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Review Of Chinese E-Juice Manufactures

Among the e-cigarette community as well as the general public for that matter there has been a lot of controversy over e-juice that is being made in China. Although I do not personally suggest going with a Chinese vendor when purchasing vape juice, however there is no hard conclusive evidence that Chinese flavoring companies such as Hangsen and Dekang are producing non-safe or poisonous e-juice. Nonetheless you should really air on the side of caution and purchase the best American made e-juice instead.

Why? Two big reasons quality control and taste. China manufacturers aren’t known for having the best quality control when manufacturing… well anything to be honest. Their e-juice may not contain any harmful substances as they claim, but what about the equipment. Can we truly trust them to have it cleaned properly without any trace amounts of heavy metals such as lead? Are they making e-juice in a lab grade environment like many USA e-juice vendors are doing?

I know this may be speculation, but I rather air on the side of caution and not for the benefit of myself but to help the small USA businesses instead of giving my money to oversea companies. I also can’t speak from experience in regards to taste, but of the many people I’ve spoken to that was bold enough to try Chinese e-juice, the general consensus was it was pretty awful tasting when compared to their USA competitors.

Could it be that there’s a little extra something left in the Chinese e-juice that’s not in the USA e-juice? Not sure, but I rather not find out to be quite honest. So next time you purchase e-juice at the store, ask where the e-juice came from and make sure it is a USA manufacture. In fact check in on the e-juice vendor that’s manufacturing the e-juice blend as well. Look into how they are making their e-juice to see if they have a dedicated room in making their e-juices as well as lab grade equipment as well as food grade ingredients from premium flavoring companies. I’ve seen my fair share of B&M stores trying to expand their capital by making their own e-juice next to a bathroom or reusing syringes. Both of which are big no no’s. Bottom line, do your research before purchasing e-juice from any company!


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