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Finding the Best Vape Starter Kit for Beginners

Vaping starter kits have been on the rise lately, with various vape subscription boxes offering different packages for different vape enthusiasts from beginners to pros.

Vaping and it benefits have been hitting the newsstands constantly recently. Although many were suspicious as vaping first began to become popular, it’s now been proven that vaping can massively help smokers to quit.

This year’s NHS Stoptober campaign even encouraged smokers to try vaping and increase their chances of quitting. Vaping still gives smokers a hit of nicotine but in a lower and less harmful dose – which they can slowly decrease by choosing different strengths of nicotine e-liquids and can inhale without the harmful tar of cigarettes.

Stoptober claimed that vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes (95% safer), increasing health and life expectancy as well as being cheaper and less of a fire hazard, and even removes the stale smoke smell of cigarettes in exchange for subtle, light aromas. As vaping gains more momentum and has health professionals recommending it, there’s never been a better time to make the switch to vaping!

What types of vape starter kits are there?

There are plenty of different vaping kits to choose from, so you can find the one that’s just right for you and your needs. You can go for a simple and basic starter kit which will just have a vape pen, charging cable and a tester premium e juice of your choice, or you can dive right in and get a few more e-liquids to try.vape devices

This is usually a good idea because then you can also try a few different nicotine strengths to work out what strength is best for you, whether it be a low strength like 6mg for a casual or occasional smoker trying to cut down, or 12mg for a daily smoker so you can slowly bring down your nicotine levels.

As well as helping you find the right nicotine level for you it also gives you the opportunity to find your favorite flavor! E-juices come in so many flavors, from fruity and sweet to smoky and sultry, so you have plenty of choice and fun flavors to try which won’t leave you smelling of smoke.

What makes a good vape starter pack?

The most important part of the starter kit is the vaping pen itself. You want with a quality guarantee that shows it is reliable and worth the money. If you’re a beginner vaper it’s best to find a kit that is quick and simple to use, with clear instructions to guide you. A simple, no-frills vape pen is best – preferably one that is easily rechargeable and refillable so you don’t have to deal with any faff.

You should also check their e-liquids have a good variety of nicotine strengths, a range of flavors that sound appealing to you and of top quality, premium ingredients so you know you’re getting your money’s worth with a healthy, delicious liquid. Ultimately, a good vaping starter kit should have a quality vape pen and e-liquids and should be completely customizable and convenient for you. You should be able to choose what vape pen you want and what e-liquids you want and at what strength, and it should all be delivered right to your door for a good price.

In Conclusion…

Keep an eye out for these qualities to help you find the perfect vape beginner kit for you. Be sure to check out the reviews for the company so you get an idea of who they are and what they value – as a beginner vaper you should feel welcomed, safe and informed with the right vape company which will help you find the right starter kit for your vaping level.

Again, the key things to look out for in your ideal vape starter pack are stylish, good quality vape pens, a great range of fantastic flavors with quality ingredients, quantities and nicotine levels to suit you.

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