Let’s Talk About Disposable E-Cigarettes

It’s been several years since I had a disposable e-cig. So I really had to immerse myself back into using a disposable before I could write this properly. For the last week, I’ve been using nothing but disposable e-cigs bought from local stores. My main intention is for two target audiences; the folks who want to make the switch from cigarettes and want something that feels and looks the same, and the folks who have already made the switch but are in a bind because they’re lost their current e-cig or their current e-cig is out of battery.

When I went to the local gas station and picked up 2 separate disposables, they were right next to the regular cigarettes behind the cashier and out of reach of the children. I looked at the back of both packages and they have all the warnings of nicotine but unlike the other e-cigs I’ve purchased, they go into detail of what chemicals are in the e-cig I’ll be using. Similar to the nutrition facts you find in a back of a cereal box. However, I was quite annoyed with the fact they advertised it as water vapor.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is not water vapor that is exhaled. It is vaporized glycerin. I know they were trying to imply that the vapor being produced is safer by calling it water and using the word glycerin may scare some folks, but it is still false advertising. Big no no for you big tobacco company that owns this brand of e-cigs. Big tobacco you ask? Yes actually it’s quite true large tobacco companies like Camel, Marlboro, and Newport actually owns a lot of the disposable e-cigs being bought in stores. They are trying to fill a gap of new consumers but not doing such a great job at it though. I’ll get into that later.

It was a bit refreshing having such a smaller e-cig. The one’s I’m used to are quite large and bulk out when putting them in my jeans. These, on the other hand, are great as I can put it behind my ear or slip into the front side of my pocket without any issues with sitting down or bending over. I loved the fact it didn’t look like a space-age device and I can just hide it by closing my fists entirely. The ones I purchased the tip lit up when I was taking a puff and shut off when I stopped. There was no need for a firing button unlike many of the other more advanced e-cigs out there, and thus there is no accidently firing one of these disposables. It wasn’t until I started using it that all the reasons why I stopped using this device was coming back to me.

The flavor and vapor production was very very weak. Surprisingly enough I felt the throat hit that I normally get when using a more advanced E-Cig and I felt a tingling sensation on my tongue due to the nicotine. But I’ve been spoiled and I was used to a warmer flavor and more vapor production.

Now I’ve been using this product for almost a week now and experimenting with it. So far 2 disposables have lasted me at least a week thus far and I’ve found if I take much longer pulls (aka a very long drag) my vapor production is more abundant.  I have been cutting back on my nicotine dependency for the last several months and was using a very very low level of nicotine for my personal vaporizers. However taking these long drags definitely got me a bit light headed. Needless to say, if you’re looking for a nicotine fix this will get the job done!

When I was at the pharmacy, the guy in front of me was actually purchasing some disposables as well so of course I took this opportunity and stuck up a conversation with him. It turns out he had been smoking for 20+ years and with the birth of his granddaughter, he decided to make a life change. He’s been off regular cigarettes for almost 6 months now (must be a New Year’s resolution… and for those of you guys that are just reading this, I’m writing this article in June of 2014 just in case my math won’t make sense) and couldn’t be happier. He purchased the tobacco flavored and was content with the way it tasted too. Now as far as the disposables are concerned, you really are limited to only tobacco or menthol flavoring unlike some of the non-disposables. Because these e-cigs are running on much lower power, they do tend to last a bit longer. For my more advanced e-cigs I have to charge them at the end of every day but with the disposables, I got at least 3 days out of them easily.

For the veterans and advanced E-Cig users out there, I haven’t forgotten about you. We all know stuff happens when you’re out and about, battery dies, you may drop your mod in the toilet, and it may even get stolen. So you’re extremely frustrated and dependent on nicotine, but what do you do? You avoid bumming a cigarette and head to the nearest gas station or convenience store and pick up a disposable until you can replace your mod setup. Don’t go down the path you fought so hard to get away from.  Get the disposable and use it as it gets the job done and curb your nicotine cravings.

Going back to regular cigarettes is a slippery slope for sure. It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran or something that is just starting out, the best time to quit is right now. Who cares if you have a disposable or an advanced setup, what matters is throwing the carton out and starting a life without tar in your lungs. Trust me finding the perfect setup takes quite a long time to do. But in my search for the Holy Grail, I didn’t give up and revert back to regular cigarettes. And neither should anyone else.