teens don't like e-cigs

Study Shows Non-Smoking Teens Are Not Interested in Trying E-Cigarettes or Their Flavors

A study recently published in the journal, Nicotine & Tobacco Research, is helping dispel the common misconception that e-cigarettes, especially their flavors, are going to attract non-smoking teenager users. Many critics of vaping have often claimed that e-cigarettes are a danger to youth and adolescents, believing that the devices and their appealing flavors would draw teenagers into a dangerous nicotine addiction. The study, however, appears to be proving that this fear is untrue and unfounded.

Researchers for this study surveyed 216 non-smoking teenagers, age 13 to 17, and a total of 432 adult smokers of traditional tobacco cigarettes. They questioned the participants about their interest in a variety of potential e-cigarette flavors. Those surveyed in the study were asked to rate their interest on a scale of 0 to 10 regarding their desire to use e-cigarettes as well as a sampling of commonly purchased flavors.

Saul Shiffman is

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Research on electronic cigarettes

Cancer Research Groups Call For FDA Action On E-Cigarettes

It’s been almost a year now since the FDA first issued a proposal to begin the process of regulation for the e-cigarette industry and many believe that more than enough time has gone by without regulation in place. Two such groups are the American Society of Clinical Oncology and the American Association for Cancer Research. The two combined organizations have nearly 70,000 members and they believe that it is time the United States’ Government stepped up to researching and regulation “electronic nicotine delivery systems.”

“While e-cigarettes may reduce smoking rates and attendant adverse health risks, we will not know for sure until these products are researched and regulated,” said Peter Paul Yu, president of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, said in a recent statement from the organization.

The statement from the two agencies is primarily just encouraging the urgent need to conduct new research in the fast-growing electronic cigarette …

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E Cigs Made In China

Lack of E-Cigarette Regulation is Creating a Chinese Business Boom, but What Does That Mean for You?

E Cigs Made In China In one small five-square-mile area in Shenzhen called Bao’an, there stands an industrial district where more than 600 e-cigarette producers are housed. Even more manufacturers selling bulk tubes, casings, batteries, heating coils and other components exist in this very same space. If you’re an e-cigarette producer in Shenzhen and you need, say 50,000 metal casings, a local manufacturer can supply them to you for about $25,000 and you would have them in your hands within hours.

Larger manufacturers in this district tend to keep relatively clean operating lines and produce standard and safe products, but there are only a few of those 600 that qualify for that distinction. Most manufacturers are small, with quality uncertain at best, which raises the question to the consumer about what is safe and what isn’t.

It is estimated that 90% of all e-cigarette products sold are manufactured in China. …

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More Studies Show E-Cigarettes are Truly Effective in Helping Users Quit Smoking

E-cigarettes, and the vaping industries that are growing up around them, are one of the fastest expanding trends in recent history. And while their health risks seem practically nonexistent in comparison to their combustible predecessors, the main concern of many educated consumers regards the outcomes of the countless scientific studies that are beginning to permeate the e-cigarette world.

You hear one day, e-cigarettes are hailed as the greatest invention with the potential to save millions of lives, but then the next day you’ll hear how they contain toxic metals or are a gateway “drug” for youth and adolescents. The truth is the e-cigarette industry has grown at such a rapid speed than the scientific community can’t even hope to keep up with it. In addition, with e-cigarettes only hitting the marketplace in 2007, there simply are not cases to study the effects of long term use.

One area of study

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Electronic cigarettes and cell damage

Do E-Cigarettes Cause Cell Damage?

A study by National Jewish Health was recently released claiming e-cigarettes liquid, whether it contains nicotine or not, could damage cells and increase the risk of infection. The study, performed by doctors at the health center in Denver, believes that inhaling e-cigarette vapor damages the epithelial cells in the human airway.

“We took cells from the airways of young, healthy non-smokers and exposed them to the liquid or vapors from e-cigarettes in the lab and in as little as 10 minutes we saw a dramatic reaction,” said Hong Wei Chu, MD, director of the Basic Science Section at National Jewish Health and head doctor of the study. “The cells showed a strong pro-inflammatory response and the risk of viral infection in those cells rose significantly,” he said.

These findings have some people running scared, as the use of e-cigarettes and the overall popularity of vaping has skyrocketed at extremely rapid …

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