MonkeyBoxx Bottom Feeder Electronic Cigarette

My Weekend with a Bottom Feed Electronic Cigarette

Last Friday I had the pleasure of getting a bottom feed mod out of a trade with another fellow E-Cig enthusiast. I have never had the pleasure of ever using one as they are hard to come by and expensive. Most local stores don’t carry them as they are tough to sell because of their high price point. Anyways the way it works is elegant. Bottom feed electronic cigarettes all have a small bottle of E-Juice inside and with a needle/hose that feeds towards the top. When you press on the bottle, the air pressure forces the E-Juice to go up into your atomizer.

These bottom feed mods (electronic cigarettes) uses a cartomizer where the E-Juice can go through the 510 connection or a specially modified atomizer where a machinist modified the 510 connection to allow E-Juice to come up from the bottom.

The electronic cigarette mod that I received was called a MonkeyBoxx it is made out of wood and handcrafted like most bottom feed electronic cigarettes. It takes two batteries and has a screen that can adjust the voltage. I was hesitant to take it out with me, but it held out up quite well.

The bottle inside holds up to 10ml of E-Juice and saturating the wicks is as easy as just applying a bit of pressure to the bottle of E-Juice. The convenience factor of this was great and underestimated in my opinion, as unlike tank based atomizers, there is no potential for leaking whatsoever.

Changing out flavors is really simple since all you have to do is swap out bottles no need to dump out E-Juice and clean out the tank in your atomizer at all. Speaking of flavor, the taste is also amazing as well. I was very curious as to why it was working so well and what separated the atomizer from the rest. I took the atomizer apart and it seems what makes this particular mod so fantastic was the wicks are constantly wet and there was sufficient airflow going into the wicks. When I was using tank based atomizers, sometimes the wick would get dry and I would get something called a “dry hit.” A Dry hit is when the wicks are not fully saturated and I get this burnt taste that is truly very nasty. I used this mod all weekend with none of that at all.

I did some research on why these devices weren’t more popular. Aside from the price it seemed the form factor was very unpopular as not everyone appreciates a box-shaped device. Furthermore, these boxes had to be custom made as there weren’t being mass produced which, of course, drove up the price as well as the scarcity of the item.

These mods were popular before the time of tank-based atomizers when the tank based atomizers hit the market for a lower price as well as the ability to use their current electronic cigarettes without having the need to purchase a new one, the interest for the bottom feed box mods fell. They are still being produced of course, but only a niche group of individuals appreciate the design as well as willing the pay the price for one.

There are many good things about this electronic cigarette but like all good things, there are bad sides to it as well. For once I realized that these are plastic bottles and the fact I’m squeezing it as often as I am would eventually lead it to puncture. The easy answer would be to replace them, but if I’m out an about and the bottle decides to puncture then and there, I will be having an awful day.

Another downside to the bottom feed mod is the batteries aren’t really all that great. The batteries the box uses have a very short battery life; in fact, most EGO style batteries surpass the batteries in the box in terms of battery life. I had to recharge my batteries at least three times over the weekend, something I have to do only once with my normal setup. Again if I’m out and output and the batteries fail, I’m asking for a bad time as well.

So why didn’t the developer design this to have better batteries? Well, since there is a bottle of E-Juice inside of the box, there isn’t much room for a large size battery, unfortunately, unless the developer made the box even larger than it already is; something most folks won’t want those switching from regular cigarettes especially.

All in all, I think this is a great and fun device. My wife adores it as it is pretty and much different from the futuristic items I’ve purchased in the past. Most likely she’ll be the one to use it now as she doesn’t mind the box or the short battery life as she is not as heavy of a user as I am. I think these bottom feed electronic cigarettes are definitely worth looking at. If you spot one in the wild, definitely take a second to look and play around with it. It’ll definitely be worth your time.

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