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Marijuana Flavored E-Cigarette is hitting the Market – What does that mean for E-Cig Regulation?

A new marijuana flavored e-cigarette is now hitting the market, giving vapers more options, but does this new product stand to set the progress of e-cigarette acceptance back?

A Dutch company, E-Njoint, has started selling a new marijuana-flavored “e-joint” which is sure to spur controversy among e-cigarette critics, who already falsely believe that e-cigarettes may be close enough to a drug already.

Just like every other e-cigarette, the e-joint uses an e-liquid comprised of propylene glycol, and/or glycerin, and flavoring, however it contains no nicotine or THC. According to a March 5 press release from E-Njoint, the e-joint “contains no THC, CBD, nicotine, tar or toxins. [It’s] completely legal, but [it] still gives smokers a high-like feeling.”

This is not the first e-joint the company has produced. Their e-joints are built to look and feel like a real marijuana cigarette. Previous versions of the e-joint, had tried out fruit flavorings, but E-Njoint’s most recent model includes organic compounds that the company says gives the vaper a “cannabis aroma and flavor.”

According to E-Njoint there is only one store in America, located in Myrtle Beach, SC, that currently sells e-joints from this company. There are, however, various other marijuana flavored e-cigarette liquids available. They are not available at all vaping stores and have flown generally under the radar as far as media attention is concerned; unlike the E-Njoint e-joint that is enjoying a considerable amount of attention as of late.

On one side of the scale, this e-joint seems like a very good product. Not only is it a new vaping option that does not contain nicotine, it also provides an enjoyable experience for users who appreciate that sort of earthy taste. In addition, like traditional cigarettes, they have the potential to help people quit smoking marijuana. On top of all that, they are not illegal, nor do they possess any illegal drugs or chemicals. They don’t even contain nicotine or any addictive chemicals.

That being said, e-joints like this stand to push even more scrutiny toward the way of the e-cigarette industry. While many organizations, like the American Heart Association, have come out in support of e-cigarettes as smoking cessation devices, there are still quite a few that openly criticize and denounce the potential benefits of vaping. These critics often claim that e-cigs are a gateway to smoking regular cigarettes, despite the fact that numerous studies seem to point to no gateway link. While youth use of e-cigs is up, the occurrence of vaping is up all across the board, meaning the rise in youth vapers, simply reflects the adult population’s rise in the same trend.

Critics who already fear that e-cigarettes will lead to youth smoking cigarettes, however, will undoubtedly believe that e-joints will lead teens and adolescents to abusing marijuana. That is where e-joints stand to do some real damage to the e-cig industry.

That being said, there are no studies that can confirm a gateway link from e-joints or e-cigs to using marijuana. We already live in a world where there are not enough studies on regular e-cigarettes; the recent addition of e-joints to the market is coming well before any studies or surveys can even be thought of, let alone concluded. However as far as health concerns, the e-liquid in the e-joints is comprised of largely the same ingredients as regular e-liquid, it’s just a different flavoring. In reality, without the use of nicotine in the product, it may even be better for you than some traditional e-liquids. The truth is, however, we simply do not yet know how e-joints like these will affect the vaping market and society in general.

Although the scientific studies that we do have show vapor from e-cigarettes, including e-joints, is mostly harmless, that has not stopped many state legislators from working to discourage the product’s use through increased taxes, bans, and burdensome regulations. With e-joints in the mix we can only assume that the critics will be even more renewed in their efforts to stop the growth of the e-cigarette industry.

It does bring up an interesting question, however, about the government and their control over our choices and our lives. Say a state or city banned these e-joint, these harmless vapor devices with e-liquid that contains no THC or nicotine, what message does that send? Sure the government should have something to say on the role of drugs in our society, but let’s be clear, this is not a drug, and regular e-cigarettes are even father removed from that designation. Both of these devices, in fact, could actually be good for society, in general, if we’re given our rights to have them and purchase them.

Ultimately, the government’s role should not be to take away our rights, but to enhance our freedom, that is, after all, what we were founded on. Unfortunately, that has not been the case for many years, and while E-Njoint’s latest creation should be viewed as a good thing, the new e-joints are likely to become a major source of contention between e-cigarette advocates and critics, where there already was very little love lost.

All of this is coming up at an interesting time too, when the FDA’s supposed regulation on e-cigarettes is expected to be released this summer. While the majority of the rules and regulations have likely been laid out at this point, any more contention only stands to make the regulation more stringent and less friendly for the individual vaper as well as the vaping community at large.

One of the best benefits to using e-cigarettes is the variety you can experience, the array of flavors that are available to vapers is phenomenal and unmatched in the traditional tobacco world. Whether a marijuana flavored e-cigarette appeals to you or not, most of us can agree that we should have the right to enjoy it, or any flavor, if we want to. It’s just a flavor, it’s not going to hurt us. Hopefully, the FDA will realize this, and that perhaps we may even be able to make our own decisions on what we put in our bodies without their needless restrictions.

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  1. That’s a pretty neat liquid. Of course it won’t make you high but I’m just wondering how strong is a placebo effect when smoking weed flavoured liquid.

    Will the next step be real THC instead of a flavour substitute? That would be cool.

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