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New Study Shows High Success Rate of Smoking Cessation with E-Cigs

A new study was recently published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health that reports high rates of successful smoking cessation among first time vapers.
The study was conducted in Catania, Italy by Dr. Riccardo Polosa and a variety of his established colleagues. They studied first time visitors to several vape shops over the course of one year to determine their success in their efforts to quit smoking.

These smokers were first time visitors to one of seven vape shops in Catania and made their first vape shop purchases with quitting smoking in mind. A total of 71 smokers were recruited for this study.

Out of those studied, 69% were available for follow up. The researchers report those that were not available to follow-up were likely still smoking. Nonetheless, the researchers report an impressive proportion of smokers who had quit smoking or reduced substantially (by 80% or more) when they hit the one year follow up marker.

The successful total cessation rate at one-year follow-up was 40.8%. The proportion of those who reduced their cigarette intake to a substantial level was 15.5%. Meaning the combined percentage of quitters and heavy reducers was 56.3%. In addition, 10% of smokers reduced their cigarette consumption by at least 50%. That leaves just slightly more than one-third of the smokers who were considered to be “treatment failures.”

The researchers conclude that “smokers purchasing e-cigarettes from vape shops with professional advice and support can achieve high success rates.” However, this is not an idea that is new to people who have been in the e-cigarette community for a while now.

This small sectional study simply reinforces what numerous other larger scale studies have already confirmed. E-cigarettes can help you quit smoking. Unlike other NRTs (Nicotine Replacement Therapy), e-cigarettes continue to report greater success not only in cutting back, but in quitting altogether. Most notably, the Journal for the Society on the Study of Addiction came out last year showing that e-cigarettes demonstrate just as much success as other cessation methods, as well as them being much more effective than the dreaded cold turkey method.

Due to studies like these and the numerous experts who support e-cigarettes as cessation methods; there is ample proof that for some people, e-cigs can be the tool that can finally help you kick that nasty cigarette pack to the curb. But that doesn’t stop people from trying to halt their progress.

While the study does show a promising trend, it is important to remember that there are a few factors to consider. The sample is small, making it statistically invalid. The sample group was also carefully selected, as those studied had to walk into a vape shop themselves, and were therefore already significantly motivated to quit smoking. However, the study included another interesting aspect of vaping that cannot be tested in a laboratory. Since each consumer bought their own different brand of vaping product, it is one of the few studies that shows the potential effectiveness of various kinds of devices, rather than just one or two.

In addition, many of those observed in this study upgraded their device over the course of the year, or changed their e-liquid nicotine strengths. In other laboratory studies where they follow one type of e-cigarette, you simply do not find this type of variation, which is unfortunate, since the action of upgrading a device more closely mirror the reality of actual e-cigarette use.

In addition, the study is also not solely measuring the effectiveness of the device type but also the potential benefits of the social and technical support provided by vape shops in general. This shows another aspect of vaping that can increase your likelihood of quitting as well: the community.

If you are new to vaping, it can be a confusing and scary world. It can be so confusing that, let’s be honest, it makes you want to have a smoke. That is why the vaping community is one of your greatest tools to find success with quitting smoking once and for all. Those surveyed in this Italian study were able to seek council from vape store clerks, which helped them in making their decisions and choosing what was right for them based on their level of smoking. These simple things can be the little difference between your first vaping experience being enjoyable or it feeling like a bust.

You don’t need to go to a vape store, however, to get that kind of advice, but you probably already know that if you are reading this now. Blogs and websites are an excellent source of product reviews as well as basic information, to make choosing a device or e-liquid painless and simple. To boot, you can always make the purchase right online, making the process even easier. The best part is the community you will find reviews and blogs that can provide insight and technical support on all aspect of vaping, making it easier for you to finally quit for good.

What this Italian study proves, isn’t really about the overall effectiveness of e-cigarettes as cessation methods. What it does show is that if you are highly motivated, you can have success in quitting smoking, and maybe e-cigarettes are just the tool you need to get you there. If you are reading this blog already, you are motivated and just like the majority of those in the study, maybe you could have success now too.

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