Vaping Battery Safety

Vape Safety: All About E-Batteries and Why Some Explode

It’s alarming for vapers and our friends to turn on the news and see yet another story on an exploding vape pens or vape batteries. Shoddily manufactured and poorly maintained e-cigarettes can be a serious hazard. Here are some tips on which ones are troublesome and how to protect yourself.

It’s the Battery

The cause of the problem is the battery. Most e-cigarettes are powered by lithium-ion batteries like the ones in your cell phone or camera. It’s the battery which heats up the chemical solution to turn it into vapor when you puff or press a switch. When left in pressurized areas such as overcrowded luggage compartments, lithium-ion batteries pose a fire hazard.

What Happens?

While the chance of e-cig batteries failing in normal conditions is very low, the cylindrical design of e-cigs and their batteries means that they are structurally vulnerable due to weak end points. When the

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rise of vaping culture

Rise in Vaping Culture

How Washington May Affect the Future of Vaping

Pressure is on the Trump administration to quash harsh new rules set to come in next year that could see some e-cigarette manufacturers go out of business. It’s because of a significant rise in the popularity of vaping culture and a number of key studies showing vaping is far better for health than smoking tobacco.

The number of Americans using e-cigarettes instead of smoking has more than doubled in recent years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, notably among young people who might otherwise be lighting up cigarettes. Meanwhile, around 10% of US adults are now vaping, the results of a survey show, much higher than government figures that say only 2.4% of American adults use e-cigarettes.

One way or another, vaping, either as a lifestyle choice or a way to kick the tobacco habit, is exploding all …

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Ecigs for beginners

The Beginner’s Guide To E-Cigarettes

choosing vaping over smokingWelcome to the world of vaping. We have all smelt the delicious wafts of sweet vape puffs passing us, much more appealing than the smell of tobacco smoke we’ve been used to for so many years. Vaping is more than just a trendy new word, it’s a revolutionary new positive habit that’s set to completely replace smoking. The popular electronic cigarettes were invented in China in 2004. Even though they are used by many to quit smoking, they’re not FDA approved. However, many believe that vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco.

How does it work? All e-cigarettes come in three main parts; the battery, the cartridge and the liquid (vape juice). The battery is the rechargeable part of the device and there are two types: an automatic and a manual, the choice would depend on your usage. The battery is charged through a USB port, making …

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e-cigarettes and the decline of smoking

As Popularity of E-cigs Rise, More Smokers Are Quitting

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) recently reported on an intensive research study that was carried out by Cancer Research UK and University College London. The research was conducted during the years of 2006 through to 2015. Their findings are both insightful and incredibly hopeful for those individuals who wish to quit traditional cigarettes.

The numbers of people living in the UK who smoked cigarettes during these years dramatically fell. This indicated that the popularity of e-cigarettes was a contributing factor to this drop. To put this report into perspective, it was found that 18,000 additional individuals living in the UK, were able to stop smoking because of their introduction to vaping. That’s a significant number of people.

An Alternative to Traditional Cigarettes

As a nation of smokers, we need to embrace the world of vaping and take full advantage of the fact that it can help people to …

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man vaping with big vapor cloud

Tips To Have A Politeful Puffs

Vaping is a relatively new thing, and as such the rules are being written right now. Although not as intrusive and impolite and smoking, vaping should still be confined to certain times and places. If you wish to maintain a sense of decorum whilst enjoying a smokeless vape, read on.

Plenty of people vape politely

According to The Mirror UK, more than two million people use electronic cigarettes in the United Kingdom. And, since Britain is a typically polite society, we turn to them for good advice about vape etiquette. This is a good thing, as some 35 percent of vapers admit to not knowing where, exactly, they can puff their e-cig with impunity.

First, don’t assume you can vape anywhere at will. Blowing vapors into someone else’s face is never acceptable, and “stealth vaping” is a no-no, too. Avoid vaping in elevators, supply closets, and other confined spaces.

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