mech mods on table

The Mech Mod Explained

Take a battery, a metal tube with some holes in the bottom for venting, an atomizer connection piece, and a firing switch to complete the electrical circuit and you have yourself a Mech mod. No circuit boards – no fancy LCD screen- and no regulations help put mech mods in a category all their own. The handoff from this basic setup – massive vapor output – to put it lightly.

These mods are the simplest electrical current in any device used for vaping.  With just a battery in a tube and a firing switch, the mech mod is the Amish version of vaping due to its simplicity. With no built-in protection inside – it is highly recommended only the most experienced vapers use or work with this style of ecig. Common sense and some background/history in working with electricity are also encouraged.

One significant aspect that mech mods do …

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ecigs and junk science

why e-cigarettes have attracted so much junk

BY: Pascal Culverhouse

Do misleading, flawed, or deceptive e-cigarette studies get your goat? Here’s how you can spot junk science…

The science behind e-cigarette studies, as a whole, is exceptionally poor. The problem is that the media doesn’t really prefer good science to bad science, but rather it prefers sensational science to boring science. As a result, there have been several sensational headlines about vaping based on very poor science.

no vaping hereSadly, these sensationalized headlines are changing public perception. We all know at least one smoker who thinks that, based on what the newspapers say, “vaping is just as bad as smoking so they might as well not even try to switch”. This is an attitude that the tobacco companies are delighted with, but the rest of us should find deeply troubling.

The only solution is to learn how to spot junk science so that we can explain why vapers …

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male smoker using modern e-cigarette vaporizer

E-Cigarettes Use as Cessation Devices

There has always been a fair amount of argument on both sides of the debate on whether or not e-cigarettes have any potential to help you quit smoking. Those who are opponents of the e-cigarettes industry claim they are more likely gateway devices to encourage nicotine use, rather than devices that can help people stop smoking the more dangerous traditional cigarette. Those who have had experience, however, will testify to the power of the e-cigarette to aid in cessation and help turn a lifetime smoker into a non-smoker.

The truth is, however, that with only a few years on the market under their belt, it is impossible to calculate if they are truly cessation devices, at least in the long term sense. New research, however, is suggesting that there really may be a tie between smoking cessation and e-cigarettes, a correlation that could dampen the claims of the e-cigarette opponents.…

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Difference Between Drop in Smoking and E-Cigarette Use

A new poll is showing some promising numbers for the electronic cigarette user who is looking to quit smoking. While there is still no official word on e-cigs as smoking cessation devices, this new survey shows that the majority of people are using them as just that. The new Gallup poll shows that Americans are beginning to quit smoking at rates that are higher than we have seen in years.

In fact, in the last 10 years there has been a 12% decline in smoking among the group classified as young adults, aged 18 to 29. This sharp decline is something that analysts are immediately beginning to point to a correlation with the corresponding rise in e-cigarette use among the same age group. Back in November the Center for Disease Control released their data on the prevalence of cigarette smoking and vaping and they found a rise in e-cigarettes use …

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Is There Good and Bad Nicotine?

Most of us tend to think that when it comes to nicotine, there is no good or bad quality, however, many vapers are discovering that quality in the liquid form of nicotine is a real issue. Whether it be from a lack of purity or mishandling along the way, substandard nicotine can turn a pleasurable vaping experience into a harsh one.

More About Nicotine

First, nicotine is not tobacco. However, nicotine is present in the tobacco plant, as well as many other naturally growing plants. It is a natural pesticide, designed to keep the tobacco plant safe from pests.

There is no doubt that nicotine is an incredibly addictive substance, however, there is some question regarding whether it is truly safe or not, or if it even may have some benefits that are often shrouded by the negativity around tobacco smoke. This has unfortunately clouded the truth around the use …

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