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Tips To Have A Politeful Puffs

Vaping is a relatively new thing, and as such the rules are being written right now. Although not as intrusive and impolite and smoking, vaping should still be confined to certain times and places. If you wish to maintain a sense of decorum whilst enjoying a smokeless vape, read on.

Plenty of people vape politely

According to The Mirror UK, more than two million people use electronic cigarettes in the United Kingdom. And, since Britain is a typically polite society, we turn to them for good advice about vape etiquette. This is a good thing, as some 35 percent of vapers admit to not knowing where, exactly, they can puff their e-cig with impunity.

First, don’t assume you can vape anywhere at will. Blowing vapors into someone else’s face is never acceptable, and “stealth vaping” is a no-no, too. Avoid vaping in elevators, supply closets, and other confined spaces. Kent Live recommends vapers not to use a vape in bed or while cooking food. Don’t vape during a job interview and don’t reach for a puff while seated in a restaurant. Unless you have permission from other passengers, don’t puff your e-cig in a car or whilst riding public transportation. These are common sense rules and are easy to enact. Vape etiquette is fairly simple. Just ask permission anywhere your vaping might affect other people.

Fanciful vape flavors

That all said, there are plenty of places where you may easily enjoy your vaporizing device without bothering anybody else’s sensibilities. Start by selecting a starter vape kit and an assortment of UK eliquids. With flavors such as strawberry, blueberry, and cherry cola, you’re sure to find plenty of vape tastes to please.

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Vaping vs. smoking

While not recommended for non-smokers, nicotine e-juices have helped many people ditch the cigarette habit in favor of smokeless, ash-free vaping. Of course, there are numerous non-nicotine juices that offer vaping satisfaction for adults. If you do choose to use vape products to help you quit tobacco, you’ll be glad to know that Gizmodo says that vaping really does help people stop smoking. Gizmodo also notes that even when people don’t fully quit, using a vape device helps people consume far fewer real cigarettes, and that’s certainly a step in a healthier direction.

If you switch to vaping in lieu of cigarettes, a number of beneficial changes may occur. Blood circulation may improve and so will your breath. Withdrawing from tobacco can be difficult, but an e-juice vape with nicotine may help with that craving. Many successful cigarette quitters start with a relatively high nicotine e-juice and gradually step down until they savor vaping flavor with a small amount or even no nicotine at all.

The decision to smoke or vape is a personal choice for each adult. If you follow common sense rules of politeness, you won’t ever be “that vaper” who annoys their friends and co-workers. Vape in the right place, and vape in peace.

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