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Evo Vape Juice Review

ejuice from Halo and Evo
The latest EVO lineup takes your vape experience to new levels. Extremely robust, multi-layered flavors in VG heavy blends help make these guys one of the best vape juices out there. Fruit fans will easily fall in love with Evo's top blends.
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EVO is the latest creation from Halo and is another huge reason why Halo is among the best vape juice producers to date. The award-winning Evo lineup covers all the popular flavors vapers look for, Fruits-Desserts-Menthol & Coffee blends in a dynamic fashion.



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Evo vape juice review

Halo has long been a front-runner when dealing with not only their vaping devices but their ejuice lineup as well. Their vast array of flavors is among the elite in the vape juice industry and the tons of reviews {whether it is on reviews sites or their own flavors’ juice page} agree with us. They have recently taken their ejuice game a step further and have released the “Evo” vape juice lineup and this entire lineup packs a serious punch!

As with all aspects of vaping, going thru a natural evolution (no pun intended) towards vapers demands, is a must by any vaping manufacturer and Evo vape juice has now allowed Halo fans a thicker, more flavorful vaping option. This heavier VG ratio formula is geared more towards those who prefer sub-ohm vaping, and/or who have graduated into more powerful devices with lower resistance atomizers in their tanks (typically 1.5ohms or lower).

None of these compliments would mean anything without being made to the highest safety standards. Made here in the US, Halo has the ultimate control over its products allowing for quality and consistency with every bottle. The best ingredients, with Pharma grade nicotine, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin are all made within their state-of-the-art facility. One of the best features of Halo and the Evo ejuice lineup is that each bottle comes with a very detailed label letting you easily know the nicotine strength, “best by” date, what flavor it is, and its exact ingredients! This is something you would expect every vendor would provide but shockingly its not an industry standard.

This line of Premium e-juice is quickly becoming renowned as some of the best vape options when searching for a juice that provides a thicker vapor output and a smooth stream of flavor from beginning to end!

The Evo vape juice lineup primarily focuses on fruit flavors such as:

*Wild Watermelon – This one stood out thanks to its extreme resemblance to a fresh watermelon at a backyard barbecue. Slightly similar to watermelon jolly ranchers.

*Fuzzy Summer – Nothing fancy here just a ridiculously sweet sliced peach with a touch of smooth cream.

*Fruitapalooza – A perfectly blended mix of tangy orange, red grapes, cherries, and a slight lemon-lime added in all come together surprisingly well.

Just to name a few. But they also offer up some robust coffee and caramel flavors:

* Hazelnut Cappuccino – a cappuccino base blended with Hazelnuts that go perfectly with your morning (or after dinner) coffee!
vape juice samplers from Evo
* Nutty Caramel– Baked pecans, roasted almonds, salted cashews, topped with a dab of caramel make this one a multi-layered dream to vape!

Halo’s Evo ejuice easily makes our favorites list and only helps Halo stay atop among some of the best in the industry. To help find your favorite flavor, a Sampler Pack is always a good way to go before going big into a flavor or two you’re unfamiliar with.

For those who are looking to move up to a more powerful device from Halo, the Reactor kit (that comes with the Reactor Tank) is a great companion for all of the Evo ejuices.

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