into force – and possibly force them to close — unless the business-friendly Trump administration gets rid of them. Whereas before this nascent industry wasn’t regulated at all, now the Food and Drug Administration is attempting to heap all sorts of regulations on it.

What’s most worrying for e-cigarette companies, including such market leaders as Electric Tobacconist US, is if the new regulations become law, manufacturers may have to shell out millions of dollars to be in compliance. The sums are potentially so huge that many e-cigarette businesses will surely not be able to absorb them and remain trading.

The FDA wants to regulate e-cigarettes much the same way as tobacco products. It’s aiming to have makers of e-cigs apply for approval of each of their products, and as part of that approval, they would have to go through an exhaustive testing process that’s also incredibly expensive. The agency says the costs of testing each vaping product would be around $300,000, but some in the industry put the figure much higher, at anywhere between $1 million and $2 million. With e-cigarette makers having a wide range of products, the costs of testing and approval will undoubtedly be too much for many to bear.

Calling on President Trump

Proponents of e-cigarettes are asking President Trump to save the vaping industry. They’re not only pointing out that the fees to be in compliance with the proposed new regulations are excessive, but that major new studies say vaping is better for people’s health than smoking.

In terms of human health, they argue, it is preferable to have vaping products more easily and cheaply available than the tobacco alternatives. This is especially important when you take into account that more than 480,000 people die in the United States each year from tobacco-related illnesses. That’s in addition to the 16 million people living but suffering from a smoking-related disease.

On Doctors’ Advice

Even doctors, of all people, are getting in on vaping. Growing numbers of medics here in the US are advising their tobacco-hooked patients to take up vaping instead, as a way to finally quit. While we don’t quite know everything yet about e-cigarettes and precisely what is produced in the vapor (though it’s believed to be mostly harmless), it is known that they do not contain the many dozens of carcinogens found in burning tobacco.

All eyes are now firmly on President Trump to see if he will knock back the FDA regulations and give everyone some much-needed breathing space.


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