New FDA vaping laws

New Vaping Laws & You

What The New Vape Laws Mean For You

If you are currently an e-cigarette smoker you probably know about the controversy surrounding this new alternative to traditional cigarettes. As I mentioned on my website the science on vaporizing is still weak and researchers are not clear whether or not the benefits of e-cigs outweigh their risks. However, due to the rash of exploding e-cigs that have been reported throughout the U.S., the FDA has updated their regulations. If you are an e-cigarette smoker you need to know how this affects your usage of them going forward.

How The New Vape Laws Affect You

Vaping will never be the same again, and this may be bad news for you if you saw e-cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. It’s time to prepare yourself for the fact that the FDA now has the authority to strictly regulate vaping. While smokers of any age may be annoyed by this if you’re under 18 and you vape (and want to keep vaping) the changes immediately impact you. The FDA has now made it illegal to sell e-cigarettes and accessories in a vending machine and illegal for stores to sell you cigs to minors.

The changes in vaping laws are going to make it easier for the FDA to crack down on e-cigs even more in the future. You may already be experiencing some problems if your local retailer has been selling products that don’t clearly have the ingredients listed on the packaging. Thanks to the FDA, this now means shop owners can’t sell you the products even if they always have before.

E-Juice Production Changes
Purchasing e-cigs is going to be considerably harder. The FDA has also changed the law so that shop owners no longer have the option of making and selling e-juice on site. This is most likely upsetting news to you if you have become accustomed to purchasing e-juice made in your local shop. Furthermore, if you ever got a free sample of e-juice before, don’t expect one now, as shop owners can no longer allow that either. Your local e-cig or juice shop owner is now required to pre-order the products.

The news gets even worse if your local shop owner can’t afford to register with the FDA as an e-juice manufacturer. That means their choice is to find something else to sell or go out of business.

Provide Valid Identification
The law has already changed so that even if you are over 18 but you appear to be under 27 you will have to show a valid photo ID to make your e-cig purchase. The FDA has taken to sending undercover agents into vape shops to catch them selling to someone underage.

The under 18 crowd across the U.S. may have cut down on smoking regular cigarettes, but according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), e-cigarette experimentation and use has gone up 900%.

Reporting To The FDA
Not surprisingly, the FDA is strongly encouraging people to report any adverse effects smoking e-cigs has had on them. This has become an even stronger request due to so many stories of e-cig smokers suffering an injury when it blew up in their pocket, or worse yet, in their hand. The FDA now wants these accidents or explosions reported every time someone has a bad experience with an electronic cigarette.

Most people can agree that it was only a matter of time before the FDA started to crack down on e-cigarette distribution. In addition to FDA regulations tobacco companies are against the use of e-cig/e-juice manufacturers for providing flavors that are appealing to kids. If this continues, the FDA will most likely keep cracking down on this until they have achieved the results that they desire.

If you have been smoking electronic cigarettes you may find that the new laws stop you from doing so or change the way in which you obtain the cigarettes. In light of so many reports of exploding units, it is wise to rethink whether or not smoking electronic cigarettes is worth the risk of injury as well as the hassle to purchase them.

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